You’re the town hall TV or reading. Suddenly, her dog comes to you and licks your legs.(And the very same can happen right after you’ve bring away a shower).This seems choose a normal point that dog do.But why?In this article you will certainly discover:

What you should know around dog licking.7 tips to keep your dog native licking your legs.7 surprising reasons why your dog licks your legs.And more…

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7 reasons why dog lick her legs7 advice on how to prevent your dog indigenous licking your legs

Why does mine dog lick my legs?

Your dog licks her legs because that a range of reasons, such as: her taste, mirroring affection, empathy, grooming, respect, boredom, stress, and getting your attention.Researchshows that dogs who interact with their owners by licking them, experience a rise in oxytocin levels.

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Why does mine dog lick my foot after i shower?


Dogs lick girlfriend after girlfriend showered since they’re trying to dry you (like dog do once they dried themselves). Follow toDr. Megan Maxwell, a dog can also lick girlfriend after you’ve showered because of the lotion the smells good.

That being said…

Let’s dive deeper right into the reasons why your dog is licking her legs…

7 factors why dogs lick your legs

Being a dog parent topics you to a the majority of dog licking. The is a dog thing. They would also lick just about any exposed skin if you let them.

If you space wondering why, climate you have come to the appropriate place.

Here are the reasons to decode why her dog licks your legs:

#1: Taste

Dogs choose to lick something that smells and also tastes nice come them.

Do you notice how your dog licks her legs after a workout?

Or ~ you placed lotion?

When you work out, girlfriend sweat. Apparently, dog love the salty taste the sweat on your skin.

Or the lotion that you simply slathered.

#2: Affection

Many say the dog licking is equivalent to kisses in humans.

If her dog licks her legs, it means they’re reflecting you affection. They do that because they are comfortable with you.

Here’s a funny example of just how this looks:

Did you recognize that dog licking to be attributed come food hunting? then it developed into a greeting for countless dogs.

#3: Empathy

Dogs have ways of discovering your moods.

They lick her legs to display empathy, specifically when you space upset or lonely.

They desire to do you feel better.

It is comforting to receive this response from her dog. If this happens more often, climate you recognize that a dog can tell once you require comfort.

They lick you to let you understand you’re not alone.

#4: Grooming

Have you it was observed a mommy dog and also her pups? Licking is part of their lives.

It is not simply to clean the pups. A mama dog licks to encourage urination and also defecation.

The mom dog licks her pups come groom them.

When they lick you, they treat girlfriend as component of the pack.

You are part of their family, as they room of yours. Essentially, grooming friend is another way of showing you their affection.

#5: Respect

When they are puppies, dogs are conditioned come lick your mother’s muzzle. It is to present respect.

Your dog licks your legs to present their submission to you.

They see you together leader that the pack.

#6: Boredom

When dogs room bored, castle chew your shoes and furniture.

Dogs acquire bored as soon as there is no physics or psychological stimulation.

Some dog need everyday physical exercise. Some dogs require toys to train castle or save them focused.

Without these, her dog end up licking your legs too lot to entertain himself.

#7: Stress

Look for indicators of tension so you have the right to prevent the trouble from coming to be worse.

Is he afraid of something?

Is that something you did the is brand-new to him?

Did girlfriend relocate and your dog find it hard to adjust?

If you room worried around it, take her dog come the veterinarian. Castle will understand why your dog is stressed and also what you have the right to do about it.

Bonus: To get your attention


While i was editing this article, Lissa (my dog) began to lick the leg of my boyfriend.


To gain some cuddles, the course!

Once a dog knows they get your attention by licking you, they’ve learned a sneaky trick the they can use whenever castle want.

But be affected by each other in mind: If it’s too lot licking, it can mean underlying problems.

Here room a few tips you deserve to do to tone it down:

7 advice on exactly how to prevent your dog from licking her legs

You can easily train your dog to prevent licking her legs.

You need to be patient together it might be daunting at first. Keep training him and also you’ll see outcomes in no time.

So let’s head directly to the tips to stop your dog indigenous licking your legs.

#1: Understand

Get to recognize your dog and how he communicates his needs. Examine his body language.

Understand what they desire from you so you deserve to respond accordingly. There’s no harm in letting that lick your legs a few times. If it’s excessive, ask you yourself these questions:

Is he hungry or thirsty?

Is he craving for attention?

Does he desire space?

Does he desire you to take it him for a walk?

#2: Sit and also stay

Some dog owners discover being licked ~ above the legs an uncomfortable experience. If this happens as well often, you don’t need to tolerate it.

Dogs carry out not think like people do. They need a lot of guidance. A many love and also understanding. They require our help.

You know how dogs get excited when you come back even after ~ a 5-minute absence? Teach him come sit and stay until he calms down.

This pointer is useful so friend don’t acquire smothered by extreme licking. And also this is beneficial when friend have huge dogs.

#3: Leave

If her dog licks you come annoyance, teach the to stop by leaving.

Leave the room or simply keep a distance from him.

Keep act this therefore he’ll find out to stop as soon as it annoys girlfriend or when you say, ‘Leave it’ or ‘Stop’.

You might also teach some actions that average your dog must stop licking.

After a shower, enable your dog come lick her legs while you wipe her hair with a towel. Once done bath towel drying, leaving the room.

This signals the it’s time because that him come stop.

This might take a while yet be patient with your dog. He’s learning.

#4: Ignore


At times, her dog licks your legs due to the fact that he craves your attention. They count on you to love and care for them.

Give your dog the appropriate amount of attention so they room happy. Be careful not to give too much attention.

Sometimes you require to ignore them so you gain the message across.

#5: plenty of exercise

If her dog is bored, invest time playing v them.

Dogs love interaction with their humans. Pat tug the war. Offer him belly scratches. Beat frisbee or ‘fetch’.

Give him walks twice a day about the neighborhood. Trust me, that will perform you both good.

Take them to a dog park, if there is one in your area. This is a great way to fulfill other dogs. Possibly that’s all your dog needs.

If friend work, take it them to a doggie daycare. Or have a pets sitter look at after lock a few times a week.

#6: trick training

Trick maintain redirects problem licking.

Here’s exactly how it works:

When your dog licks your legs, introduce them to another activity, such as sphere play.

Or merely ask her dog to sit and give them a reward.

You can additionally teach your dog other tricks such as speaking ~ above cue or shower hands/paws.

These activities will be funny for both of you.

#7: Toys

If her dog is worried or bored, provide them playthings to chew on. This helps to stop inappropriate licking behaviors.

There space toys the make a sound to administer them unlimited fun.

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Some puzzle toys have openings that contain a treat. Her dog will learn just how to open it to gain the treat.