What We do In The Shadows Soundtrack perform (2015) finish tracklist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer, who sings them, soundtrack details and also the whole music playlist of the album.Have a look below to check out the official soundtrack list for the 2014 comedy movie, What We carry out In The Shadows, consisting of scene descriptions and also name that the songs played in trailers and movie

Film’s music by miscellaneous artists. Soundtrack album tracklist

1. Reflect Scatter – Module

2. I Love La – Printz Board

3. Gloria Rv 589 – Antonio Vivaldi

4. Shvartze Flamen, Vayser Fayr – black Ox Orkestar

The vampires room sad around Stu’s dead. Nick is in ~ the bar.

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5. You’re Dead – Norma Tanega

Playing in ~ the second opening credits, as soon as the vampires are cleaning and doing chores approximately the flat.Vladislav, Viago and also Deacon talk about being a vampire.

6. The Captain – The Phoenix Foundation

They Deacon is talking through Jackie in the bar where they were dancing and also tell she to bring an ext people.

7. Cuius Anima Gementum – C. Pergolesi

8. Alagyaz Khumki Tsar – Komitas Vardabet

Viago offer to the guest food from cans at the dinner, and then Deacon speak them they’re worms.

9. Skocne – black color Ox Orkestar

When talking about the inconvenient of gift a vampire which is to drink blood.Two vampire girl capture a boy and also drink his blood.

10. Enchanted castle – Beatbox manufacturing Music

11. Svatovsko Kolo – The Bosnian Muslims

The male guest runs about the house and also tries come escape, however the vampires keep showing up.

12. Lal Mori pat – Igbal Jogi & His Party

13. New High & Ord – silver Daggers

The vampires discover out the Nick called a vampire hunter that is a vampire. Deacon is chasing him around the house.

14. El Condor Pasa – Daniel Alomia Robles

15. Nebuchadnezzar’s ripe Wives – Niko Ne Zna

16. Hypercube – Orchestra the Spheres

Stu is talking v the zombie top top the bench, the vampires are asking Nick if they have the right to kill Stu because that Pauline.

17. Don’t Look at Me – Printz Board

18. Sex Meat – Lawrence Arabia

19. Leave The Door wide Open – No

20. Magic – Dave Dobbyn

21. One more Life – No

The vampires, Nick and his friend, Stu, decision to walk to Boogie wonderland.

22. Om Bop Diddy – Printz Board

23. Nign – black Ox Orkestar

When Nick is telling his girlfriend Stu the he is a vampire.Later when Nick is leaving through Stu after ~ the trial.

24. Largo – Antonio Vivaldi

25. Fez – Niko Ne Zna

26. Exotica – Pepe Jaramillo

27. Red Rubicon – Cloudboy

28. Ласточка – Leningrad

End credits songs.

29. Dragon man – Lawrence Arabia

30. Taku Reo – Lawrence Arabia

31. Happiness – silver- Daggers

32. Run Of Maria – Elias Rahbani

Stu is talking v a girl, at the bar.

33. The Werewolf – Luke Buda

34. Plan 9 initial Music – arrangement 9


extr film music – songs that room not contained in the official soundtrack list,but space playing in the movie.

1. No are afraid – Acquaviva & Leutzenkirchen

Opening credits song.

2. Jene Sais Pa Pa 1921 – bother Raderman’s Jazz Orchestra

When Jackie brings her ex-boyfriend and a girl as victims to the vampires’ dinner. Viago dram this song.

3. Vivaldi: Gloria – Gloria in Excelsis Deo – man Eliot Gardiner

When the vampires talk about how great Stu is. Stu is installing a tv, teaching Viago martial arts.

4. Vivaldi: Cum Sancto Spiritu – Cum Sancto Spiritu – man Eliot Gardiner

Stu is teaching the vampires around telephones and new technologies. Vladislau is taking a many selfies.

5. Magic What She perform – DD smash

Nick walk around and also telling everyone he is a vampire, when the other tell him come stop.Scares the cashier v his vampire face.

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6. Critical Night (Instrumental version) – Party youngsters Biz

First song playing in ~ the Masquerade ball.

We perform In The Shadows Soundtrack (Score) relax date: February 13, 2015We carry out In The Shadows Movie release date: February 13, 2015

Trailer songs (full tracks) Niko Ne Zna – Nebuchadnezzar’s nine Wives Leningrad – Lastochka