A Gift because that My Beloved

To start the A Gift for My Beloved next quest, talk to a guy named Manny who is usually uncovered in in between the dye shop and the inn in Hateno Village. After talk to him, to walk behind the counter of the inn climate ask the girl called Prima what she likes. Speak to Manny again and also now girlfriend will need to discover 10 restless crickets.

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Th fastest way to record 10 crickets is to walk to a ar with high grass, prefer those discovered to the northwest of Hateno Village. Equip a two-handed sword and hold the Y switch to do a charge attack. This charge attack will cut the high grass nearby, then push the B switch to publication the attack before you operation out the stamina then catch the crickets to run away.

Go earlier and speak to Manny ~ you built up 10 restless crickets and he will give you a silver Rupee.

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Taking to Prima doesn’t give me any dialog choice to asking what she wants. She simply tells me I have the right to rent a room.

I have talked come the male outside an initial and activated the quest.

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What am ns doing wrong?

I am having the exact same problem, I execute not understand what to execute with the staying 90. I speak to Prima behind the desk. Nothing. Manny states nothing new. Even waited a red moon cycle.

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