The Rap Game UK has drawn its third season to a close, which saw a line-up of MCs freestyle and rap their way to the final. But who won?

Each week, BBC iPlayer released an episode which was eagerly anticipated by fans, including the ultimate final on the night of August 26th, 2021.

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Over the last few weeks, we saw talented musicians be tasked with a host of challenges by rap duo Krept and Konan, and DJ Target.

For those who may have missed the final, or just feel like reliving the entire episode, Reality Titbit can reveal who The Rap Game UK season 3 winner is.

Who won The Rap Game UK season 3?


Saidu first entered The Rap Game UK by describing himself as “the competition”, and was confident about securing the win from the start.

He is a 19-year-old from Bermondsey, and began dancing before rapping.

Revealing he is “normally the guy that is childish, immature”, Saidu went on to say he aspires to be the next Chris Brown of the UK.

Wanting to be unstoppable, co-host and rapper Konan said:

Saidu is a sick MC from London with a ton of potential. But he’s got less experience than our other artists, so it will be interesting to see if he can step up to that level.

Well, he most definitely did, and ended up going on to win!

Viewers react to BBC winner

Looking through Twitter, it is clear that Saidu was expected to win.

One viewer said: “The right person won. #TheRapGame.”

While another praised the winner, and wrote: “YEP,
kreptplaydirty u made the right decision.

Before the announcement, a fan wrote: “Saidu has to win #TheRapGame.”

However, there were some contrasting opinions, with a few placing their bets on Oakzy B or Pocaa to be the season 3 winner.

If Saidu has not won #TheRapGame after that final performance, I shan’t be watching next year

— gilly (

Where is Saidu after The Rap Game UK?

Saidu has been a favourite to win for many, but has he continued to pursue music since leaving the show? Yes he has!

He describes himself as a “destined entertainer” in his Instagram bio, and lists his talents as the following: actor, dancer, rapper and songwriter.

The BBC contestant also invites agents to direct message him for bookings and castings, and doesn’t stop sharing his recent videos with followers.

He recently collaborated with dancers Tommy Suave and BrandzzzJB to dance and vibe to Champagne Papi’s track What’s Next.

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