Welcome all! On mine blog you will find considerable information on where to discover notable rarely spawns and also unique hunter pets together with some that my own experience trying to find them. I have screen shots, maps through locations and also fraps videos of every rare. Have a watch around and also enjoy! ^-^

The devs have done the again. Every growth they constantly have some awesome rarely mount that deserve to be uncovered out in the world, usually v a little dedication (and periodically luck), and also the means to acquire them save getting much more interesting and (in mine opinion) fairly fun.In Wrath of the Lich King we had actually the Time lost Proto-Drake, in Cataclysm we had Aeonaxx and Mysterious Camels, in Pandaria we had actually Alani and also then in Draenor we had actually to uncover those crazy portals to get the Voidtalon of the Dark Star. Well now we"ve acquired something totally different top top the broken Isles, and also I discover it come be one of the most unique and also exciting mounts to find yet. It"s usually a cross between a treasure hunt and also a race!The "Time shed Proto-Drake" that Legion is called the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph, and I love the - IT"S so PINK!
The magnificent Long-Forgotten Hippogryph

So here"s the slim on this mountain - in stimulate to attain it you"ll need to be the an initial person come find and also click five Ephemeral Crystals once they"re up in Azsuna. They room a glowing pinkish/purple shade when found in the end areas. When uncovered in caves and under water they look a little less bright and an ext purple in color. This crystals have the right to only be found in Azsuna ~ above The damaged Isles, and have many, numerous spawn points (over 100) almost everywhere the zone.

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Ephemeral decision (TY
I"ve heard conflict reports the the crystals one of two people all generate in in ~ once, OR there will originally be only one of these spawned in the zone when the "event" is up. If the 2nd case is true, then when someone clicks the an initial crystal a 2nd one will spawn in, when that one is clicked a third will spawn, etc. Till all 5 crystals are found. Either way, the goal stays the very same - it is in the very first person come click all 5 to acquire your mount.
When girlfriend click the very first crystal you"ll obtain an invisible buff referred to as Crystal dummy Aura 1. Every crystal has actually a distinctive invisible aura i m sorry lasts 8 hours, providing you 8 hrs to find all five crystals (this buff proceeds to operation down also while logged out). If someone rather is front of friend in clicking crystals, you deserve to still find and also click them in any type of order. Once you"ve clicked a crystal you will certainly no longer be able to interact v it, however you will certainly still have the ability to see it.
Their minimum generate timer appears to be about 12 hours. Their spawn points are totally random. If you dice while on your hunt, you will loosened your invisible buff & will need to re-click any type of crystals you"d already found.The variety at i beg your pardon you can see these crystals is really far. Also at the lowest settings you can see them native incredible ranges (See screenshot below).

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Even through low graphics settings you can see the crystals means off in the distance. (Click screenshot come enlarge)
New generate points room still gift discovered, therefore don"t just check known spawns - keep your eye peeled everywhere and anywhere while running around.Almost every caves in the zone have a crystal generate location.The crystals have the right to spawn underwater.When someone ultimately clicks the fifth and also final crystal all of the crystals will certainly disappear, and a zone-wide emote will certainly be checked out "You listen a pass out caw in the distance and also then silence..." (See screenshot below).
Zone-wide emote after who receives the mount. (Click screenshot come enlarge)
You have the right to server hop to find crystals. Just keep in mind the you can not click the exact same crystal twice because of the invisible buff. (Even despite the crystals might be in new locations on an additional server, there is still constantly a crystal #1, crystal #2, #3, etc.) because that example, if you found crystal 1 & 2 before an altering realms, you will not have the ability to click on those two on the new realm, for this reason don"t be alarmed if you uncover a decision after realm hopping the you can not click.You execute not need to be level 110 come participate. You have the right to search for the crystals and also get the mountain on a fresh level 100 character.Recruiting friends to aid you find crystals is a great way to gain this mount much more quickly - simply be sure to return the favor!
Long-Forgotten Hippogryph generate after clicking last crystal. (TY to
Roxiqt for the screenies!)
Once you"ve uncovered all the crystals and also received her mount you will certainly still have the ability to see the crystals (so girlfriend can help your friends discover it too).The mount cannot be traded or sold. As stated previously there space a the majority of spawn point out - using a waypoint addon such together tomtom will certainly be EXTREMELY valuable throughout her search. (More on the below.)Helpful addons & Waypoint Macros:I"ve probably mentioned TomTom in just around every article I"ve excellent where understanding the exact location that something was necessary. TomTom is awesome. For anyone no in the know, this addon permits you to include waypoints top top your world map and minimap. Ephemeral Crystals have actually so numerous spawn points, the the assumed of memorizing them, or ever before tabbing back and soon in and out of video game to uncover spawn areas is sort of silly - particularly when your essentially racing through others to acquire to that last crystal.To have actually a foot up top top the competition your going to desire some kind of addon that will certainly let you see potential spawn points in game, and TomTom will help you do simply that. I likewise recommend utilizing the addon: Paste together with it. What dough does is enables you to paste countless length text regulates (as they"re normally minimal to 255 characters). Basically, there room so countless crystal spawns, the not making use of paste would require you come have around 4 or 5 different TomTom macros without it.Once you"ve acquired TomTom setup you have the right to copy and also paste this text listed below into either separate macros or you can put the entirety straight into the paste box./way 54.75 33.85 In the water through the basilisks/way 37.50 32.90 Behind the wall, on the grass/way 50.55 20.45 In the Leyhollow cave/way 50.21 23.49 In cavern - really hidden within the crystal development only the reminder shows/way 61.15 30.40 inside the cave/way 47.30 61.90 between 2 rocks/way 34.55 35.68 within the cave/way 42.25 8.35 increase the next of the cliff/way 44.10 59.80 top top a rock overlooking a ship/way 60.15 49.00 on the grass/way 29.85 35.87 in between some dead trees/way 45.55 17.25 by a unicorn NPC/way 56.45 40.50 Under the bridge/way 67.10 46.30 next to rock and log/way 49.15 8.15 In the cavern on the rock/way 48.45 48.15 on a little grass patch/way 59.75 27.85 Behind the tree/way 54.80 28.05 in between the large tree and also the river/way 54.16 27.60 Behind the building/way 62.53 52.36 By some bushes/way 52.41 13.44 through the tree/way 67 51.95 Behind the building/way 35.6 37.8 by the tree/way 51.85 57.6 inside the cave, hidden behind some wood/way 54.85 52.25 within cave/way 50.48 57 inside cave/way 40.55 36.29 In the bushes by the tree/way 62.73 40.70 Behind tent/way 52.20 25.50 Behind the tree/way 58.52 45.48 In the cave/way 59.28 38.40 at bottom of cliff, behind tent/way 60.54 46.73 ~ above the absent by the cave/way 61.90 30.90 Behind the tree/way 47.50 26.00 in between the tree and the statue/way 34.91 17.15 Behind the ruins/way 48.88 45.61 on a rock/way 53.70 28.05 In the cave by the river/way 49.30 50.55 Behind the sleeping giant/way 57 26 within cave/way 57.39 16.69 on the path/way 48.05 52.70 In the cave next to part piles the gold/way 46.58 53.60 between some rocks/way 65 29 by the log/way 46.95 48.93 over the cavern entrance/way 40.23 32.80 Behind the tree/way 49.28 58.03 by the damaged pillar/way 41.50 31.00 inside the Jilted Lover npc cave/way 36 23 between 2 trees/way 47 33 top top the grass by the river/way 52.70 57.90 on the side of the cliff/way 50.00 33.10 through the Murloc hut/way 51.31 65.15 Inbetween 2 large wooden logs/way 38.69 9.31 by the berry bushes/way 67.75 32.90 by the cliff face/way 55.55 10.30 up the side of the cliff/way 53.90 63.5 through the torch/way 45 53.40 within the damaged ship/way 64.46 33.19 between the tree and also tent/way 63.38 46.14 Under tree/way 65.15 50.82 Under tree/way 45.38 45.49 Under tree/way 55.96 29.36 through the building/way 30.30 23.95 In the cave/way 58.22 24.65 by tree ~ above the height of cliff/way 62.25 35.90 through the trees/way 46.90 17.75 in ~ the height of the slope/way 50.75 50.00 In the cavern by the table/way 37.00 21.75 through the tree/way 56.50 12.45 by the pink flower/way 65.49 42.47 at the bottom the the cliff face/way 51.70 31.10 top top the grass/way 49.60 53.79 by the waterfall/way 49.3 24.2 close to the graveyard/way 40.54 37.36 by the tree, south side/way 49.32 31.53 by the bushes/way 60.20 35.03 beside the ruins/way 60.2 54.4 alongside the Shadowfiend area/way 51.4 37.8 Underwater/way 53.08 36.03 Underwater, under the rock#/way 61.85 40.00 Behind a tree/way 46.00 8.80 Bottom the slope/way 29.90 26.60 on the island/way 56.85 38.90 close to the water/way 63.50 54.10 on the skeleton/way 51.00 76.35 In the cave/way 57.69 42.31 Inside cavern with large giant/way 55.56 32.72 Bottom of cliff, next to tree/way 52 71 No information/way 68 23 No information/way 64 34 Crossroads/way 68 23 north of the demon area/way 43 18 within cave/way 53 27 No information/way 61 39 No information/way 65.4 38.4 No information/way 53 27 No information/way 62.17 54.76 No information/way 67 33.7 Behind the ruins/way 59.7 36.8 ~ above the hill/way 49.67 55.35 In the cave next to part piles of gold/way 36.00 36.00 on the cliff edge/way 55.98 42.82 No information/way 70 30 No information/way 46.55 5.36 No information/way 64 39 No information/way 36.58 12.14 No information/way 57 31 No information/way 60 17 besides tree v the owlcats/way 42.96 28.75 close to Doomlord KazrokThis is the most finish and an extensive list the waypoints I"ve found yet. (It to be curated through SerroDan because that his incredibly useful video: Long-Forgotten Hippogryph video game Guide - inspect it out!)It"s also fantastic in that once you scroll over the point out on your minimap the will display you the in-depth information on that particular spawn (if available). For example, you might see a suggest and wonder if the generate is in a cave or on top of the - if girlfriend scroll over said allude the text may read "In the cavern by the table". Now you understand to go directly into the cavern to look instead of wasting time searching about on peak as well.Handynotes will additionally mark locations on your map, but I have not offered it personally in a while and also am not sure whether or not the spawns point out are completely up come date.Ephemeral Crystal search Route:I uncovered the many efficient method to find for crystals to it is in to follow a plan route, (as mentioned in SerroDan"s overview - I adhered to his path & constructed upon it a bit). After to run the course a couple of times, ns actually began to memorize that a bit making it that much much faster to run from potential spawn point to spawn allude when the crystals were up.I recommend running this loop clockwise, together there room a pair of areas taken into account where you"ll be jumping under a hill to conserve time (like close to Nor"danil Wellspring). Yellow locations are where the path takes you into a big cave. There are numerous smaller caves follow me the route as well with potential decision spawns. (As stated above, if you use TomTom, you"ll know specifically which caves to check.)
Ephemeral crystal Search course - i Recommend going Clockwise (Click Map come Enlarge)