Which family Guy character space you? Peter, Meg, Lois, Stewie, Chris, Brian, or else? price 20 funny questions, and we will reveal your personality match.

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Know Everything about Your Griffin-ish Character

The test analyzes her traits and also characteristics to uncover which Griffin household member is similar to you. Plus, friend will receive a complimentary personality evaluation explaining why you suitable a particular character—and how you must feel around it.

The Ultimate family Guy Quiz You require in 2021

The check is a set of twenty questions about bizarre and hilarious occasions of Quahog, R.I. The goal is come answer the big question, “Which family members Guy character are you?” and also for that, you should be brutally honest.

· Criminally funny questions

Family Guy has actually 350+ episodes. And every one of them are hysterically funny. So, we want to have actually a quiz that keeps up v Seth MacFarlane. The test questions placed you in ridiculous scenarios whereby you have to react come what is walk on to disclose your equivalent character.

· exact results

The world-famous adult animated sitcom has an ext than fifty memorable characters. However, we want to make the results specific and reliable. So, you will complement with among the six main personalities of the display rather than a arbitrarily minor character or something.

· many inside jokes

Remember once Peter said, “Meg, that let you ago in the house?” the is the form of humor we are talking about, babe. Our family Guy quiz is filled with inside jokes only true pan get. But do not worry if you space a newbie; you will still gain the ride.

A Guide: Which family Guy Character space You?

Not everyone is witty enough to take it a whole Family guy test. (We gain that). So, right here is a overview to finding the end which personality represents you or is her soulmate. That is quite easy, though. Review the descriptions, uncover the one that is comparable to you. Boom.


If you room a competitive, jealous, kind, and also easy-to-get-persuaded person, you match Peter Griffin. The is a complex father who seems to love his weird household no matter what. However, he can sometimes it is in an A-HOLE. For instance, he division Meg’s heart and makes fun of her in spite of being his daughter. And also his forgive is being bullied through his sister throughout childhood.


She is just one of the worst cartoon moms in the background of television. Lois is a dominant, controlling, and cruel person. Though, she sometimes shows much more of her supportive and caring side. But almost all members of she family loss victim to she anger concerns now and then. If you complement Lois, you must see a therapist. Seriously, though.


If you room a depressed, sweet teenager that is constantly blamed because that others’ actions, you room Megatron—aka Meg. She parents and also other household members emotionally abuse her. And that has turned into a fairly blue-ish character. One way to recognize if your Meg is by thinking about your family’s inside jokes. Do you find them funny? If not, you have actually probably found your perfect match.


You could seem naïve and also all that. But your insights space helpful and sometimes also deep. And also if the is the case, kris is your family Guy counterpart. Although he has actually no usual sense, his intuitive comments surprise everyone. Chris likewise has an creative side which is exposed throughout the episode called “A Picture’s worth a thousands Bucks.”


You do not expect one come say “I’m Stewie” as soon as you asking them, “Which family Guy character space you?” the is since he is among the most F-ed up characters in the Fox show. That is mentally older 보다 his chronological age. Yet Stewie is constantly to plan on how to killing his mom, Lois, or dominate the world. Yet the great news is that he is a lovely kid—and pan love him. If you have a background of wickedness and also hyperactivity as a child, Stewie is terrific match because that you.


He is a talk dog—you all understand that. As a matter of fact, Brian is among the many “NORMAL” characters in family members Guy. That is cultured, well-spoken, and mannered. Brian speak fluent French, loves opera, and has composed a novel, well, sort of. But if you space a multi-lingual refined human in his or she 30s or 40s, Brian is her ultimate counterpart.

Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, Sr.58
Lois Patrice Griffin43
“Meg” Harvey Oswald Griffin18
Stewart “Stewie” Gilligan Griffin1
Chris Griffin14
Brian Griffin8


The ‘Which family members Guy Character are You?’ is a funny quiz. Please, take it the outcomes lightly and also do no forget the “Life is like a box of chocolates: friend never understand what you’re going come get. Her life, however, is more like a crate of energetic grenades!”

Disclaimer 2.0., digitalrecordersreview.org does not own any of the images used in the test. The Walt Disney agency owns every the said pictures. And we expect they don’t sue us over some stupid screenshots, amen.

Questions the the quiz

Question 1

“There’s a post in mine alphabet . It states oooooo.” just how do friend respond to that?







Sexy (for whatsoever reason)

Question 6

What do you say come someone who refuses to hang out through you, saying, “I have some stuff to do?”

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Come below and assist us

Look who’s here! The one us all love

Where have actually you been?

“Are you drunk, again?’

Question 15

Choose one thing you cannot live without.


Anti-depression pills





Question 16

If you had to kill off one main family members Guy character, who would it be?