Anime is as hot as ever. Native Naruto and One punch Man come Code GeassBleach, Death Note and more, there is a wide selection of anime for every sorts that fans. Shounen anime is the most popular without a doubt, and also while part fans space getting tired of the monotonous nature of these shows, over there is one show that is completely unique, and also that’s Hunter X Hunter. Below are 10 factors you should watch among the most popular and also highly regarded shows in recent times.

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10. The key Character, Gon Freecss

It’s difficult not to prefer Gon. He is an innocent young boy through an infectious enthusiasm that is curious around the civilization and, more particularly, what the takes to be a hunter. After all, his father abandoned him with his aunt to become one, and rather than be upset at him Gon desires to be a hunter self to check out what all the fuss is about, together with finally conference his father. Source:



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9. The show Gets increasingly Darker

Don’t think Gon will stay cheerful for long. That a dangerous human being with a lot of dangerous people all v their very own motives. Gon will have experiences he would have never imagined and even a personality transition at times. This show could seem a bit “kiddy” at first, yet by the moment you end up it, you will do it be great at how the anime significantly took a dark turn. Source:

8. Likeable sustaining Cast

Luckily because that Gon, he is in good company. The three other main personalities in the show—Killua, Kurapika and Leorio—all satisfy Gon at the Hunter exam, and also they continue to become best friends. All of them are likeable in their own way and have various long-term purposes in the show, leading to some amazing storylines.

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7. Focus on Main characters Can Change

Just because there are 4 main personalities doesn’t mean we always see them together. As mentioned before, since all these personalities have various goals it leader to assorted storylines. For example, over there are countless arcs i beg your pardon don’t attribute Leorio or Kurapika, while the present story in the manga doesn’t attribute Killua or Gon. It’s a testament to how huge this whole people is and how fleshed out the main personalities are the not every one of them need to be existing for a details arc.