‘Party the Five’ alum travels much for she latest project for Hallmark Channel
Lacey Chabert and also Jon Cor star in “Love top top Safari” Saturday, July 28, ~ above Hallmark Channel.

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Though no necessarily in a party of five, Lacey Chabert usually doesn’t take trip alone as soon as she movies her plenty of movies because that Hallmark Channel.

The actress opted to leave her family members — consisting of her daughter, shortly to revolve 2 — in ~ home, though, in going to south Africa to do “Love top top Safari.” Premiering Saturday, July 28 (and launching the channel’s “Summer Nights” event), the drama casts Chabert together a Chicago-based Web-page designer that inherits an overseas animal reserve. If finding new romance there through a park ranger (Jon Cor), she disputes selling the property, which might be terrible for the animals as well as locals who depend on the website for their livelihoods. Fellow Hallmark veteran Brittany Bristow (“Royal Matchmaker”) also stars.

“Everything was real,” the pleasant Chabert attests that “Love on Safari’s” setting. “We shot it in ~ this beautiful wildlife preserve, and also it to be an incredible experience to be so up-close and an individual with the animals. Obviously, we were very respectful that them, and I simply learned so much. The civilization of southern Africa space so kind and also good-hearted, and they to be so welcoming, it really was a dream come true to it is in there.”

“Love top top Safari,” premieres SATURDAY JULY 28 9/8c starring Lacey Chabert, Jon Cor and also Brittany Bristow

Despite spending almost a month filming “Love top top Safari,” Chabert allows, “I didn’t get a possibility to view as much of the area as I would have liked, but what we did have actually the possibility to watch was for sure breathtaking.” The star appreciates the film’s advocacy of conservation alongside much more traditional Hallmark-movie elements: “This movie has a couple of different messages, not only around protecting wildlife, yet my character really comes into her own. It’s never too late to believe you deserve to do other different.”

Also renowned from the 2004 movie “Mean Girls” (which influenced a existing Broadway phase hit), Chabert reports that she maintains near ties to her former “Party that Five” castmates, particularly Neve Campbell and Scott Wolf. “They’re every such one-of-a-kind people,” she reflects. “They constantly will be a huge part of my life, and getting to check out their children and introduce them to mine is really exciting because that me.”

Chabert’s link to Hallmark likewise will continue, since she’ll soon appear in her seventh Christmas movie because that the channel (“Pride and also Prejudice and also Mistletoe,” based upon a same-named book).

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“I feel like their movies carry a tiny light and love right into the world,” she says of functioning so typically for Hallmark, “and the fans ns run into who gain them constantly tell me what it way to them the they have the right to sit down with their entire family and also watch them. I’m yes, really proud to be a part of the … and also now that I’m a mom, ns think about that a lot.”