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You can hear this heat at 01:43:36 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- Look, i didn"t wanna hit you, man, I...

- close up door the fuck up.

- girlfriend think you was gonna gain me, motherfucker, huh?

- You should sit your little sexy ass down, and also watch yourself obtain killed now.

- all right. You know what? This is just how it"s gonna be? all right. This is exactly how it ends.

- girlfriend just gained killed by a Daewoo Lanos, motherfucker.

- how you favor me now, huh?


- Gross. (2)

- Red?

- Saul. Hey, Saul. I came earlier for you, bro.


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Is the really that rare? -It"s like, the rarest. It"s practically a shame to smoke it. It"s favor killing a unicorn with, like, a bomb.
Pandora doesn"t go back in the box. He just comes out.
I"m simply as nice together you are. So friend don"t lug that out. When we to be in the woods, I gave you my jacket. You were cold and I clothed you.
You room my drug dealer. There"s one factor we recognize each other. I favor the drugs you sell. That"s it.
Pineapple express Sound Clip


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Actors: Seth Rogen (Dale Denton), James Franco (Saul Silver), Danny McBride (Red), Gary Cole (Ted Jones), Craig Robinson (Matheson), Kevin Corrigan (Budlofsky), Rosie Perez (Carol Brazier)

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