When mary J. Blige and also Busta Rhymes room on the very same track, it’s constantly a movie. The 2 hip-hop titans affix for the first time due to the fact that 2015’s “Your Loss” for a brand-new collaboration titled “You Will never Find one more Me.” The track is lifted from Rhymes’ brand-new album, extinction Level event 2: The Wrath that God, which is the end now. 

The Rhymes-produced monitor plays prefer a classic soul document from years past, detect Blige embodying the emotive grit the her affecting heroes. All about their solidified locations in the music background books, Blige bring away an chance to flex and also remind the human being that no matter how countless carbon copies are do in her image, they’ll never hold a candle come what she’s added to the music industry. 

“You Will never Find an additional Me” is the 2nd hip-hop-driven joint Blige has appeared on this year. She previously hopped ~ above Dave East’s track “Know I exactly how Feel” in August. 

Most recently, Blige released a new original song called “See What you’ve Done” for the upcoming PBS documentary belly of the Beast. The DJ Camper-helmed track is currently receiving rave reviews, particularly for the 2021 Academy Awards. 

Blige also is readying she 14th studio album and follow-up to 2017’s toughness of a Woman. That is supposed to arrive sometime this loss or winter. Follow to Blige, the forthcoming album is “about life, love, struggle, however mostly triumph.”

Listen come “You Will never Find an additional Me” through Busta Rhymes featuring mar J. Blige.

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Antwane Folk

Antwane join Rated R&B in January 2013 ~ graduating indigenous the college of southern Carolina. That is the editorial assistant. His niche is seasoned R&B acts, together with radio stats on urban and also R&B formats.

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