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“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video clip leads us right into the show.

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The RAW video plays, and we’re carried into the arena v some fireworks. Tonight, we’ll see the return of Brock Lesnar. We’ll also see Seth Rollins take it on Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho in a triple hazard match.

Chris Jericho’s music hits, and also he provides his means to the ring through a shed look top top his face. Michael Cole states we were supposed to have a complement with Enzo Amore and Karl Anderson kicking off the show and also wonders what is going on. Jericho claims he has some damaging news to share. The reserved triple threat enhance with him, his finest friend Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins has actually been canceled until additional notice. The factor is catastrophic. Other horrible has happened. This could adjust the an extremely course that WWE. It could ruin people’s lives. Somebody has actually stolen “The list of Jericho.” The group loudly boos that and starts a according to “NO” chant. Jericho claims he will not leaving this ring, have another match, or have anything to perform with this company until he has actually it back in his hands. He’ll stay here all damn night if he has to. Jericho is waiting for someone to “man up” and return the list

Kevin Owens’ music hits, and the WWE global Champion provides his way to the ring. A “Where’s the list” chant breaks out. Jericho can’t think he’s questioning this and asks if Owens stole the list. Owens says he doesn’t recognize who has the list and doesn’t care, yet he knows Jericho cares. Owens claims he cares around Jericho. They’ll uncover the perform together, however only once they’ve taken care of Seth Rollins tonight. Owens says he requirements Jericho to prevent thinking around the list and get ~ above the same web page with him. Jericho states there is no triple threat complement until he gets earlier the list. The list is his exclusive property. It’s his emotional personal property. Jericho claims he’s created his deepest, darkest keys on the list.

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits, and she makes her method down come the ring. McMahon says she doesn’t have the list, but she’ll do whatever in she executive power to make sure “The perform of Jericho” is changed tonight. No one in the arena will certainly leave until the list is in his hands. Until then, Jericho has to listen to his finest friend, Kevin. Jericho has actually a triple danger match against Seth Rollins in the main event of Monday Night RAW. They need to gain on the very same page. McMahon speak him to prevent being ridiculous. Jericho shouts the he desires his list back. Jericho says he’s tired of people coming down right here telling the what they think he desires to hear.

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and he comes the end to the stage with his hand behind his back. Jericho shouts the he look at the list behind his back. Rollins is revealed to be holding “The list of Jericho.” Rollins hold it as much as a pretty ovation. McMahon demands that Rollins bring the perform down below right now. Rollins claims he’s glad McMahon is out there due to the fact that there’s a lot on there like Enzo, himself, “Sparkle Crotch,” and Bon Jovi, but at the bottom the the perform is a name with an explanation: “For putting my finest friend within Hell in a Cell, Stephanie McMahon, stupid idiot.” McMahon look at surprised. Owens says he’s not obtaining away through this one. Rollins to know he won’t survive the triple risk tonight, therefore he’s resorted come childhood antics choose stealing the list, follow to Owens. Rollins says if Owens think the list is stupid, he should see the last name on this list: “My former best friend, Kevin Owens.” Jericho says Rollins has actually taken it as well far. One honorable, loyal man and best friend would never ever be top top the list. The list is created muttonheads, barbarians, heathens, and stupid idiots prefer Rollins, Mick Foley, and also everyone in the arena below tonight. McMahon states she wouldn’t it is in on the perform either. Jericho agrees and also reluctantly calls she “Mrs. McMahon.”

Jericho demands the perform be went back right now. Rollins says he’s walking to give him the list earlier because he likes the list and also is emotion nice tonight. Prior to he walk that, that feels choose making some alterations to it. Rollins states he’ll dedicate his list to the man handed the WWE global Champion, Kevin Owens. It’s walk to it is in a list of body parts that will never ever be the same when Rollins enters Hell in a Cell with the this Sunday. Owens has actually never been within Hell in a Cell, however he’s to be inside, thrived, and won inside it. The first thing top top his brand-new list will certainly be Owens’ ago because he’ll beat him life from limb before making sure he can’t walk about here calling self the man anymore because the entire people knows that just one human being is fit come wear the title, and also that’s Seth Rollins. Number two on the list will certainly be Owens’ mouth. He’ll kick his teeth so much down his throat, he’ll have actually a difficult time puckering approximately kiss Stephanie and also Triple H’s asses. Item three million will certainly be Owens’ ego. This Sunday, he’ll rip Owens apart. When he Pedigrees him through the mat, he’ll send a article to Stephanie and also Triple H that he’ll stop at nothing to take it the global Title and burn the facility to the ground. Rollins then difficulties Jericho come come and also get the list prior to walking off v it. Jericho conveniently gets out of the ring and goes after ~ Rollins because that it.

Tonight, Mick Foley will certainly mediate the contract signing for the first ever raw Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell enhance later tonight. Coming up next, we’ll check out Enzo Amore take it on karl Anderson.

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Seth Rollins is wade backstage when Stephanie McMahon comes up to him. She asks for the list. Rollins asks why she desires the list and wonders if she’s involved her name is top top the list. McMahon pretends no to care if she’s on the list. It’s her job to run Monday Night RAW. They promised the WWE world a triple threat match tonight. Jericho won’t perform anything until he it s okay the list. Rollins tells she to reduced the crap. Rollins knows the she’s not doing anything for anyone else yet herself. She desires the triple hazard to turn into a handicap complement so he doesn’t do it come Hell in a Cell because her and her stupid husband space so afraid of what would happen if he came to be the universal Champion. That doesn’t matter what your plans are because it’s going to happen. Rollins claims he doesn’t have actually the perform anymore and left the in the locker room. Rollins climate walks off.

Enzo and large Cass make their means to the ring to a quite ovation. They will take top top Gallows and Anderson this Sunday in ~ WWE Hell in a Cell. Enzo goes v his usual shtick, but his microphone cut off halfway through. Gallows and Anderson come out saying this singalong is officially canceled. Castle come the end to loud boos. Luke Gallows claims they’re all around making money. They had actually a an excellent brother that made a good payday to switch part wires and also shut them up. Karl Anderson states the tags team division was placed on notice, yet these two never obtained the article through their thick, greasy skulls. The fun and also games space over. Your microphones gift turned off is music to their ears.

Enzo pretends to host the microphone, and also the crowd goes v his entire shtick together he acts the out. It’s quite impressive. A really loud “How friend doin\"” fires up. Huge Cass then does his “S-A-W-F-T” routine.

Enzo Amore w/ big Cass vs. Karl Anderson w/ Luke Gallows

The bell rings, and also Anderson quickly kicks Enzo prior to sending him into the ropes for a back elbow. Anderson gets him in the corner and also punches away at him. Enzo turns him around and jabs away at him prior to backing up and doing “the running man.” Enzo then winds up like a pitcher and also punches him down. Enzo goes come the peak rope, and Gallows distracts him, allowing Anderson to give Enzo a spinebuster.

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We come earlier from the break to view Enzo hit Anderson, however Anderson comes right earlier with a step-up enzuigiri. Anderson then kicks him hard in the head. Anderson waits because that Enzo to get up, and also he takes the down through a flying boot for a near fall. Anderson applies a chin lock, however Enzo fights up and drives him right into the turnbuckle. Anderson counters a boot, but Enzo takes the down. Enzo hits some jabs prior to taking him down v a to run cross-body and also punching him. Enzo punches him down a few times prior to sending him to the corner. Anderson put himself with the ropes, for this reason the referee stop Enzo. Anderson take away Enzo out before going for a suplex, however Enzo floor on his feet. Anderson rolls him up through a handful of tights, but big Cass distracts the referee. Gallows it s okay on the apron to distract the referee, so big Cass big boots Anderson. Enzo climate picks increase the win.

Winner through Pinfall: Enzo AmoreMatch Rating: *

We’ll hear from roman inn Reigns and also Rusev at different points that the evening. We’ll an initial hear native Rusev, next.

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A frosting of stick Carew is presented outside in Minneapolis.

Rusev is shown in a pre-taped promo. Rusev states he sometimes has actually trouble resting at night, yet last night that slept like a baby. When he wake up up, that knew that roman inn Reigns’ stranglehold on the United claims Championship is comes to an end this Sunday. Reigns has actually done despicable points to him and also his wife. Currently inside Hell in a Cell, he’ll carry out despicable things ago to roman Reigns. Reigns do this personal, disrespected his family, and stole his United claims Championship. Currently Reigns will pay the price. Hell in a cell is a vicious structure capable of transforming careers. The cabinet is only as dangerous together your opponent, and also Reigns will be locked inside it through him. Rusev says he’s not afraid the Hell in a Cell because he’s no afraid the Reigns. Rusev assures for his family, country, and also the championship that Reigns will walk right into Hell in a Cell together champion, yet he will certainly be carried out crushed!


The brand-new Day makes their enntrance gate while big E throws the end boxes of prey O’s. A “New day Rocks” chant breaks out. Xavier Woods states this Sunday at Hell in a Cell, they’ll it is in defending their Tag Team Titles versus possibly among the best athletes in the people in Cesaro… with his partner, Sheamus. Huge E says, “Shame… us.” Yes, dead on every one of us. Kofi Kingston says shame on every one of us for enabling Sheamus to walk down this ramp and step into the ring week after week once you recognize who wants to check out Sheamus? Who? Who? Who? Nobody! They get in the ring. Woods says not to shame us. Dead Sheamus. This is his fault. They all suggest at the entrance and repeatedly say, “Shame!” Woods states they’ll shame him tonight and also this Sunday in ~ Hell in a Cell as soon as they walk out of the arena still the WWE people Tag Team champion because new Day Rocks!

They’ll confront Sheamus and also Cesaro, next.

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Footage from the life Pre show is shown. Cesaro and also Sheamus both talked around how they can be tag Team Champions… v a various partner.

The brand-new Day vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

Cesaro will begin with Kofi Kingston. They slap hands before locking up. Cesaro wrenches the arm, but Kingston flips through and takes the down. Cesaro conveniently uppercuts that down and points in ~ Sheamus. Kingston sends out him into the ropes and goes for a leapfrog, however Cesaro counters into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sheamus is tagged in, and also they send Kingston into the ropes because that a double-team back elbow. Sheamus uppercuts Kingston prior to punching the in the corner. Sheamus sends out him come the the opposite corner, however Kingston stays clear of an avalanche. Kingston connects through a cross-body block because that a two count. Huge E tag in, and he hits Sheamus through a running shoulder. Kingston climate jumps off big E’s ago for one avalanche. Huge E then clotheslines Sheamus down. The Unicorn Stampede fires up while Woods go on and also on about The brand-new Day. Sheamus gets the end of the stampede and angrily walks approximately ringside. Cesaro make the efforts to speak to him, but Sheamus speak him come “shut up.”

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We come back from the rest to see Cesaro take down Kingston and also tag in Sheamus. Castle take turns tagging in and also out come strike Kingston. Sheamus take away Kingston down through a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Throughout the commercial, Sheamus take it Kingston down with a clothesline from the apron. Sheamus uses a chin lock if a “Shame” chant breaks out. Kingston fights up and hits the ropes. Kingston counters a knee come the midsection right into a roll-up because that a two count. Sheamus does the 10 win of the Bodhrán. The audience counts follow me by speak “Shame” on every strike. Sheamus picks up a two count. Kingston comes ago with an inside cradle, yet Sheamus kicks out at two. Sheamus knee Kingston in the face. Cesaro sign in, and also he choose up a 2 count. Kingston flips through a back suplex. Cesaro goes because that a running shoulder, yet Kingston moves. Cesaro access time the ring article shoulder-first.

Sheamus tags in, as large E does. Huge E access time a pair the belly-to-belly overhead suplexes prior to hitting a belly-to-belly side suplex. Huge E goes for a huge splash, but Sheamus pops up and also does an irish Curse Backbreaker because that a 2 count. Sheamus shoulders the in the midsection and connects v a knee lift. Large E comes earlier with a one-armed slam because that a close to fall. Sheamus gets on the apron and also snaps him off the peak rope. Sheamus climate powerslams the down. Cesaro and Kingston space tagged in. Kingston takes the down through a springboard clothesline. Kingston goes for a guillotine, but Cesaro counters into a vertical suplex for a 2 count. Cesaro goes for a Cesaro Swing, but Kingston counters with a roll-up for a two count. Cesaro fires increase the Uppercut Train before Kingston counters with an SOS because that a close to fall. Kingston kicks the in the face and tags in large E. Huge E knocks Sheamus turn off the apron prior to going because that a large Ending, however Cesaro gets out. Cesaro goes because that a Cesaro Swing, but he stops and also counters a cross-body block from Kingston into a fall-away slam. Sheamus tag in, as large E access time Cesaro v a belly-to-belly suplex. Huge E avoids a Brogue Kick and also clotheslines him the end of the ring. Huge E catapults Kingston over the peak rope, yet Cesaro uppercuts him the end of mid-air! Sheamus then hits huge E with a Brogue Kick for the win!

Winners through Pinfall: Cesaro and SheamusMatch Rating: ** 1/4

Cesaro and Sheamus argue at ringside over that was the biggest contributor come the win.

The commentators talk around getting the WWE Network for cost-free if you’re a brand-new subscriber.

A really an excellent video parcel is displayed of Goldberg’s epic return from last week v clips from WWE 2K17 interspersed in it.

Chris Jericho is looking with the locker room as soon as he bumps right into the glowing Stars. They sell him a perform of prices for a vacation. Jericho states he hates the Dominican Republic. Jericho goes come Titus O’Neil, yet he doesn’t have actually it either. Finally, Jinder Mahal wants to display him part breathing exercises, but Jericho calls him a stupid idiot and wants the list, not breathing.

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Dana Brooke is in the ring already. Bayley provides her entrance. Dana claims her win last week end Bayley was referred to as an upset, i beg your pardon she can not believe. Dana states she got a return approved. This is no just any type of rematch. It’s an arm wrestling match. Bayley’s shoulder is revealed to it is in injured. She is wearing kinesio tape.

An arm wrestling table is brought in, and a referee come out. A “This is stupid” chant division out. They lock hands, and also Dana rips Bayley’s arm down. Bayley grabs she shoulder in pain. Bayley desires to have actually a same contest and wants to usage her left arm. A “Boring” chant fires up. Bayley looks like she’s winning through her left arm, yet Dana cheap shots her and attacks the shoulder. Dana access time the ropes, however Bayley comes ago and access time a Bayley-To-Belly. The crowd, which was just completely disrespecting this two, pop because that the finish. Dana retreats native the ring.

Later tonight, we’ll have the contract signing because that Charlotte and Sasha Banks’ Hell in a cabinet match. We’ll additionally (possibly) view a triple danger with Seth Rollins acquisition on chris Jericho and also Kevin Owens.

Chris Jericho is still searching for the list once he bumps right into Stephanie McMahon again. Jericho states she better help him find the list. McMahon asks what will certainly happen. Will she walk on the perform again? Jericho says she’s no on the list and also they haven’t had actually a cross word in sixteen years in the company. McMahon states Rollins is make the efforts to odor Jericho indigenous the triple threat main event. McMahon claims she has actually a triple main occasion this Sunday and has to placed together teams for Survivor Series. She tells Jericho to get focused because he’s completing in the triple danger whether he find it or not. Jericho states he’s standing his ground and also will not compete until he find the list. The asks, “Ya dig?” She says she’s forcing her hand. A WWE Superstar is refusing to execute what the ceo says, for this reason she’ll make an instance of him. If the doesn’t complete tonight, he’s suspended. She go off.

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Curtis Axel is in the ring. Axel says he yes, really did Bo-lieve in Bo, however last week, he left the laying. Axel had actually to go back to what the believes in. Axel says his roots operation deep in Minnesota. The crowd pops according to for him. Axel claims every time he steps in the ring, the carries the heritage of his grandfather, Larry “The Axe” Hennig. He likewise carries the heritage of his father, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. Once Dallas attacked him last week, he struck everything that stands for. Axel claims he won’t let the happen, particularly in his hometown of Minneapolis.

Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas

The bell rings, and also Dallas slaps that in the face. Axel punches him in the face and also punches away at the on the mat. Axel kicks far at that in the corner before sending him come the the opposite corner. Dallas conveniently boots him in the face and also clotheslines the in the earlier of the head. Dallas goes for a rolling cutter, yet Axel counters right into a Perfect-Plex because that a close to fall. Dallas conveniently rolls out of the ring and also takes that down. Dallas traction the apron skirt over him and clubs far at him. Dallas it s okay in the ring and takes him down for a close to fall. Dallas applies a chin lock, however Axel fights up. Axel punches out and sends him to the edge for a clothesline. Axel hits an additional clothesline and also hits a running earlier elbow. Axel takes the down with a snapmare and gets the group fired up. Axel access time a roll neck snap before kneeing him in the face for a close to fall. Axel knees him in the face a few times prior to Dallas rolls him up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bo DallasMatch Rating: * 1/4

Bo Dallas conveniently gets out of the ring and also holds up his sign.

Coming up next, we’ll listen from roman Reigns.

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A video clip package airs for well-off Swann. He’ll challenge “The sorcerer’s of Odd,” Brian Kendrick later on tonight.

Chris Jericho is tho walking about backstage when a phase hand says he saw someone through the list. Jericho no hope asks where it is prior to kissing the guy on the head. Jericho goes approximately the corner and see Braun Strowman hold the list. Jericho walks up to him and also asks for the list. Strowman speak him to say, “Please.” Jericho asks again and says “please.” Strowman says he doesn’t see Sami Zayn’s name on the list prior to forcibly giving earlier to him and also walking off. Jericho sheepishly says it’s on page four. As soon as Strowman is out of earshot, Jericho place Strowman ~ above the perform for poignant his personal property.

Roman Reigns is presented in a pre-taped promo. The group boos him. Reigns says he said Rusev that was acquisition him to hell with him, and he expected it. Rusev is trying to tell him what it’s like to be within Hell in a Cell. Rusev has never been inside it and doesn’t understand what it’s like to complete in it and also win, yet he does. Rusev said Reigns do this personal. Reigns hasn’t made it personal yet, however he will. In the Cell, it’s not about weddings and also family albums. It’s around the United states Championship, and he bring away that very personally. Reigns says, “See girlfriend in hell.”

The golden Truth renders their entrance. Mark Henry will be ringside because that a tags team match, next.

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The golden Truth w/ mark Henry vs. The glowing Stars w/ Titus O’Neil

Goldust will begin the match versus Epico. They lock up, and Goldust shoulder blocks him down. Goldust access time the ropes, kicks him, and uppercuts him before connecting with an inverted atom drop and also a running boot. Goldust wrenches the arm before having a whip reversed top top him. Primo distracts him, and also Epico dropkicks the down. Primo sign in and also splashes him versus the ropes. Epico access time a slingshot senton because that a two count. Epico punches far at him before Primo sign in and stomps Goldust. Primo chokes him against the ropes and punches that down. Goldust make the efforts to beat back, however Primo stops him and tags in Epico. They hit Goldust v a sandwich dual dropkick for a near fall. Epico applies a chin lock. Goldust fights up and powers out before giving Epico a powerslam.

R-Truth and also Primo are tagged in. R-Truth access time a clothesline and also a ago heel kick. R-Truth avalanches that in the corner and hits the lie Detector because that a close to fall. R-Truth does a dab and a split. Goldust knocks Epico out of the ring. O’Neil pulls the ropes down as R-Truth goes right into them. Note Henry shoves O’Neil, and he hits the ropes, resulting in Primo to gain crotched ~ above the height rope. Henry then sends out O’Neil right into the ring post. The gold Truth then hits Primo with a flapjack/reverse STO because that the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The golden TruthMatch Rating: *

Coming increase next, we’ll check out a contract signing v Sasha Banks and also Charlotte.

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Mick Foley is already in the ring for the contract signing. A “Foley” chant breaks out. Foley says the great thing about being a WWE Superstar is you never recognize when a minute will end up being immortalized. Any type of match can be “the match” that catapults a WWE Superstar right into a legend. This Sunday, 6 nights native now, at RAW’s exclusive PPV event, it’s no plain event: it’s Hell in a Cell. There will certainly be a triple main event, consisting of the an initial ever Women’s Hell in a Cell. We’ll have actually an especially contract signing. First, he introduce the challenger, Charlotte Flair. Out following is the life Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks.

Both women toss aside your chairs. Foley says because they both come in the WWE performance Center, they’ve damaged through the glass ceiling and also shattered what was expected of women’s wrestling. True greatness to know no gender. Part traditionalists think a Hell in a Cell complement is too barbaric for women to complete in. This is a brand-new era in WWE wherein women can accomplish anything. Foley says when they sign the contract, there is no turning back. This match and everything that comes in addition to it will happen, right below in Minneapolis.

Sasha financial institutions says she’s never been more ready in she life. Charlotte asks where she deserve to sign therefore the title have the right to come home to where it belong on the shoulder that The Queen. Charlotte demands the contract. Foley doesn’t execute it. Charlotte once again requirements it. Foley claims he hears her, but now it’s time for them come hear him. Foley doesn’t think they understand what they’re obtaining themselves connected in once they step inside Hell in a Cell. Banks says she’s a student of the game and has learned every Hell in a Cell match on the WWE Network. Foley says she has no idea what’s in keep for her. It’s not simply steel. It’s a living, breath entity through no soul, heart, or conscience. It will certainly haunt them at night. Simply when girlfriend think you’re end it, it will sneak up on you. It’ll do you cry favor a child. It’s an intimidating reality that once you’re within it, you challenge not one opponent, but two.

Charlotte speak Foley and Banks to hear to her. She has overcame everything she’s ever before faced. She was the very first woman to put her hands on that title. Just because some entitled second-rate talent has it, it will come back to her. The group loudly boos her. Charlotte states she’s the just reason the title means anything. She will certainly go to hell and ago and risk it all to win it back. As soon as she win Sasha ~ above Sunday, she will certainly look right into her eyes and also understand the an interpretation of words “respect” since she will respect The Queen. WOO!

Banks says Charlotte is no queen since there is no queen in WWE. Over there is a boss. She will certainly go down as the greatest Women’s Champion of all time. Hell in a cabinet may readjust her life and leave her broken. Banks says none of the matters. All the matters is the WWE Women’s Championship. Charlotte says she’s to be injured numerous times this year. Charlotte says banks is weak. Banks says she’s walking into the Cell together the life Women’s Champion. She’s unable to do down, but she’s come back better than ever. She’s no afraid to step inside the Hell in a Cell. Charlotte claims she isn’t either.

Foley screams that they both should be. He’s the future the them. Foley has difficulty getting approximately after the Cell. It damages to move. The cabinet left the a covering of his former self. There is no practice he deserve to do to make up for the reality that he has actually no i know well socket. It’s bone ~ above bone. There’s no curvature the his spine. He’s suffering due to the fact that of the decisions he made inside the Cell. Foley is ~ above the verge the tears and also says he’s recognized her because she to be a small girl. Foley states there’s not one point in the civilization they can think in except his id in her. Together for Banks, his children took one Eddie Guerrero autograph and gave it to her due to the fact that it method a lot to her. Financial institutions is part of Eddie’s legacy now. It method a lot come him. Foley to be a jaded, cynical fan and reminded that of what that loves about WWE. Prior to he has them sign this, he requirements them both come look the in the eye and let him recognize that they understand the dangers that go hand in hand v making background at Hell in a Cell.

Charlotte bring away the pen, smiles, and sign the contract. Charlotte says, “See friend in Boston.” banks looks at Foley prior to taking the pen and also signing the contract. Financial institutions says, “And I’ll check out you in hell.” financial institutions holds up the title and stares at she opponent.

Brock Lesnar will certainly be top top RAW later tonight to respond come Goldberg. Comes up next, we’ll view Brian Kendrick take it on wealthy Swann.

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T.J. Perkins will be ~ above commentary for the next match.

Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann

The bell rings, and also they lock up. Kendrick automatically knees him down and applies a next headlock. Swann whips that off, however Kendrick shoulder blocks him down. They both fight the ropes and also leapfrog one another. Swann flips end him and dropkicks that down. Swann access time a pair of eight drags prior to sending him into the ropes. Swann counters a hip toss right into a takedown and a dropkick. Swann goes come the apron and takes that out with a corkscrew plancha!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Swann trapped in a neck vice. During the commercial, Kendrick snap Swann off the center rope. Swann fights up and also punches out. Kendrick reverses a whip and elbows him. Swann duck a clothesline and hits a pair the his own. Swann kicks him in the midsection and also hits a twin stomp to take it him under for a two count. Swann runs right into a boot, however he comes right ago by leaping up and also giving that a hurricanrana off the top rope for a 2 count. Swann do the efforts to acquire himself fired up, but Kendrick flips with a back suplex and also elbows him. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread #2, but Swann it s okay out. Swann hits a dual under-hook powerbomb with a jackknife pin for a two count. Swann goes because that a standing moonsault, but Kendrick it s okay his knees up because that a 2 count. A random shot that the ringside area mats is shown. Kendrick goes for a reverse chinlock takedown, however Swann it s okay out. Kendrick takes the down prior to running right into a best hand. Swann gets ~ above his shoulders, but Kendrick takes him down. Kendrick goes because that the Captain’s Hook, but Swann counters right into a roll-up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Rich SwannMatch Rating: * 1/4

T.J. Perkins is checked out emotionlessly staring at Brian Kendrick.

Later tonight, Seth Rollins will take on Kevin Owens and also Chris Jericho in a triple risk match.

Tom Philips is backstage through the WWE global Champion, Kevin Owens. Philips asks how everything that’s unable to do on with the list tonight will beat out. Owens claims they’re ~ above the very same page and will break Rollins tonight. Rollins will hobble right into Hell in a Cell and make a pathetic attempt at acquisition his WWE universal Title. Rollins thinks he has an advantage because he’s been inside Hell in a Cell, yet he’s to be waiting twenty years for this moment. Ever because he experienced the first Hell in a cell match, he want to it is in a component of it. As dangerous together the framework is, it’s interesting to be a component of it. That’s why Charlotte and also Sasha practically begged to it is in in the Cell. After ~ this Sunday, over there won’t be any kind of kids reasoning the enhance is cool or any kind of aspiring superstar wanting to it is in in it due to the fact that they’ll see what wake up to Rollins. Owens will placed Rollins with the kind of hell human being talk about 20 years from now. He’ll placed a permanent scar top top Rollins forever. The doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of him. The just thing the matters is the WWE universal Title. Top top Sunday, he’s going to hell through Rollins, however he’ll it is in the just one coming back.

Sami Zayn will certainly take on Braun Strowman, next.

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Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn

Strowman stares in ~ Zayn prior to grabbing a microphone. Strowman calls out Mick Foley and also says he wants competition. Strowman doesn’t see any type of real competition. Zayn dropkicks the in the back, but Strowman doesn’t go down. Strowman angrily transforms around, so Zayn slaps him. Zayn gets the end of the ring and also runs away. Zayn it s okay in the ring and dropkicks him turn off the apron twice. Zayn goes for a plancha, however Strowman records him and throws him into the barricade. Strowman then merely walks off. Zayn it s okay in the ring and demands the he come back. Strowman turns and also walks off. This complement never official started.

T.J. Perkins is backstage in the locker room when Brian Kendrick walks as much as him. Kendrick claims he doesn’t want any trouble and needs his help. Perkins asks why he didn’t asking his new friends. Kendrick sadly claims he needs the location on Sunday so he can proceed to feed his family. Perkins states he doesn’t understand if the can help him. Perkins speak him to go out and shot to win. Kendrick asks Perkins to let that win. Perkins grabs his title and bag and also walks off. Kendrick is choked up.

Paul heyman knocks on Brock Lesnar’s locker room and also walks in. Brock Lesnar will be out, next. It’s 10:40 afternoon EST and there is quiet a triple threat complement to go.

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Brock Lesnar’s music hits, and he provides his method to the ring v Paul Heyman. Lesnar is in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Clip is shown of Goldberg’s comments critical week where he welcomed Lesnar’s challenge. Goldberg claimed that Brock Lesnar is not only next, but he’s last. Lesnar is seen smirking in ~ the footage.

Paul hello says, “Ladies and gentlemen, my surname is Paul Heyman, and also my client, Brock Lesnar, has actually authorized me to come out right here tonight to resolve this entire situation involving this, um, this guy, this superdad, this wannabe superhero, this guy who think he to be Brock Lesnar prior to there was ever before Brock Lesnar, this man Goldberg.” Goldberg’s name is booed. A “Suplex City” chant fires up. Hello interrupts the crowd and also says we seem to have a smartass Goldberg fan tonight. Heyman claims to him and also anyone rather that has actually the inclination that the chants room really starting to piss Brock Lesnar off. Hello says once fantasy warfare meets the fact of mine client, Goldberg will be favor Humpty Dumpty due to the fact that all the chants in the world won’t have the ability to put Goldberg ago together again as soon as he is beaten, victimized, and also defeated by Brock Lesnar. As for the world that singing “Suplex City,” they’re the exact same ones that chant “Goldberg.” A “Suplex City” chant fires up. Hello advises those chanting Goldberg (it’s no heard) to refrain from doing so prior to his client takes matters right into his own freaking hands through them. A irradiate “Goldberg” singing fires up. A “Skol” chant then division out combined with “Suplex City.” A enlarge “Goldberg” chant breaks out.

Heyman states Brock Lesnar comes home and fifty percent the group chants for Goldberg. This is every Goldberg’s fault. A larger “Goldberg sucks” singing fires up. Lesnar’s music hits, and also they go off.

Chris Jericho is watched walking backstage when Kevin Owens walks approximately him. Owens asks if he’s ready to it is in on the same page with the to do Seth Rollins remorse the job he met them. Jericho states he heard Owens say the the WWE global Championship is the only thing the matters, however their friendship likewise matters. Jericho wants to make certain he knows he’s not on the list. Jericho states no matter what happens tonight, they’ll still be finest friends. Jericho looks at the list and walks off, together Owens watch concerned.

Seth Rollins provides his entrance. The triple threat complement is next.

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Next week, we’ll have a Halloween execution of RAW. Goldberg will likewise be on the show.

Seth Rollins vs. Kris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens

The bell ring at 11:00 afternoon EST. Owens rolls out of the ring and leaves Jericho in the ring v Rollins. Jericho looks concerned and also gets the end to talk strategy. Owens and also Jericho acquire on opposite sides of the ring, and Rollins leaves the ring. Rollins speak them come fight. Jericho and also Owens surround Rollins, therefore he gets in the ring. Rollins duck a clothesline indigenous Jericho and also kicks Owens turn off the apron. Rollins kicks Jericho, access time a snapmare, and kicks him in the chest because that a one count. Rollins chops that in the corner before Jericho reverses a whip. Rollins boots him in the face, goes to the second rope, and also hits a blockbuster. Owens operation in, so Rollins dispatches the him. Jericho puts Rollins top top the apron, so Rollins kicks him. Owens pulls him off the apron and sends him right into the barricade. Rollins reverses a whip into the barricade and also then litter him right into it. Rollins climate dropkicks the on the floor. Rollins punches that down till Jericho assaults him indigenous behind and drops him right into the crowd. Jericho check on Owens, and also Rollins takes castle both out v a cross-body block. Rollins puts Owens right into the ring and also throws Jericho into the crowd. Owens easily clotheslines Rollins in the corner. Owens repeats the move and also looks down at his Hell in a cell opponent. Owens hits the edge clothesline one last time before going for a cannonball, but Rollins moves. Rollins access time a springboard knee to the head because that a close to fall. Rollins goes come the top rope, yet Owens goes come the the opposite corner. Rollins gets turn off the height rope and hits a running forearm. Rollins goes because that a Pedigree, yet Owens it s okay out. Jericho it s okay in the ring, so Rollins tries to Pedigree him. Jericho counters right into a wall surfaces of Jericho attempt, but Rollins twists out. Jericho conveniently takes the down with a ago elbow. Jericho tries because that the Lionsault, however Rollins gets his knee up. Rollins goes because that a Pedigree, but Owens stops it. Owens and Jericho double team him prior to Owens goes come the 2nd rope for a senton splash! Owens and also Jericho pose in the ring.

Owens rolls out of the ring and talks trash prior to sending Rollins into a clothesline from Jericho. Jericho put Rollins in the ring. Owens kicks the in the face. Jericho hold Rollins up, and also Owens punches the down. Owens signal to Jericho that they should end it. They start double-teaming Rollins again. Owens sends out Rollins into the ropes, but he holds on. Rollins pulls the top rope under to gain him out of the ring. Jericho roll Rollins up, yet Rollins rolfes through and also kicks him. Rollins access time Owens with a self-destruction dive and goes come the height rope. Rollins goes for a frog splash, but Jericho moves. Jericho access time a Codebreaker for a near fall. Jericho cannot think it and also argues with the referee. Jericho whips Owens into Rollins for a cannonball. Owens slaps him in the challenge a few times and talks part trash. They put Rollins top top the peak rope because that a double-team superplex, yet Rollins it s okay off and slams them under for a double pin.

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Winner through Pinfall: Seth RollinsMatch Rating: * 1/4

Owens and also Jericho quickly attack him at ringside and kick far at him. Owens viciously punches far at Rollins. Castle send Rollins headfirst into the stole steps. Security and also referees run down to acquire Owens and Jericho to stop attacking Rollins. Owens holds increase the title and also shouts the he is the man. Rollins it s okay away from security and takes Owens under on the ramp. Rollins takes him under again and punches far at that until defense backs the up. Owens then takes that down with security and sends that headfirst right into the ring post. Owens shouts that he is the man prior to giving the an Apron Powerbomb! Owens stands over him and also talks trash. The commentators talk around how over there is no means Rollins will certainly be 100% this Sunday at Hell in a Cell. Owens goes come the ramp to acquire his title, gets back in the ring, and also poses ~ above the turnbuckle. The crowd comes lively just sufficient to boo him.

Quick complement Results

* Enzo Amore def. Karl Anderson* Cesaro and also Sheamus def. The new Day (non-title)* Bo Dallas def. Curtis Axel* The golden Truth def. The bright Stars* rich Swann def. Brian Kendrick* Seth Rollins def. Kris Jericho and also Kevin Owens (non-title)