The legendary Wilson agree Staff RF 97 Autograph is unmistakable because that its association with the likes that Pete Sampras and also Roger Federer and also is among the many recognizable rackets ~ above the planet.

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The RF 97 Autograph is a pro layout racket through a hefty 340g weight and a tool sized 97sq. Inch head, which provides you good plow through and also pinpoint control.

It is not a racket the is walking to suit everyone, therefore the vast bulk of human being should count it out because of the heavy weight.

But over there are civilization out there who will swear by this racket and also couldn’t imagine playing through anything else. It’s easy to see why over there is together fanfare about this racket.

Not only is the the racket of choice of two of the best icons of all time, yet it is simply such a pure tennis racket.

It looks precisely how we think a tennis racket need to look. Smooth lines, a small, round shaped head, and very minimal black paint job. If we could style a racket ourselves then it would certainly look favor this one!

This specific version has been specially design for i get it Federer, so you will certainly be forever trying to recreate the great man’s shots if you opt for the RF 97!

The balance is extremely head light at 9PTS HL, which means you get great racket head speed for such a hefty racket, and also as you bring the racket forward it just wants to save going, plowing with the ball and giving friend a seriously heavy call with the ball.

The agree Staff RF 97 Autograph maintains every the standard Pro staff technology, which has kept this racket as the classic pro style racket because that so long.

As with previous Pro employee rackets it is going to fit players who are playing in ~ an advanced level.

You need to be incredibly confident with your method with the agree Staff RF 97 Autograph and also need to have the ability to generate a many your own power without relying top top the racket.

If you’re no hitting with the round with a many racket head speed, climate you’re unlikely to get good results v the Pro employee RF 97.

If you’re someone who’s a really experienced tennis player though, and you love a secure racket with good plow through then this racket is a dream.

It’s no the most basic racket to discover the sweet spot with, however when friend do, that feels perfect on contact.

I had actually a many of difficulties in the very first ten minutes or so through the agree Staff 97.

I have actually been testing a the majority of the lighter rackets recently, so switching end to the pro Staff took a little bit of time to gain used to.

The balance that the racket felt brilliant from the beginning. Although it is 340g, the swing load is 336g, i beg your pardon isn’t also extreme, and I no feel like it was overly heavy.

I’m prone to wrist injuries though, so this would be something to look out for if i was playing more often v the pro Staff.


Once I settled down v the Wilson agree Staff RF 97 Autograph it started to feel an extremely comfortable and also it ended up being clear that this racket it is provided an unbelievably hefty ball.

To me, it wasn’t a super an effective racket, or a crazy control racket, however everything combined to make what I call a heavy ball, a vicious mix that spin and also power that is right for bullying your opponent.

Eventually, we started a few drills and also I to be excited to check out what it might do for my individual strokes.

Groundstrokes – 8.5/10

We started off v my worst stroke, the backhand! If ns honest, it deserve to sometimes take me rather a lengthy time to gain a good enough rally to put on the film turn off this side!

This no the case with the Pro employee RF 97 though, together we got the take very first time. This is other that typically only wake up on my forehand side!

The stability and also plow through of the racket really helped my backhand out. The pro Staff RF 97 has actually an unbelievable capacity to deliver all the power you transfer directly through the ball.

I was getting an excellent spin, and also a significantly improved flight path. This led to a an excellent depth of shot and I felt choose my backhand was much more of an attacking threat than it is v a lighter racket.

With this racket, the is crucial to remember that as quickly as you avoid swinging through conveniently the racket is no going to provide you much assist in generating pace.

Therefore, it’s crucial that also if friend get tired you proceed to hit through the round as if it to be the very first shot of the day.

On the forehand next I had a few more challenges than the backhand side.

I get a lot much more racket head rate on the forehand side so the agree Staff 97’s head light balance made that a little bit an overwhelming to obtain as much control on the ball as i would have liked.

When the stars aligned, I regulated to hit an unbelievably heavy ball, with good flight path over the net.

When she hitting the ball on the stretch, the stability of the framework and great plow through enable you come hit incredible shots, also under pressure.

I felt we had our agree Staff RF 97 Autograph strung a little bit looser 보다 I would ideally have liked, and if i was come go ago again, I would string it much tighter to view the effects on my forehand.

For me personally, too numerous balls sailed long with this racket, and also that renders me wonder if the is too headlight because that my forehand.

This is a distinct racket and it’s no going to fit everyone. The is because that certain.

If girlfriend play have an excellent technique, that does provide you some an extremely helpful benefits on the groundstrokes and also the security throughout the punch is most enjoyable.

In terms of rating, I offered the Wilson pro Staff 97 an 8.5 out of 10 top top groundstrokes.

It bring away a little bit of obtaining used to and I would certainly worry around the results of lugging about 340g racket every day -every day. However, it truly feels brilliant when you are on top of your game.

Volleys – 9.5/10

I didn’t must hit a volley to know what this racket was going to feel like at the net.

It has actually dreamy stability and also fast maneuverability and also that simply makes because that a great volleying racket.

During testing, the Pro staff RF 97 Autograph turned out to be every little thing I believed it would certainly at the net. It’s certainly up there within my peak two favourite rackets to volley v of all time (the various other being the Head Prestige).

We only essential one come take because that volleys throughout filming. Ns didn’t feel prefer I would certainly every miss!

The agree Staff RF 97 simply absorbs the strength coming in ~ you through ease and pops it earlier in the various other direction specifically where you desire it come go!

Whether you must take speed of the ball or include power to it, the stability and also buttery levels of feeling this racket possesses makes volleying easy.

If you love to absent up turn off the net on regular basis then this is a an excellent racket. It has actually phenomenal maneuverability, so you can acquire into position quickly and also redirect strength wonderfully.

I had great fun volleying v the pro Staff RF 97 Autograph and would have stayed in ~ the network all exercise if ns could.

I nothing really give out 10 scores, for this reason this racket it s okay a 9.5 in ~ the net. I’m sure there’s room for advancement somewhere, thus no 10, but I couldn’t start to tell you where.

Serve – 8/10

I think the offer was probably the weakest area with the Pro staff 97.

I’m not really a enormous fan of huge plow with on the serve, however having claimed that ns did hit part reasonable serves with this racket, and made a lot of 1st serves in points.

Just together it is through the groundstrokes, the pro Staff 97 is favor a train top top the serve, once you start the movement it just gathers heavy steam and is difficult to stop, unloading all your power through the ball.

Sometimes this have the right to lead come the feeling that you’re no 100% in fee of those going on, and I no love the aspect.

What girlfriend do acquire though is a good blend that power and also spin that allows you to seek your targets there is no dropping MPH.


Although ns did complain a bit around the plow v it have the right to be quite valuable on the second serve, together it urges you (you can’t really protect against it) to hit through the ball.

If you’re nervous it can often lead to you losing racket head speed on the 2nd serve, however the Wilson pro Staff 97 pretty much swings chin so less need to worry around that!

The Wilson agree Staff 97 is tho a very an excellent racket because that serving.

It wasn’t perfect for me, and also I nothing think it is as good on the offer as that is on groundstrokes and also volleys, however it still merits an 8 out of 10 top top the serve.

Conclusion – 8.5/10

The Wilson pro Staff RF 97 hasn’t to be revered in tennis circles for generation ~ generation because that no reason.

Pure is prefer a miracle word the gets provided for all kinds the things, but there is something around this racket that is simply pure. That typifies tennis and preserves the verity of the game.

You’ll have to search high and low to find a racket the feels much better at the net than this one.

Its headlight balance and also wonderful stability make the a volleyer’s dream, and also it would certainly be right for anyone that loves doubles or serving and volleying in singles.

On groundstrokes, you must take complete swings in ~ the ball to advantage from this racket, as it doesn’t supply basic power.

In fact, the hefty weight of the racket will certainly actually slow your swing under to promote control.

However, if you are confident enough in your technique to remain on the gas and also consistently uncover the sweet spot then you’re going to be bonus with an extremely heavy ball and laser prefer precision.

On the serve, the Wilson pro Staff 97 offers you a good blend that power and also control, and the stunner plow with of this racket will force you come accelerate through the ball.

The one point that you should remember with this racket, however, is that it’s a pro layout “players” racket.

You must possess an extremely sound method in order to wield it effectively.

The results of a 340g racket are not to be underestimated, and we would absolutely not recommend it because that anyone who’s human body is not yet completely developed.

You have to be physically solid in bespeak to acquire the advantage of the Wilson agree Staff RF 97 Autograph

For me, the RF 97 is one more racket the I’d love to have the ability to play with, yet it’s not quite the right fit for my game.


Firstly, the is a bit too heavy. I’ve played v heavier rackets for numerous years and also they take their toll on my body. Gift a little injury at risk in the wrists, this racket most likely isn’t ideal suited to me.

The RF 97 and I didn’t affix on the forehand, but on every the various other strokes that felt an excellent and play well.

I wouldn’t want to take it anything turn off my ideal shot and main weapon though, so it is what would prevent me buying the agree Staff RF 97 Autograph.

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It is an absolutely unbelievable racket though, and for the right style of player that is a should try.

It gained an 8.5 out of 10 overall native me; a impressive racket in every sense and I loved having the opportunity to offer it a whirl!

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