Informational conference for those wishing to do licensed child treatment Yvonne Klinnert from Washington ar · 10 Nov

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Washington County residents interested in ending up being a licensed household child care provider in the county may take the an initial step and also view a Webex meeting 6 come 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 16.Registration is forced by Dec. 9. Registration is feasible on the Washington county website in ~ Or calling 651-430-8307, or emailing ComSvsCCLicensing Also, call if attending an digital meeting will be complicated for you.Basic information regarding the family members child care program and requirements because that licensing will certainly be discussed. Attendance is required at one of these meetings before a license have the right to be issued. There is no fee because that the informational meetings

Highway 36 & Lake Elmo path Intersection development Project virtual Engagement Washington ar Public works from Washington county · 9 Nov

space you can not to attend the an initial in-person open house for the Highway 36 and also Lake Elmo avenue Intersection innovation Project tonight? An virtual engagement is also easily accessible for the town hall with all of the details that is being common at the in-person open up house. Visit the virtual engagement anytime top top the task website November 9 —November 28 to provide your feedback.Click ~ above the link listed below to view the online engagement.
Highway 36 & county Highway 17 (Lake Elmo Avenue) Intersection development Project virtual Engagement


brand-new event: Christmas at the Courthouse holiday Bazaar Washington county Public functions · 3 Nov
Highway 36 & Lake Elmo path Intersection improvement Project Open residence Washington ar Public functions from Washington county · 2 Nov

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Washington county is hosting its first open house regarding future intersection enhancements to Highway 36 and County Highway 17 (Lake Elmo Avenue) in the City of Lake Elmo and also the City of provide on Tuesday, November 9 in ~ the river Valley Church in Lake Elmo.Drop in anytime between 4:00 - 6:00pm come learn about the job and carry out input.More info here: