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You are watching: When i kissed the teacher lyrics mamma mia College, Oxford University, 1979 — this is whereby we first meet a young Donna (Lily James), the character originally played by Meryl Streep in 2008’s Mamma Mia! In the film Mamma Mia! here We walk Again, Donna strides down the aisle of she graduation ceremony in yellow platform boots, strips off she graduation robe, and launches right into a riotously fun rendition of “When i Kissed the Teacher” that spills out into the highways of Oxford.

The number is a colorful, energetic means to kick off a sequel that was 10 year in the make (an idea producer Judy Craymer claims was “always in the hemisphere”). Here we Go Again flits ago and forth in between the past, where we follow a young Donna (and the Dynamos, Tanya and Rosie) as she meets (and hooks up with) all 3 of Sophie’s potential fathers, and also the present day, whereby Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) tries come honor she mother’s legacy by opening a hotel while dealing with her own pregnancy.

Not only does “When ns Kissed the Teacher” open the film, it also significant the start of shooting for the sequel. “I believed if we just went for it and also if we nailed it, it would collection the tone because that what us were walking to execute from then on,” manager Ol Parker tells

“We to be like, ‘How exciting, we acquire to develop these relationship as Dynamos and form this bond of sisterhood through our rehearsal process,’” add to Jessica Keenan Wynn, who plays young Tanya in the film. “Then on work one when we arrived, that was just the most enormous undertaking. Over there were numerous extras and ensemble dance members, three various cameras coming in at you, and then we had actually to re-block it.… It to be a huge endeavor, but being thrown right into the deep finish is the best means to begin the totality process, due to the fact that it was quite an easy ride ~ that.”

Below, the film’s cast and also members pour out the details on the mindful planning, ingenuity, and disco magic the takes to bring this ABBA song to life on the big screen.

OL PARKER (director): I wanted to show young Donna together iconoclastic, ready to break conventions and be a absent chick. The funniest point would it is in to put her in the stuffiest possible surrounding and then have her shake that up.… was originally “Super Trouper,” so as soon as they sing it in the very first movie, it’s favor a call back to their youth.

JUDY CRAYMER (producer): I visited Sweden to accomplish with Benny and also Björn . It to be the same setup in ~ Oxford, and Bjorn went, “What around ‘When ns Kissed the Teacher’?” There’s a feeling of irony and wit in the lyrics, and it’s such a high-energy number, the was it. That’s how it found its space as the first song.

PARKER: I the an initial track to it is in something There space so countless other brilliant song in the ABBA canon, I want to create from the start we weren’t simply going to replay every the best hits. <“Super Trouper”> didn’t seem come announce the sequel as a sequel; it seemed prefer a retread quite than a sequel.

CRAYMER: That moment had actually to set up for this reason many facets — she to be leaving university, her friendship v Tanya and Rosie, the fact she to be slightly anarchic and also a little bit of a minx — and also this tune did it. We readjusted the text slightly. Because in the song written by ABBA in the ’70s, it was obviously a masculine teacher, and the evil chancellor is a woman, play by Celia Imre, which we believed was part of Mamma Mia, the entirety blend of empowerment and fun.

PARKER: Sometimes you hear to the lyrics and also that will dictate wherein you put it, to a degree, and you’re trying to write towards it, as it were. And also some songs you write yourself into a place and you go, “Now what track would to the right there?” In this case, that was “When ns Kissed the Teacher.” You can have she kissing Celia Imre, i beg your pardon is constantly a pleasure, but additionally it’s a banging track.

ANTHONY valve LAAST (choreographer): I didn’t desire to do it cute, due to the fact that Donna is a strong woman. I want to provide it a actual strength of movement and show miscellaneous a tiny bit anarchic with the three girls a unit.

ROBERT D. YEOMAN (cinematographer): It to be shot at Oxford at . It had really dark wood and an old English feeling to it. We wanted to give it part life, so us put large lights outside the stained glass windows and also shined them through to offer the feeling of the direction of sunlight coming through.

PARKER: the was the many fabulously pompous ar we could find. In a an excellent way. Fabulously learned and also impressive. The was every the funnier because that Lily to rip off she costume and go because that it.

JESSICA KEENAN wynn (young Tanya): I felt choose English royalty. I felt like I to be a guest in someone’s castle. To be in a ar of so lot wisdom and background was exceptional and an honor.

YEOMAN: We wanted to offer it a details amount the energy.… that wasn’t a proscenium type of point where you simply lock the camera down and also let them do their thing. We want to be really active with the camera and also move very quickly, since they’re moving around an extremely quickly. Do the efforts to follow the action and save the power going as much as possible.

CRAYMER: was setting the tone for those women and also where they were going come go. Oxford could allow Ol to lug all that into that song.

Donna, Tanya, and Rosie (Alexa Davies) strip off your graduation robes to disclose their Donna and the Dynamos getups, consisting of platform boots and also bell-bottoms.

WYNN: You feel tall, regal, and also secure because the boots were custom-made for us. As soon as we acquired them in rehearsal, us felt choose we finally interpreted what the Dynamos were.

CRAYMER: Those costumes are, in theory, cut out that the curtains of your rooms. That’s exactly how they would’ve made their funny clothes. They would have reduced stuff the end of the sofa and also stuck them on your jeans. The feather boa is expected to it is in a bit of a shaggy rug they’ve torn up and put roughly their necks.

WYNN: The tiny elements of having star patches on the boots and throughout our costumes, I thought that to be a quite nod to almost a David Bowie aspect we took right into it. In the dorm room, Tanya has actually a massive poster that David Bowie. If girlfriend look nearby enough, you have the right to see our curtains, in the edge — they’ve all been reduced up, i m sorry is a cute small addition.

CRAYMER: That’s ABBA’s Bjorn as among the professors. The heat behind in the red robes are all previous Mamma Mia phase actors. There’s several of the initial cast, and cast end the critical 20 years.

VAN LAAST: It was like a vast reunion. The great thing around Mamma Mia is we’re choose a family. They came with great spirit and unbelievably supportive. It to be the first thing we filmed.

CRAYMER: They sat there an extremely patiently for three days. It also gave Ol something extra-special. Due to the fact that it wasn’t a just crowd scene. They are already accomplished actors the were yes, really happy to carry out this because they to be in Mamma Mia and part of the alumni.

PARKER: Bjorn to be baffled by how long it all took and also how boring the was.… There was something worrying to me around having a celebrity cameo in ~ the very first three minute of the film. However it simply seemed the right ar for him, and also he was an extremely funny. Us shot outtakes of that dancing on stage with the feather boa.

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WYNN: There was so much electrical energy in the room — to begin off having actually these previous castmates over there to lead us right into the sequel. It was nearly like a baton pass. It to be a endowment to be in their presence and also to execute for world that have actually been connected with this music from its incarnation.