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Grand verbalizer what time is itGrand verbalizer what time is itGrand verbalizer what time is itAfrican.Very African. Come and step in brothers holy place see what"s happeninFrom the bass low, coming down from below, phone call me what a sissy know.Funkin class is a new flowStalking go in my huge black boots.Living turn off the planet eating herbs and fruits.The children await me by the hill in the river.And gather ring the fire because that the role that ns deliverComing immaculate from the sand the the sky.And devils taking pleasure want to measure just how high.Your human body reveals you. Her mind can"t catch it.The nation of a God walk far beyond brackets.Come right into my cooktop devils come and you burn.I can constantly catch a fire when my strenth is black color wordYer pissin me off since you swear yer greater level.Back to her cave. Obtain yourself togetherSilly and Magilla. Chocolate and vanilla.How might polar bear swing ~ above vines that the gorillas. PleaseYer simply floating reason there"s other amiss.I"m up in the clouds. You"re down in abyssYour freakin while your teachin and also your speaking rap rhymes.It"s halfway to the sun. That"s the mortals last time.

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Deep. Deeper than AtlantisDeeper than the seafloor traveled by the mantis.You copycats will never know.For friend the funk will never flow...

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And also that"s one more blow.Make your move beef appretice, I never step.I"m a tribal move your understand hasn"t figured yet.Run your weapons v my swords and shieldWhat"s the higher level if her shit ain"t realMy mystic magic, What cha gonna do.Think befor youe step upon the rebel stunner mortal youYou shot to come yet your mental won"t catch, it"s like cookies in the ovenIf you want to burn a batch you just burn.Like this like that choose that like thisHow sharp is a word. How firm is a fist.Originals come indigenous the sand and the sword in the concrete, Fighting wars in the street.The day of outrage history another page.You lack the native of this, but now there is a brother JWe"re the warriors, of the masses.All the benelovent, punks playin asses.You cursed sissies always flunt for the glory.Sissy bomb is coming, but that"s an additional story.So many civilization forgot wherein they came.Disrespect religion, yet their life is lame, black color watch how you living? (zoom)Flow in the nile (zoom)Then record the seconds, the time of a sundial.What we view for the gods to beWhat it was, what the is and again candlestick be.What"s my mindstate if mine state ain"t Black, yet Moses, Malcolm and also Huey her back.Go indigenous walk from verb to verb, Sit back and take it heed, brotherYOU have to LEARN! swimming in the books, however the books ain"t hittin.The scales of a Blackman.Ways of the livin.

Watch: new Singing lesson Videos deserve to Make anyone A an excellent Singer