This simple article consists a few ways because that users and also administrators to import and also manage contact photos in skype for business Server, once the compelled Exchange Server integration has actually been completed.  without leverage Exchange Server for storing contact photos climate the just options available


In order to use the chat application for service Server 2015 functionality described in this post an Exchange Server must first be deployed in the environment and also configured together a companion Application.  This prerequisite configuration need to be performed successfully prior to attempting the steps displayed in this article.

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Outlook internet Access

There space multiple methods for a user to walk about transforming their very own photo, offered that the ability has no been particularly disabled by an administrator.  The original technique which is still easily accessible is to use the menu option accessible in Outlook net Access.

From any server or workstation attach to the Exchange Server Outlook Web access URL and also sign-in with the desried user’s credentials.

Click ~ above the user’s surname in the upper-right hand corner and also from the drop-down menu click the Change link below the photo placeholder.


Click the Folder symbol and pick the preferred photo file.  for the ideal image high quality make sure to use a file that matches the maximum sustained resolution of 648×648 pixels.  smaller sized resolutions can be supplied as Exchange Server will scale them accordingly, however make certain that the photo’s aspect ratio is perfectly square (1:1).Click Save to entrust this as the existing photo to the chat application for service user.  The new photo should show up in the menu now.


Now sign in v the very same user account to a Skype for Business client to view if the new photo appears as expected.


Skype for company Client

An even much easier method an initial made available in the Lync 2013 customer is additionally still accessible in the Skype because that Business client user interface.  that is basically the same procedure because OWA is used to import the photo however is accessed from a different page.

In the Skype for Business client click ~ above the circle headshot  icon where the user’s own photo would certainly appear.  This is a shortcut that just opens the customer Options window and goes straight to the My snapshot section.


If no already allowed select the Show my picture option and also then click the Edit or Remove picture button.


This action will open up the photo web page on the user’s Account details page in the Exchange regulate Panel (ECP) website.  This is a slightly different page then what was provided in the ahead section but will work just the same.

Sign into Outlook Web access if prompted and then select the desired photo and click Save.


Administrator Approach

Alternatively to import photos for other Skype for service users an administrator have the right to use the following set of regulates on the server, as outlined in this TechNet article.

Using the Exchange Server management Console run the following two regulates to income a paper of the same size and also format demands as used above into the desired user account.

$photo = (> $(Get-Content -Path "C: empphoto2.jpg" -Encoding Byte -ReadCount 0))

Set-UserPhoto -Identity "JDSKYPEsteve" -PictureData $photo -Confirm:$False


Note the the main documentation mirrors utilizing three different cmdlets come store, import, and also then save the photo.  but when making use of on Exchange Server 2013 CU3 or more recent it shows up that the third command to conserve the change is no much longer applicable.  Attempting come execute the as displayed in the documentation will result in the error “No photograph with course ‘IPM.UserPhoto.Preview’ exists.”  The photo is currently applied and also saved v the 2nd command so the third appears to have actually been made redundant.

To validate the the picture was efficiently imported walk to the adhering to URL in a internet browser and the photograph should appear in the window.  go into the SMTP resolve of the wanted user account in the URL where indicated in red.

Now the Exchange Server has actually been successfully integrated with chat application for company Server then additional features past this have the right to be deployed.  much more articles covering various other Exchange Server integration steps have the right to be discovered here.


While the little contact photos supplied throughout Skype for Business clearly do no seem come take advantage of the higher resolution image, there is ar where the top quality (or absence there of) the a photo can be plainly evident.

From a different Skype because that Business customer place a speak to to the user with the brand-new photo and also then maximize the contact window.  The called user’s photo will occupy the bulk of the window by default.


The edited image over shows the difference in a low resolution and also high resolution photo.  on the appropriate side is a 48×48 pixel picture stored in in the user’s active Directory object which to be been upscaled through the chat application for business client.  The left portion shows the same call in the same window size however with the 648×648 pixel photo as provided by Exchange Server.

Additional posts in this collection focusing on Exchange Server 2013 integration capabilities with Skype for company 2015 have the right to be found here.

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Renat Matveev says:

In our firm there is a trouble with Hi-Res pictures.1. Around 50% of employee – space not Exchange 2013 users (have Linux-based mailboxes). So, they are mail-enambed customers on Exchange, yet have no mailbox top top it. And also there is no possibility to save their Hi-Res photos together in this article.2. I included for test 648*648 picture for mine account v Set-UserPhoto. Now Exchange is responsible for photo generation.3. I all set Hi-Res (about 400*400) photos, postprocessed by ImageMagick to dimension ~15KBeach (it is an excellent quality with best options). And included this photos to thumbnailPhoto come non-Exchange Users. Yes, i know, the it isn’t recommended and also so on…

And currently in Skype because that Business client I see, that all users have Hi-Res photos. Look at good, as in article. In p2p-calls every fine.But.When we beginning meeting with numerous users, users through thumbnailPhoto displays always good. However mine account (and all, that was included with Set-UserPhoto) displays blurry, as 48*48 or 96*96 stretched 4x times.And i cannot settle this.I tried:1. To upload 400*400 picture to mine account’s thumbnailPhoto-attribute. Not helps.2. Remove picture from Exchange v Remove-UserPhoto. After that in SfB and also Outlook there is no photograph at all, even if thumbnailPhoto attribute is no empty. Is it possibility to reset account properties to the state prior to Set-UserPhoto? with MFCMAPI? Didn’t found any type of info about this.