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The Wisconsin Conference of the unified Church of Christ offer the friends, members, staff and clergy of our 229

congregations throughout the state. We space a link between the local churches, the 4 associations in the state and the natinoal united Church of Christ. For much more information and also resources native the Wisconsin Conference, you re welcome visit www.wcucc.org.

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The Wisconsin Conference is divided into 4 associations, every staffed through an association minister. The associations carry out direct connectinos come the congregations in the state and help them find and also nurture your ministers. The Union-Congregational Church in Waupun is part of the Northeast Association, led by Rev. Art Wille.

North eastern Association

5765 W. Grande market Dr.

Suite B

Appleton, WI 54913-8471

920-731-4781 (phone)

920-731-4255 (fax)

Association Minister and Registrar

Rev. Arthur Wille


Association bureaucratic Assistant

Georgean Durkee


Ministries Coordinator

Rev. Invoice Clyma



(Marinette Phone)

Disaster solution Coordinator

Rev. Christine Stack


The Northeast Wisconsin combination is a gathering of 58 unified Church the Christ congregations - from Waupun in the southwest come Sheboygan in the southeast to Marinette in the northeast to Shawano in the northwest come Hancock in the west. The congregations vary in dimension from 43 members come 1800+ members.

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Each congregation is an live independence unit, however has a covenantal partnership with the others and also with the wider church. The combination assists church who space seeking pastors, monitor students who room preparing for ministry, is a resource for pastors and congregations, plans assorted programmatic events, administers a budget plan (supported by dues from each church), and is a liaison between congregations and also the wider church.

Union-Congregational Church125 Beaver Dam StreetWaupun, WI 53963Phone: 920-324-2801