The XYZ 2-OP is so basic to usage that every workshops will certainly be may be to accomplish ”cell set ups” quickly and also easily boosting production there is no the have to employ extra experienced labour.

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Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment

Kurt modification vice.Fixture plate for vice with fence and also magnetic stops.Plain fixture plate.Ball lock clamping devices.Primary and secondary liners because that fixture plates.Tooling cart.Speed indexer.4th axis through controller.Offline programming (free download).External USB drive.

The funding cost that a maker tool must be amortised end its reasonable life of speak 7-10 years so, a £50,000 machine would expense £5,000 to £7,000 per year. However, an operator costs approximately £40,000 a year, every year, therefore that human needs to be preserved busy. The is right here that the XYZ 2-OP comes right into its own. At a cost of roughly £26,500 the XYZ 2-OP boosts productivity by including a spindle and creating a cell operated through one person, in order to maximising the obtainable labour hours and reducing manufacturing costs.

Everyone knows the in a production atmosphere making masses of the same item the running a cabinet is the most reliable use the labour. However in a subcontract setting if the task is only a couple of hundred contents or a couple of days’ work-related it’s no worth setup up a cell moving hefty machines around. 2-OP addresses this problem and allows you to quickly set up a cabinet so smaller batches or whereby a job could only last 3 or 4 days can be machined through “cell” efficiency dramatically reducing the time on the entirety job.

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If you’re utilizing a ProtoTRAK or any kind of machine, rather a lot of the “expensive” operator time have the right to be just waiting because that a machining cycle to finish. Through 2-OP they deserve to use this time productively and nearly free. The XYZ 2-OP portability addresses this problem and permits for this much faster production.


Spindle Motor3HP
Spindle Speeds50 - 6000 RPM
Spindle TaperBT30
Pull Stud TypeJIS B 6339
Spindle come Table70-525mm
Table Size457mm x 381mm
Max Table Load250Kgs
T Slots4 turn off
T Slot Size16mm
X Axis Table Travel355mm
Y Axis Table Travel305mm
Z vertical Travel455mm
Ballscrew6mm Pitch
AC Digital Servo electric motors Max Torque7 Nm (X & Y) & 9 Nm (Z)
Rapid Feedrate15 M/min
Cutting Feedrates15 M/min
Toolchanger8 station Box Type
Max device Diameter50mm
Coolant Tank Capacity68L
Slideway TypeLinear round Rail
Footprint (without travels)775 x 1,380 x 2,520mm
Working elevation (without riser blocks)2,566mm
Machine Weight1,100Kgs
Power Requirements20A
Air Requirements6 bar (220 L/min)