A advantageous guide ~ above the benefits of making use of ceramic ring in your aquarium, we look at what they in reality do, just how long the last and the best means to usage them in your tank.

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What Is A Ceramic Ring?

When it involves aquariums, ceramic ring are additionally often described as bio rings. These room miniature rings that look kind of choose super tiny rolls that toilet paper, and you guessed it, they room made the end of ceramic.

They space usually white in color, but may also be gray, brown, or cream-colored.

These ceramic rings have many small holes on their exterior, super little holes the are virtually impossible come see, to add they likewise have one huge hole running right through the center.

These holes produce a very porous surface, thus allowing beneficial bacteria come adhere come them, come grow, and also to aid filter your water, something we will talk about in greater detail further below.

6 services of Ceramic Rings

The fact of the issue is that ceramic rings do have countless benefits for fish tanks, and also for you.

Let’s take it a look at why precisely ceramic rings deserve to be an excellent for aquariums.

1. Biological Filtration

By much the biggest advantage which ceramic rings carry out your aquarium v is organic filtration.

Fish waste, uneaten food, and also rotting plant issue releases ammonia right into the water. Ammonia is an extremely harmful come fish, and also even short ammonia levels have the right to kill her fish.

This is why aquariums must have helpful bacteria present which perform biological filtration.

These bacteria rotate the ammonia right into nitrite, i beg your pardon is far less harmful come fish than ammonia. In turn, this bacteria will certainly the further breakdown the nitrite into nitrate, which is far less harmful when again.

Without beneficial bacteria in the tank, her fish will die. The whole allude of ceramic rings is to residence these useful bacteria, thus enabling for proper biological filtration, and also ultimately the survival of her fish.

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2. Denitrifying Bacteria

Something to note about ceramic ring is that they are usually considered far better than other develops of organic filtration media.

The factor for this is due to the fact that ceramic rings can house two different types of bacteria, these gift nitrifying and denitrifying.

Many varieties of bio media can only hold nitrifying bacteria, which turn ammonia into nitrite.

However, that nitrite is quiet harmful to fish and also needs to be broken down further, into nitrate.

Denitrifying bacteria turn nitrite right into nitrate, and this is necessary for a fish tank. Therefore, ceramic rings are very great because they have the right to house both that these types of bacteria.

3. Lock Affordable

Something else worth noting about ceramic filtration rings is the they are quite affordable.

You can buy a good sized bag the them because that a very minimal cost, and they last because that a lengthy time.

It’s simply a an extremely cost effective method to for sure the optimal health of her aquarium and all of its inhabitants.

4. They’re simple to Use

Another benefit that you obtain with using ceramic rings for biological filtration is that they room super straightforward to use.

Literally, just pop as numerous of them as you can into your aquarium filter and also you are good to go. It really does not acquire much simpler than that.

Credit: Chatchai Kuntrakornkiti, Shutterstock

5. They’re lengthy Lasting

As we questioned in the ahead section, ceramic aquarium ring last for a very long time. Part say they need to replaced every 6 to 8 months, while some say that they must never be changed at all.

If you treat lock right, clean lock occasionally, and also take an excellent care, a solitary purchase can last you because that years come come, and that’s something the helps do life easier.

6. They’re easy to Clean

The other benefit of making use of ceramic rings for bio filtration is that they are also easy to clean. Merely wash them off occasionally and also that’s it.


How lengthy Do Ceramic rings Last?

How often ceramic aquarium rings need to be changed is a warm topic the sparks a whole lot that debate. Top top one hand, part manufacturers state the ceramic rings need to never be replaced.

The reason for this declare is because beneficial bacteria that filter the water build up on this rings, and these bacteria are essential for the health and also survival of her fish.

So, as soon as you change the ceramic rings, you are effectively removing the majority of the beneficial and also life conserving bacteria native the tank.

This have the right to be an extremely damaging come the health of the tank and often has an unfavorable consequences. The takes a good few weeks because that the bacteria population to replenish itself, during which time your aquarium becomes at risk to ammonia and nitrate buildups.

However, other manufacturers recommend that ceramic rings in aquariums be replaced every 6 come 8 months.

The reason for this is because although ceramic is rather tough, that does wear down over time.

The surface of the rings can become less porous in time as the water wears them down, hence resulting in a decreased capacity to hold as many useful bacteria. Ceramic ring can also break.

How to change Ceramic Rings

So, if girlfriend get an extremely high quality ceramic rings that can resist gift washed out by the water (like rocks transforming into sand), climate you need to never have to replace them.

However, if girlfriend do should replace the rings, you have to do it slowly and gradually.

If friend remove all of the old ring at once and also replace them with new ones, you just removed more or less all of those necessary bacteria native the tank.

Therefore, you need to aim to replace only half or also just one 3rd of the ceramic rings at a time. This will allow the bacteria from the old rings to move to the new ones, to adhere to them, and to grow.

Once this is done, you deserve to then replace the other fifty percent (or thirds).

When you perform this, wait for at the very least a main between transforming one half and the other, simply to allow enough time for the bacteria on the old ring to develop themselves top top the new rings.

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How do You add Ceramic ring To your Fish Tank?

Adding ceramic ring to her fish tank is also very easy. These things space designed to be housed within her filtration unit.

Each aquarium filter should have various sections for different types of media (mechanical, biological, chemical). This is wherein you will location the ceramic rings.

Now, store in mind that some world use mesh bio bags to save them all together, if others placed them in the filter together is, simply loose. It doesn’t really make a difference, at least not in terms of filtration efficiency.

What you do must do prior to putting castle in the filter is to to wash them off v dechlorinated water.

You want to remove any and also all dust and also debris, but you don’t desire to use chlorinated water, such together tap water, since this will successfully sterilize them and also make it really tough for those bacteria come grow.

After that, the most crucial thing come remember is that the bio media, therefore in this instance the rings, must be put in the filter after the mechanical filtration.

You need the mechanical filtration media come remove any kind of solid debris before the water gets to the ceramic rings, or rather solid debris will clog the rings and also make castle dirty.

Also, the bio media requirements to it is in placed before the chemical media.

How do You Clean Ceramic Aquarium Rings?

Even if you perform put the ceramic ring behind the mechanically filtration, the rings will certainly still gain dirty end time.

Small debris will construct up, clog the rings, and also make it hard for substantial amounts of bacteria to be present.

Moreover, once they obtain clogged, they will mitigate the as whole water circulation of the filter, and thus reduce the filter’s capability to clean the water. Therefore, friend do should clean these ceramic rings on occasion.

All you desire to do here is to gain a bucket, and also fill it through tank water. This is important.

You desire to usage tank water the has remained in the tank because that a while, so clean ceramic rings is ideal done when you execute water changes, together you will usage that same water to clean them.

Under no circumstances have to you usage fresh water since this will eliminate much that the bacteria, which is bad.

Simply pop the rings into the bucket of aquarium water and swoosh them approximately a bit to eliminate excess debris.

Remember, you aren’t scrubbing the rings here because you don’t want to remove bacteria. Swooshing in the water will certainly do simply fine.

Also, realize that they i will not ~ look overly clean once you are done. They won’t return earlier to their initial color, but this is irrelevant as lengthy as the bulk of the heavy debris is removed.

Which Is Better: Bio Balls or Ceramic Rings?

For those the you that don’t know, bio balls space very small and porous balls which offer the same purpose as ceramic rings, however they don’t have that feet running through the middle.

There is no doubt around the truth that ceramic rings space much much better to usage than bio balls, and also this is true because that a selection of reasons.

One factor for this is due to the fact that bio balls space not an excellent at holding denitrifying bacteria, just nitrifying bacteria, and also this is a identify drawback, together the cleanest and also healthiest aquariums require both kinds.

Moreover, since bio balls don’t have that large hole running v the center like ceramic rings do, they acquire much dirtier lot faster, debris build up, they acquire clogged, and also it will certainly decrease her filter’s capacity to connect in effective tank filtration.

Sure, bio balls work simply fine, however they room not virtually as effective, long lasting, or straightforward to resolve as the ceramic rings.

Can I use Ceramic rings In A Saltwater Aquarium?

Yes, you have the right to technically usage ceramic ring in saltwater aquariums, as saltwater aquariums additionally require effective biological filtration.

However, they room not frequently used in marine and reef tanks.

The factor for this is because in saltwater tanks, most world have numerous live rocks and corals which hold these valuable bacteria.

If her saltwater tank is properly collection up, you don’t really require to include ceramic ring or much bio filtration in ~ all.


The bottom heat is that ceramic rings are quite likely the best type of biological filtration media that you have the right to have in your aquarium.

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They’re simple to use and also to clean, lock affordable, they last a super long time, and also they occupational wonders in ~ eliminating all sorts the harmful building materials from her aquarium.