Who does Kodaka end up with?. If friend are one of those human being who by now have read the Ligh novel would be wishing that the manga adaptation it s okay a much better ending. Not in the sense that the finishing was bad, however rather it was ambiguous and not very plainly concluded. The means the manga adaptation is making its way, the finishing doesn’t seem the bad. V this, us have set foot on the focal allude of this article. In the series of proposals and also rejections, fans have actually been speculating that who might Kodaka finish up with. If the fairly friendship-oriented plot obtained you reasoning the same, then let’s hop onto the bandwagon together it’s time come raise the curtains and reveal Kodaka’s lady love.

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Anime and Manga have been best known for numerous adaptations they extend onto. The case is no different for Haganai. Originally a Japanese irradiate novel, Haganai has been given several manga adaptations, a 12 illustration anime adaptation, and a live-action film adaption. The main storyline focuses on a young who had very few friends accompanied by his poor communication skills, an unfavorable thinking, absence of experiences, and useless delusional habits. That is nothing new, and also we know that with number of adaptions come into play number of narratives, which differ significantly. Right here we will talk about the manga adaption “Haganai: i don’t have plenty of friends” in particular.

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Kodaka: personality description

Kodaka is a organic blonde hair boy who is an outcast, which the inherited from his deceased English mother, and has an unpleasant, fierce gaze. His unintended angry and scary confront makes the students scatter, and also he owes the to his appearance. That is erroneously established as unapproachable and desires to find friends. In comparison to his appearance, he has a very gentle and steady personality. When Kodaka walk seem like a little of a twat, through the end he can go to any type of limits to be there for his friends. Even he have the right to be at his most disliked location if that is with a friend. Kodaka’s personality is miscellaneous that constantly drags him right into conflicts, and also instead of do friends, he attractive enemies. For this reason in stimulate to uncover friends, Kodaka, with his friend Yozora Mikazuki starts the neighbours Club.


Basically, the club concentrated on discovering to make friends and how to act in society situations. The essential members the the society were Rika and Yukimura. Later included to the perform at the very least to be Sena, Yozora, and also Kate. The club provides Kodaka happier. To get together with everyone and to have actually fun is an ext important for him. He worths the club above all and always ventures come maintain good relations in between all the members. In the attempt, however, dismissing their romantic feelings because that him. The exception is Rika, and he acknowledges her feelings towards him. Other than for the truth that Rika later starts feeling differently for him and also dumps him.

Who go Kodaka finish up with?

For the world who have been guessing this, the following line will placed an end to her guessing game. Kodaka ends up v Sena after Rika rejects him. Personally, I favored Sena a lot and wanted Sena to it is in the endgame. Initially, as soon as Sena’s feelings are revealed, Kodaka fairly tries to stay away indigenous her. That thinks that Rika is the one he loves and also her soulmate, in turn suppressing his feelings for her. After his fight through Rika, he lastly realizes that how much the adores and loves her. Later on it is recognized that Kodaka had remained in love through Sena since their an initial meeting.

Kodaka and Sena

Kodaka but fears that being in a relationship with among the neighbors club members would impact the club the most. The function of the club was to find friends and not a romance in the an initial place. For this reason he begged Sena to it is in patient, and also basically, Kodaka have the right to still finish up with among the girls as soon as they graduate. Being so in love v him, Sena accepts. The method this goes might not be the means we wanted, but additionally sometimes there is no should rush the romance and I think that is what our protagonist Koadaka wants. But yes in the end, it’s Sena who Koadaka ends up with.

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