offer me three reasons why Lyddie should have signed the petition and also three factors why she shouldn"t.
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Three factors why Lyddieshould sign the petition:

1). It"s essential for all the employees at the manufacturing facility to show solidarity, to stick together. If pay and conditions have the right to be improved, climate Lyddie will benefit as much as anyone. It"s in her very own interests come sign.

2). There room no...

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Three reasons why Lyddie should sign the petition:

1). It"s important for all the workers at the factory to display solidarity, to stick together. If pay and also conditions can be improved, climate Lyddie will advantage as lot as anyone. It"s in her own interests come sign.

2). There space no labor unions at the factory. Signing a petition is just one of the only methods that the women can campaign for change. If they just hunker down and also do nothing, then points will only get worse.

3). It"s the appropriate thing come do. Conditions at the factory are so bad that something needs to change. The bosses need to know the stamin of feeling amongst the workers, the they"re not happy with exactly how things are going. If they"re not made aware of any grievances, then they can"t perform anything to address them.

Three reasons why Lyddie shouldn"t sign the petition:

1). Lyddie is among the most productive, hardworking females at the factory. If wages in general are increased, climate hers could be reduced. Climate she won"t be able to aid out she family earlier home.

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2). Signing the petition is pointless. The bosses don"t care, and they"re not about to listen to the grievances of their workforce, even if it is it"s through a petition or any type of other means.

3). The bosses effectively have your employees over a barrel. They understand that lock can constantly hire brand-new workers relatively quickly and cheaply to change the old ones. The petition is risky because it could give the bosses an excuse come lay off existing workers and also hire brand-new ones. Then where would Lyddie be?