Amid time of worldwide economic uncertainty and also slipping moral footings, Church members to be counseled during the Church’s 179th yearly General Conference the they should draw nearer come Heavenly Father and His Son, look at forward through faith and find peace in the temple.

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“My lovely brothers and also sisters, fear not,” said President thomas S. Monson. “Be of great cheer. The future is as bright as your faith.”

President cutting board S. Monson, complied with by his counselors, chairman Henry B. Eyring and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, is greeted through members that the Quorum that the Twelve as he arrives in the Conference center auditorium for the Saturday morning conference of the 179th annual General Conference. Chairman Monson presided over all 5 sessions and spoke in four. Credit: Jason Olson, Deseret News

President Monson presided in ~ the conference, conducting 3 of 5 sessions — including the priesthood session — and also speaking 4 times. His counselors in the very first Presidency, president Henry B. Eyring and also President Dieter F. Uchtdorf also took transforms conducting the various other sessions.

The conference marked the phone call of a new apostle, Elder Neil L. Andersen. Church members throughout the globe sustained Elder Andersen Saturday morning.

Elder Andersen — who was serving as the senior member that the Presidency that the Seventy before his contact — will certainly fill the vacancy left in the Quorum that Twelve v the passing of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin last December.

President Monson noted the absence of Elder Wirthlin together he opened the conference. “We mourn his passing. We miss him. We prolong our love come his family. I have no doubt that he is transporting on this good work top top the various other side of the veil.”

In addition to the sustaining of Elder Andersen, Church members sustained other Church leaders during the conference:

Elder Donald L. Hallstrom come the Presidency that the Seventy.

Twelve new members that the Seventy, whose diverse social backgrounds represent the cultivation diversity the the Church.

40 new Area Seventies.

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A brand-new general Sunday institution presidency.

A new general Young men presidency.

“We have been richly blessed together we have actually listened to the counsel and also testimonies the those that have spoken to us,” claimed President Monson before closing the conference for six months. “I think we space all more determined come live the ethics of the gospel the Jesus Christ….

“May we lengthy remember that which we have actually heard throughout this conference.”