What we See depends On What us Look For: quite a basic one isn’t it? We room what we see and we always get to check out what we emphasis on. It virtually draws a parallel v the quote – whether you think you deserve to or not, you space right. In this article, I’d like to talk around the strength of focus and also the should concentrate ~ above possibilities fairly than fear.

The main theme of an inspiration for this post is -Fear pressures us to think around desperation whereas a dream asks united state to it is in inspired. It draws beautiful energy from within which is around passion, joy and desire to perform something whereas are afraid can periodically push friend into preventing circumstances quite than creating some adventurous ones.

What we see relies on what us look for meaning

It is really interesting to draw a parallel between the different quotes. Yet they space all trying come say the same thing. Our focus has a many power to define our plot – what we see relies on what us look for.

What we see is what us look for – man Lubbock

It reminds me of an old adage where a young guy asks a way one regarding why over there is so lot misery in this world and his answer was as basic as – due to the fact that that is what you space trying to see. If girlfriend turned around and looked in ~ the happy people, her perception would certainly be different. The doesn’t median that we revolve a blind eye to things that are not great. But, it means that us take it all through a pinch the salt.

Although the quote sounds an extremely philosophical, ns would rather argue around its handy aspect. Drawing from my experiences as a student, a teacher, an business man and also an engineer and also maybe occasionally as a friend too, I have actually wondered whereby our natural emphasis lies.

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Focus top top the constraints

As a student v a couple of days for the exam, I offered to fret about all the things I didn’t know and was worried if they would certainly be doubted in the exam. As an engineer, ~ above every client call of mine, I offered to fret if castle asked me about things ns did no know. Together a teacher, as soon as I was on the stage, I offered to wonder what would happen if the students walk not choose me. And so on. Ns guess the suffer still continues to be as fresh together it was yesterday.

But one thing is true, each time I organized my emphasis on this, ns was therefore conscious around the mishap happening that I almost ensured each time that it really happened. Ns guess us all are cautious as people and also we perform not like to make any kind of mistakes. And also it for this reason happens that this consciousness sometimes overtakes us and also all we deserve to think about is the mistake or the fear. And also sometimes the are afraid gets the much better off us.

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It comes ago to the statement about – what we see relies on what we look for. If we look for factors why we can feel powerful and confident, it alters our approach.

It will certainly be a lousy explanation if I start talking about focus to neglect the problems about us. However we can not let fear alone overtake us completely and make united state feel numb and also powerless. It demands to be a same balance.

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What we see: What is the function of fear?

It provides us think about the worst the the situations and true sufficient the chances of the happening are an ext when we focus an ext on it. Some may argue that this are afraid is helping united state prepare because that the worst situation. I completely agree with you. Are afraid is a really good thing, yet truth is that it is a very very an excellent servant.

Purpose of Fear

But as a master, it has actually its own method of screwing our resides up completely. I am not suggesting to live in denial, yet I am certainly saying being conscious of our choices and being mindful of ours focus.

If we space focusing and viewing only on the things we are afraid that – the is a really bad subset to focus energies on. At the end of this tunnel, we don’t see any kind of light, but more limitations to hold us earlier and make us feel miserable.

The purpose of fear is to show us awareness and highlight what we miss out on seeing in the human being of optimism. But what we see counts on what us look for: If us look for just fear, that will certainly be our entire truth/perception. Is that real?

What us look for: emphasis on the positives

You shouldn’t focus on why girlfriend can’t do something, i m sorry is what most civilization do – Steve Case, Startup Quotes

If we have a higher chance in ~ success by concentrating on the positives, then why not create it together a habit rather of responding come our cultural training the guilt and also feeling bad around it. People don’t have actually much time for sympathy in this world. Results matter here and we can get there better and much faster the minute we start concentrating on remedies than problems and also the negativity approximately us.

There is a reason that these positive quotes sustain and also this an extremely well can be one. This is our day-to-day quote because that the work – Be careful what you emphasis on, that might an extremely well be your following reality!