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Hand Holding is the action of holding hand to display affection between two lovers. Top top the internet, threads with hand holding together the subject will frequently receive satirical replies typically criticizing the act as sick or lewd; sometimes using unnecessary censorship top top the hands to further visualize this idea.


Currently that is unknown when or where the meme originated from. Various other then it gift a run-off that unnecessary censorship with photos relating to anime personalities holding hands with photo blur as a sex-related innuendo.


(I"ll uncover it later)

Various Examples


<1> /r/anime – Why would they pixel that?

<2> /r/manga – What started the censored holding hand meme?

<3> DesuStorage – search for hand holding

<4> /r/OutOfTheLoop – Why is holding hands lewd?




Celebrities supposedly sighted at the rally incorporate Robin Williams and Michael Jackson, however sadly for attendees, not John F. Kennedy Jr.

The newspaper comic was originally published in the Star Tribune in response to the George Zimmerman verdict.

Where Did friend Go describes a track by brand-new Jersey rapper S"morez which ended up being a sound on tiktok in October. The sound has a producer tag that"s blatantly the n-word and also users top top the platform think it"s hilariously horrible.

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