Many of core Dynamics" client desired much more specific roles for your Dropships and the attack Ship is a solution to several of those demands. The assault Ship is designed for a an ext combat intensive function than the initial ship. It has actually improved manoeuvrability and weapon transferring capacity and also placement. These enhancements come in ~ the expense of smaller internals make it much less versatile, but better in its specialty role.

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The autumn of Jupiter division has undermined the famous movement calling for the Federation to it is in governed through corporations.

Conrad Sterling, political reporter for Vox Galactica, reported on developments:

“Core Dynamics’s recent victory in the Ts’ao Tach system dealt a significant blow to the corporatists. Many companies withdrew their support even before the last shot was fired, and also plans for Jupiter department to come to be the movement’s main organisation have been abandoned.”

“Sighs of relief were undoubtedly breathed v the corridors of power on Mars once this threat to the Federation’s autonomous principles to be defeated. And also yet, in spite of Congress downplaying it and many commonwealth newsfeeds neglecting come cover the story, calls because that a corporatocracy have actually not been fully silenced.”

“Citizens who seek an alternative to voting because that either Hudson or Winters are still attracted to the idea. Would corporate rule be more honest? Opinions vary, yet many supporters case ‘big business’ already possesses true strength behind close up door doors.”

“It now seems that background will record this together a route not taken. V Jupiter Rochester imprisoned and also Jupiter division dissolved, instead of figureheads because that the corporatist motion are i can not qualify to arise gradually to maintain it.”

Core DynamicsFederation

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

The corporate faction Jupiter division has been beat by the silver Legal group in the Ts'ao Tach system.

The breakaway faction from main point Dynamics to be unable come resist initiatives by the parent company to recoup ships and also resources. Jupiter division will quickly be subsumed by core Enterprises, a subsidiary of main point Dynamics.

Owen McKenna, the CEO of main point Dynamics, declared:

“Thanks to the silver Legal Group and other faithful allies the the Federation, us have ultimately crushed this criminal enterprise. Let this be an end to the delusions the Jupiter Rochester.”

Many newsfeeds think that Jupiter Division’s defeat will have a an unfavorable impact on the corporatist activity that has actually recently arised within part Federal systems.

Director Theodore Sullivan of the silver- Legal Group evidenced that those who battled on your side have the right to now collection payments native the Iron wing of righteousness megaship in the Ts'ao Tach system.

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

The this firm faction Jupiter division is fighting because that survival versus the silver- Legal team in the Ts'ao Tach system.

Jupiter department was formed by rogue main point Dynamics departments faithful to ex-CEO Jupiter Rochester. Although the was beat in February, a cultivation corporatist motion within the Federation has actually helped rebuild its strength.

A call to arms was made by Owen McKenna, the new CEO of core Dynamics:

“Rochester’s deranged cult must be wiped out once and for all. We are supporting ours ally, the silver Legal Group, to ruin Jupiter Division’s fleet and enable us to take back our steal resources.”

Vice-Executive Blanca Carbonell, a senior leader of Jupiter Division, transfer this message:

“To all those seeking a far better Federation – was standing up and also make her voice heard! Only direct corporate rule can finish government corruption. Jupiter division must make it through to lead the change!”

Two megaships, Victory’s Forge and Iron wing of Justice, are once again serving together the centres of procedure for Jupiter division and the silver Legal Group.

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Political commentators believe that this second conflict will be a decisive one, determining whether or no Jupiter division can survive without that founder.

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