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Do guinea pigs eat your poop?

Although eating own poop sounds yuck, this habits is common for numerous species.

Indeed, guinea pigs eat their own poop.

Read our article to find out why these little animals perform that!


What must You Know about Guinea Pigs?Physical and behavioral features of guinea pigsTypes of guinea pigsGuinea pigs need supplements of vitamin CDo Guinea Pigs Eat your Poop?Why perform Guinea Pigs Eat their Poop?

What should You Know around Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are renowned pets that need attention and also care.

Guinea pigs originate indigenous the Andes, a region of south America.

There are various theories about the surname of guinea pigs.

One of castle is, guinea pigs were bought through Spanish explorers in the 1500s and also brought with the method of Guinea in Africa.

However, a group of world thought that they come from the means of Guinea and therefore lock are recognized as guinea pigs.

The masculine guinea pigs are recognized as boars, even if it is the mrs guinea pigs are known as sows.

The guinea pigs are also known as “cavy”.

So, a question arises, why are guinea pigs recognized as cavy?

The guinea pigs are likewise known together cavy, due to the fact that of their scientific name.

The scientific name that guinea pigs is Cavia Porcellus, however, this is a reason behind the word cavy.

That’s why sometimes they are well-known as cavies.

While another word like Porcellus is taken into consideration a Latin word and also provides the an interpretation of small pigs.

The guinea pigs make pig-like squeaking noises and also further, they do not have any kind of tail behind them favor pigs and also have a short, robust, and piggish appearance, however, this is a factor behind their clinical name.

Furthermore, castle are taken into consideration rodents.

Various pets come under the umbrella of rodents such together rats, mice, squirrels, hamsters, and also porcupines, etc.

Physical and behavioral characteristics of guinea pigs

A couple of noteworthy characteristics and also facts that guinea pigs have been debated below:

Guinea pigs space social animals

They are recognized as very social animals, who love the firm of others, even human beings.

They can connect with others by using numerous noises.

The very first way to connect is to do a noise choose a wheek-wheek call and this noise is taken into consideration as a authorize of excitement and likewise a means to find for friends come gossip through them.

The second way to communicate is to do a noise choose a purring call, and also this type of noise is made once they have actually feelings related to being very happy and chilled out.

Another way in i beg your pardon they connect is by do a noise choose a putt-putt call, and also this noise is made when they space in the atmosphere of exploring.

Guinea pigs can run at an early age

Guinea pigs have the right to run instantly after birth.

They deserve to run within a couple of hours after their birth together they have the right to run when they are simply 3 hours old.

Ability come hear the sounds by guinea pigs

The hearing capability of guinea pigs is considered an extremely good.

According to clinical facts, they have the right to hear sound in the variety of 40,000 Hz to 50,000 Hz.

Furthermore, they also can hear the ultrasonic sound.

The popularity of guinea pigs

Queen Elizabeth i of England additionally owned a guinea pig and therefore, guinea pigs obtained the greatest popularity anywhere the world and also people began to very own the guinea pigs at your homes and farms together well.

Guinea pigs room allergic come the antibiotic penicillin

According to scientific facts, guinea pigs are thought about allergic to antibiotic penicillin.

Therefore, other pets such as rats, mice, and also rabbits are used for penicillin test functions in organic experiments rather of guinea pigs.

The expectation of guinea pigs

When we talk around the life that guinea pigs, they can live as much as 10 years.

In most of the cases, lock live between 7 years and also 9 years.

But, there was a guinea pig named Snowball, that lived 14 years and also 10 months and is recognized as the oldest guinea pig.

There is only one pig that lived for 15 years, however, this is taken into consideration as a record and mentioned in a Guinness publication of world record as the earliest guinea pig.

If the owners of guinea pigs carry out the best food consisting of nutrition, great accommodation, as well as care and kindness climate guinea pigs can live maximum year of their life.

Types of guinea pigs

When us talk around the species of guinea pigs, there are basically three vital types that guinea pigs, and also this identification is based upon the species of your hair.

The American or English guinea pigs

The American guinea pigs (English guinea pigs) have actually short and smooth hair on your bodies.

This makes the maintain of this type of guinea pig basic and basic as well.

Further, that does not call for grooming-related activity in detail.

The Abyssinian guinea pigs

The second form of guinea pig is known as the Abyssinian guinea pig.

They have hair as thin as twirls in rosettes.

Peruvian guinea pigs

Peruvian guinea pigs have actually straight, long and also silky hair.

The long hair renders the maintenance of this kind of guinea pigs a bit daunting and complex, together the owners need to take treatment of your hair and also it needs grooming-related task as well.

Guinea pigs call for supplements of vitamin C

According to clinical facts, vitamin C is thought about necessary for each living being because that a healthy life.

However, all human being beings have the capacity to make and store vitamin C, but unlike human beings, guinea pigs perform not have such ability to make and store vitamin C themselves.

For this purpose, they require a supplement of vitamin C.

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Therefore, an excellent quality grass-based foods, little leafy greens, high-quality hay, and also gnaw sticks have to be noted to guinea pigs due to the fact that these foodstuffs have high fiber and also vitamin C and also are rich in nutrients.