You crash her spaceship right in London Nautica"s ago yard ~ above a highway. Her ship will be assaulted by just arrived forces, and it is totally pointless come waste any ammo ~ above the incoming troops that room laying siege to your crashed ship. Just stay in cover and wait for her ship to acquire blown to pieces. This causes your ship to tumble into the river, but you will be able to jump onto a rope, totter yourself v a window, and land exactly on a Nazi who breaks your landing. The Nazi dies in the process though.

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The room you landed in has an enigma code sitting in a carton crate that is ~ above the bench (1/5) Enigma Code, immediately on your right hand side. It"s placed versus the wall. This room is filled through a most enemies, therefore dive into cover and pick them turn off one through one. Focus on the juggernauts, because, together per their usual routine, they will walk end to her position and rain on her parade. Shot to conserve her rocket ammo and also a couple of her grenades. We require these in a few minutes to acquire the last obstacles we have actually left to unlock.

Clear out this room entirely and go to the far finish of the room where you will view some security tape beside a hole in the floor that you have to go through. Okay, girlfriend are now approaching a collectible that is very easily missable, and also I highly recommend that you watch the collectible video above because that instructions that are infinitely far better than I might ever describe in text.

When exiting v the hole in the floor, girlfriend will currently be top top a scaffolding. You require to cut a chain to reduced the planks so you can descend further. A this level of the scaffolding, you need to turn 180 degrees, and also to your left, girlfriend will check out some planks that are much more or less sticking the end from the rest of the scaffolding. Jump on optimal of those planks rather of into the hole that is in front of you. At the finish of the plank is one more chain that you shouldn"t reduced just yet. Go to the right and locate a drainpipe. Under the drainpipe is a gold collectible (1/2) gold Bangles.

Once you have actually picked that up, you can safely shooting the chain to reduced this plank. Jump over to the other scaffolding. On your ideal is a door the we should go through, and this is the part where you need to be a little bit cautious. You carry out not great to proceed too far due to the fact that we need to briefly grind this ar for our staying challenges.

The very first achievement we room going to perform is to death 5 civilization with thrown earlier grenades. This is rather challenging to execute legit, because you will certainly have an extremely short timer to litter grenades ago at enemies, and you will certainly barely have time to also aim the grenade. In enhancement to that, enemies barely ever throw grenades in the an initial place. Opportunities are friend haven"t made any progress on this an obstacle throughout your entire campaign. Over there is a cheat though. You deserve to throw a grenade right in prior of your own feet and also then choose it up again to throw it again.

When girlfriend go with the door, there is a soldier fleeing right into the corridor top top the left. He will be sit left the the corner you view him to run across, and also you wish to farm yard this guy 5 time by using the an approach I defined above. Throw a grenade in former of your very own feet in ~ the peak of the stairs, and throw the in his general direction. He"s close sufficient for you come hit him most of the time. There space grenades sitting on a few oil drums best beneath the stairs wherein you an initial spot him, so this spot is ideal for grinding this achievement.

Reload her checkpoint once you"ve eliminated him. Repeat 5 time to unlock:

SentinelUnlock demolition perk 7


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We room not done with this checkpoint yet.

Reload the checkpoint and also equip two assault rifles. Make sure that you placed both the these attack rifles in rocket setting by pushing the Left and also Right D-Pads. We currently wish to do 5 kills with dual wielded rocket launchers in ~ 10 seconds. For this accomplishment to count, you perform not actually need to fire both rocket launchers. Lock just have to be both in rocket mode. They do not even both need to have ammo in them. What you desire to do now is go up the stairs and immediately blast the man that we just farmed for our grenade kills. Get in the room top top the right, and on the other finish of the room, friend will check out a door right alongside a projector screen. Charge into that room, and also fire at everything you have the right to see. There space a lot of opponents in that little hallway there.

Here is a visual depiction of exactly how that should around look favor (Note: the this person is in the central corridor where we farmed the grenade kills rather than the projector room).

Rocket magazine +Unlock demolition perk 5


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HardenedUnlock demolition perk 8


That calls for you to get a total of 50 grenade or rocket kills.

Congratulations, if you have been complying with this walkthrough indigenous the start, then you should now have actually unlocked all challenges, and all you have actually left to perform is finish the missions while choose up the collectibles follow me the way.

When everything is dead, you should head back in the projector display room with the long table. ~ above the lengthy conference table, girlfriend will uncover an enigma password (2/5) Enigma Code. Remain in this room, and also look ~ above the wall surface on the right. You will view a paint there v a parchment of kinds in it (could it is in a people map or something, ns couldn"t really tell). Connect with that paint to unlock a secret room the is behind it. Here, you will discover a gold world cup trophy (2/2) yellow Football.

Go into the rooms on the left next of the corridor where we farmed the grenade kills. Girlfriend will view a wire box beside a few windows that you need to use to lower a steel platform. Jump the end of the home window on optimal of this platform. The rest is nice straightforward. You have to follow the catwalks to the best side and into a room that has actually quite a couple of enemies in it. Clear the end this room, and take the staircase under to a comparable looking room the is likewise filled with enemies.

When the adversaries in this room space dead or when you acquire to close to the wall/floor that has been swollen out, then you will certainly be assaulted by a helicopter. This confrontation is unavoidable, yet it is nothing we cannot handle. Move to your rockets and shoot that down. 3 access time will end up it off.

The video game wants united state to descend v the feet in the ground come a reduced floor, however you want to briefly remain on the floor whereby the helicopter assaulted you because on the much left of this room is one enigma password in the rubble (3/5) Enigma Code. Currently descend onto the lower floor by utilizing the broke down floor. This floor has, well, friend guessed it, "enemies". Through now, ns shouldn"t need to tell friend what you have to do but once the room is clear, do your way to the other side of the room, and also to the appropriate of a blue piece of towel that says "Heimat", you deserve to find an additional Enigma code on the floor (4/5) Enigma Code.

Descend further until you reach a floor that has a many lime-colored TV screens. On this floor, you will certainly be struck by a Juggernaut. Now try to imagine a line right down from the vault collectible, and also that is roughly where friend will discover the following collectible as well. It"s in the drawer of a filing cabinet under a chalkboard (5/5) Enigma Code. That wraps increase the collectibles in this mission.

Go ~ above the scaffolding, and make your way down until you with a construction elevator. Push the button to descend to ground level, yet halfway top top your method down, you will certainly spot the boss of this mission. It"s the London Monitor. It"s among the points we brought down through the FLAK-cannon during the very first mission, but unfortunately, we perform not have actually a Flak-cannon v us for this encounter so we will need to work with what we have.

The London screen deserves part explanation, because especially ~ above UBER, this ceo fight can prove to be a small bit frustrating.

First points first. Whereby to stand and where to survive? you will notice that you room in a square parking lot. Friend will notice that there room manhole covers about the outer perimeter that this area. These permit you to drop right into sewer tunnels the lead roughly the area. This is where you will be reasonably safe, yet the monitor can actually destroy sections of this tunnels. You space 100% safe beside the charging devices that friend will find on the walls. Those part of the tunnel will never be destroyed, but occasionally, the blast radius of adjacent explosions can brush your leg and steal method small parts of your health.

Okay, just how to beat this guy? girlfriend will an alert that once he charges his shoot his eye will begin to bright red. That"s the minute when friend will have to shoot him in the eye. This will finish his charging process, and also he will open up the rocket pipe on his hands. You need to damage all these rocket tubes by shooting at them. I figure you deserve to hit about 1 or 2 that these till he publication a barrage the missiles on your position, so be sure to was standing close to a spot where you can take cover. Once all of his rocket tubes space destroyed, you continue to the next section the the fight.

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You will must consistently wait because that his eye to revolve red again. You want to shoot that again, but this time, roughly doing for this reason will open a flower at the bottom the the monitor. Girlfriend will check out bright yellow light coming indigenous it, and also the trick below is to operation beneath the monitor after you have actually shot his eye and also fire a couple of shots into this hatch. The tricky part is come not get stepped on and also to stop the turrets. Doing this a pair of times (2 an excellent runs must be enough) will end the london monitor.

Here is a video clip for a visual depiction of exactly how that have to look like. Credit for the video goes come youtube user "Gameinfirmary"