CBS's "Survivor" ends the 32nd season Wednesday, might 18 with four finalists vying for the $1 million cool prize in a Cambodia-set season that pitted brains versus brawn against beauty. The "Survivor" finale begin starts in ~ 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST on CBS. The is two hours and also will be complied with by an hour-long "Survivor" reunion show.

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You can additionally watch the "Survivor" finale online via CBS every Access, the pay subscription service that prices $5.99 a month (although you can try a week because that free).

Among the 4 finalists that "Survivor: Kaoh Rong" is Michele Fitzgerald, a Montclair State college graduate from Freehold who would be the very first New Jersey winner due to the fact that Jersey City cop Tony Vlachos won the title in 2014.

The winner that season 32 of "Survivor" will be named Wednesday night top top CBS. There is a two-hour finale start at 8 p.m., complied with by one hour-long reunion special at 10 p.m., and also host Jeff Probst announces the winner of the $1 million cool prize in the opened moments of the reunion special.

The contestants were initially separation into three groups by their principal attribute -- brain (Chan Loh), beauty beauty (Gondol) or brawn (To Tang). The 4 finalists room Michele, a 24-year-old former travel agent and also adrenaline junkie from Freehold from Gondol; Tai Trang, a 51-year-old gardener from san Francisco additionally on Gondol; Cydney Gillon, a 23-year-old bodybuilder from Douglasville, Ga., from To Tang; and Aubry Bracco, a 29-year-old marketer indigenous Cambridge, Mass., on Chan Loh.

None of the four finalists began off as particularly strong contenders, which might be why this season has actually been dinged because that being a little bit dull -- that, and also the reality that so countless contestants had to be median evacuated, including poor Joe Del Campo, the show's second oldest contestant ever, who gained sick on the beef satay he won in a difficulty and whose resulting gastric distress required him to drop out.

Though the sweet-natured Tai (Team Beauty) is a large favorite amongst viewers, he's top top the outs through the three other finalists and may be voted the end in the first hour the the finale, which pipeline the ar open because that the strategy Aubry (Team Brains) to win. But if Tai wins immune or Aubry it s okay voted the end of the last four, it's a toss-up regarding who will be the sole Survivor. Unlike past seasons where there's a clean goat -- someone so disliked they would be basic to win -- at the end, with Joe gone the no longer shows up to it is in the case.

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