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\"You & I\" is the lead single by American R&B singer Avant special American R&B singer Keke Wyatt taken from the saturday studio album face the Music (2013). The song was exit in respectable 2012 through MO-B Entertainment. The track was created by Kriss \"Kajun\" Johnson, Myron Avant and also Andre Henry. The track marks Avant and also Keke\"s fifth participation \"My first Love\" (2000), \"Nothing in This World\", \"I Can\"t Wait\" (2001) and also Your priceless Love (2004). The song failed to make influence on the Billboard hot 100, yet the solitary peaked in ~ number one ~ above the Adult R&B song chart. More »

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Wooh, ladies and also gentlemenAnd all the lovers around the worldI wanna talk about the one ns love (Talk around the one ns love)I know alot of times we forgetHow they take an excellent care that youBut tonightI simply wanna to express the method I feelOh baby!Funny just how things have adjusted in mine life nowWhether near or much I wanna be whereby you areAnd, you\"re prefer a climbed that blooms in my gardenInnocent and sweet, my love friend areBut one point I understand girlLovin\" lovin\" oohh, lovin\" lovin\" youIs easy, for me to do babyAnd, I will feel this method till the finish of time (Ooh)Even despite you\"ve heard this a thousands times it\"s the truthOh baby!You and also ITogether because that alwaysBaby I,Breathe every single breathe for you babyOoh boyYou and IOne hell the a chemistryBaby I,I\"m living out this life for youOh darlingI understand that points in life space not perfectBut when it involves youYou\"re all that and an ext baby (Ooh)Heavens mine destiny once I\"m through youThe only ar to be just you and also meOh whoa ohMy life my life mine life mine life, is for this reason incomplete without you infant (Oh ohh)I will feel this method to the end of time (Yeah)Even though you heard this a thousand times it\"s the truthWhoa babyYou and also IOh with each other for alwaysBaby IBreathe every solitary breathe for you babyOoh boyYou and IOne hell of a chemistryBaby I,I\"m offering up this life because that you oohOh babyI love you, ns love youAll of you, every one of you,You\"re every little thing baby, yeahhOho oho ohI love friend baby, babe yeahI love friend babyYou do me completeOh five oh oh

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Avant Myron Avant (born April 26, 1978), far better known as Avant is one American R&B singer-songwriter. That is ideal known for hits such together \"Separated\" (the remix come which features Kelly Rowland), \"My very first Love,\" i beg your pardon one version functions KeKe Wyatt, and also \"Read her Mind\" (remix featuring Snoop Dogg top top the extended promo vinyl and released September 30, 2003). He was featured in the remix come the Lloyd banks song \"Karma\" native the 2004 album The Hunger for More, and also has had actually a cameo appearance in the 2004 function film BarberShop 2: back in Business. Much more »