Avatar: The critical Airbender - The 10 best "Everything changed When The Fire nation Attacked" mim Everything adjusted when the Fire nation attacked - Every Avatar fan worth your salt knows this line, and also it has actually predictably birthed some good memes.

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when a collection becomes as popular as Avatar: The last Airbender has, it"s natural for pan to go v every path to make their passionate known. Together Avatar has actually been over for a an extremely long time, fans have actually turned towards memes to save the interest alive.

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One of these happens to it is in directed towards the Fire Nation, specifically the infamous bit spoken about castle in the series" narration -- everything adjusted when castle attacked, ~ all. The outcomes are perfect hilarious, and also we"ve gathered the really best of them below.

over there were numerous occasions in the collection where Aang acted favor a villain rather than a hero. However, all those occasions it seems to be ~ minuscule compared to the ramifications of this meme.

In a little bit of dark comedy, the snapshot here cases that the small girl gained the aid of the Fire nation when she wasn"t allowed to clock Avatar by her parents. That knew the Fire country was something of one on-demand service?

part fans take to checking out extended media like comics to obtain answers to questions left in the series. In this case, this meme can be the best suggest of reference as it says that the Fire nation has been erroneously accused, for the most part.

Due come the diversity of memes always blaming the Fire nation for one point or another, the team itself has come out and also put an end to the rumors by clarifying that they want no component in the nonsense unless it"s certain necessary. The looks prefer these guys were misunderstood after ~ all.

mixing fandoms with each other has constantly been a favorite pastime. And also yet, this is one that is much more of a parody than a potential crossover. The idea here is that the Fire country became so powerful that not also Harry Potter could stop them.

It looks like bad Hogwarts might not be that magical place every son wants to walk to, seeing together the Fire nation decided to walk ahead and also invade. Understanding JK Rowling"s habit of transforming canon, this meme can even become true for all anyone knows.

7 no Mulan Too!

One might make up any kind of kind of fan art but this one"s simplicity is such that it eclipses many others in that is comedy. Here, the famous song native Mulan is presented in such a means that it shows up as if the Fire nation really go attack.

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The conclusion the the song saw the heroes showing up at complete destruction, and also all it took to change the context was that famed phrase. Honestly, if the picture was plainly a joke, this would be one cool crossover.

It"s not easy to put Iron man at a loss for words, however it seems the Fire country meme have the right to beat pretty lot anything. As confirmed here, even the exchange in between Loki and also Iron male is calculation moot by this straightforward statement.

There"s not lot to argue around either, seeing together the line integrates for this reason well the it appears as if the paper definition of the conversation to be always about the Fire Nation. Looks choose these men are a bigger threat than Thanos or Loki.

5 The Fire country Are Jerks

structure on the allude that this meme functions in whatever case it is used in, here"s one where the creator of the picture blames the Fire nation for their ruined breakfast. Follow to them, the Fire country burned your perfectly tasty food.

While it"s no doubt a cheesy meme, that does do one chuckle since the "attack" in question have the right to be attributed come the Fire Nation. It appears they"ve gained so petty the people"s food is now in danger.

Memes deserve to be both funny and also instrumental in changing one"s opinion. In this one, it makes it come across as if the Fire nation might not be for this reason bad. Firstly, the idea is that the Water nation guys merely took out their Uno reverse cards and undid the Fire country attack.

3 Plain and Simple

as soon as a meme has actually been excellent to death, the basic ones end up being much funnier. This is just one of them, as the hoax is straightforward to understand. The creator that the meme insurance claims that the Fire nation became so powerful that lock even attacked in the genuine world.

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It sounds much more like one excuse because that this human being losing attention in watching Avatar, although pan of the series can"t controversy much due to the fact that the person has actually invoked their favorite meme versus them.

While most viewers remain busy arguing about the numerous fight assignment in the series, there space others who just admire the characters, supposedly to the point where they might be emerging a little bit of a crush!

In this context, being attacked means being hit right in the feels as the creator the this meme seems to have fallen head end heels as quickly as castle laid eyes on these Fire country fellows, and also even prefers them to the real-life variety.

1 That"s just how You education Aang

due to the fact that he was nothing an ext than a preteen as soon as he was frozen away, Aang solid knew anything about the people when he to be freed. Some fans seem to it is in irked through his ignorance, though, through one fan pointing out exactly how he can"t also do straightforward economics.

However, one more fan has actually made this meme to absolve Aang of any ridicule, and what better way than placing the reprimand on the Fire nation once more? It simply goes to present how this meme deserve to bail anyone out, together invoking this statement instantly shifts the emphasis from Aang"s shortcomings.

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