Now I’ve been playing both games for over a month, actually WoWS over 2 years, but restarted WoT around 2 months back. In both games, I am playing largely in the tier 5-9 range, but in WoT I have actually about 4 T10 tanks.

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I have noticed how a lot easier it is to make silver in World of Warships and also my impression is the difference is just how in a different way War Gaming is taking care of the economies of each game.


I freshly subscribed to Wargamimg premium which permits you to play both games on a solitary account, however my expertise is that you take a 15% hit on earnings (not XP) and I’ve only uncovered it obtainable on the WoWS Shop. Recently I played 2 battles in WoWS, the caveat was via a premium account and flags applied: 

T6 Russian Izmail BS. I applied 64k of damages and also was rewarded via 272k silver, 3730 XP, and 1295 FXP Earned.T9 US Iowa BS. 55k damage ceded, with 226k silver, 7000 XP, and 3000 FXP earned.

For me, in WoTs, playing in the tier 5-10 Range a great game is 40-70k silver earned. I am not as excellent a tank driver, as a ship driver, the WoT setting is much even more dynamic and tactical, and also tanks are even more perishable, while the WoWS setting is even more strategic, but it’s even more open up, it’s harder to hide, and ships have more health and also everyone gets a big bite, versus tanks, which have the right to be destroyed in 3-10 hits, wbelow you’d much better be in the ideal location or the foe tank will certainly be dead before you get a shot, and ships, particularly battleships have the right to someone absorb a dozen hits.Each game offers a different strategy. WoT Is fast paced, you need to understand the map, the choke holds, and also excellent ambush spots. In WoWS, expertise of the map is not a aspect, however strategic placement and also knowledge family member positioning is necessary.


I carry out Random Battles in both games, yet in WoWS I have the right to never before rely on my team to be knowledgeable or coordinated. But you must not location yourself in a position where multiple ships are shooting at you. This strategy requires continuing to be on the edge of the enemy groups firing range. At the better tiers, Cruisers come to be beasts who deserve to burn you down in a hail of fire that battleships can’t match.I bailed on War Thunder a while back, as I hate being shot by invisible tanks which happens frequently, but seems to be happening in WoT more frequently, and smaller sized arenas makes it not as bad as a dominance. But players may tell you WT is even more realistic, which maybe true, but even more realitic is not necessarily more fun, and also definitely even more work.


When I came ago to World of Tanks after a 3-4 year break, I noticed that many of my tanks that used to be brutes were now simply average. When I say brutes, I suppose they had actually huge effective guns and sufficient armor that you simply even more or much less terrorize the area. My initial impression was they were nerfed, yet in actuality, what has taken place as been defined to me in this, is power creep, various other tanks, new introduced tanks have become more powerful.


And the other difference is that wright here as premium tanks were not much better than the tech tree tanks (just better earners). Now the plan by War Gaming is to present powerful premiums that are even more effective than their technology tree equivalents for a brief period of time, them rerelocate them from the save, this to gain players the inspiration to buy them. And it’s been stated by players (unevidenced however likely) that after a period of time they are nerfed as well. The up front power is what makes them desirable to buy.

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And this all falls within the WArGaming scheme in WoT to make make premium rounds (purchased for silver, earned ingame currency, they provided to be gold, ie $$), a need at the height tiers to be truly competitive and the should subscribe to acquire +50% income (silver) to buy the premium rounds. And below is the truly heinous things about premium rounds, they don’t execute more damages, they simply have higher penetrstion, permitting you to actually damage those big tough tank’s shooting them in their frontal armor, and also they are incredible expensive, instead of 50-200 silver a round, they are 2400-5800 a round, which if you spfinish your entire match shooting them, you will certainly be either losing money, or not making sufficient to fund new tank purchases, unless you are a killer player, which I am not. This is why I say, you have to only use silver at tiers 9 and also 10 imo. However this takes a large bite out of your earnings.


And for even more perspective, the distinction between having and also not having actually premium rounds has actually a large result on gameplay, game mechanics and the games economic situation. As previously stated I make astronomical amounts of silver in World of Wairships, and I’m convince it’s bereason tbelow is no premium round and also that you can typically shoot and also damage the competition, although, once you are the bottom tier ship, you really don’t want to be out front bereason everyone will certainly shoot you first.


I don’t understand if War Gaming pays attention to this, but If I had a tip it would be to make WoT much better, it would certainly be to make Match Making such that tbelow be two realms of gameplay, the first wright here tier 1-7, wbelow 7 is the top tier in its matches, and also secondly wright here tiers 8-10 sit in their very own area of competition.