Soldiers, explorers and also even a pope (Pius XII) brought a i know good flask – the last “for clinical reasons”. It’s a traditional men’s accessory, but it absolutely has the DOs and DON’Ts. The Gentleman’s Gazette ready this little guide to aid you manage this classic accessory through care.

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Hip flasks, also known just as a flask, is a container especially designed to hold a section of hard liquor that is carried in a pocket.O.O. McIntyre, a Washington Herald columnist, wrote in 1920:

And then the party started/And there to be ten flasks

Removed from the hip/In that many seconds

And the way they drank it/One would get the idea

That this to be a totally free country

While it may be a symbol of freedom, the flask most definitely has a time and a place. Us will explore the background of the flask, buying and caring for a flask, and also flask etiquette.

History the the i know good Flask


Not therefore good: the hip pocket proper

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But stainless steel, v a good mix of hygiene, price, and resistance come deformation, is the material of an option for hip flasks. Many come with a captive top, a small arm (also referred to as a bayonet cap) attached to the height cap to avoid it from getting lost. Some are partially or totally covered through leather or a product resembling it, which may or no be removed for cleaning.

Talking around it, you might – actually, friend should – clean her flask externally and internally with dishwashing liquid, but not through soap: it leaves residues that will alter the liquor. Rinse that well and also let that air dry.

Some flasks come through a tiny funnel the the same material to assist to to fill the flask up without spilling the priceless spirit. Castle may also be purchased separately and I strongly recommend you to have actually one.


As come size, you may find a shot-sized flask approximately a huge one that may organize 1,89 liters. However, the traditional is 8 oz, i beg your pardon is just over 5 shots of tough alcohol.

Fill her Flask

What have to you placed in it? The professionals are unanimous: hard liquor only, which method 80 proof and above. Whiskey, bourbon, rum, gin, brandy (Cognac, Armagnac) space fine. Reduced alcohol beverages such together beer or wine don’t store well in a flask, nor carry out cocktails, cream liqueurs, or citrus-based liquids. Castle will compromise or mix badly through the flask material, and also some may even damage it. Flavored alcohol will not remain fresh, either. Harbor wine is a possible exception to the 80-proof rule, specifically if you setup to exhilaration a cigar v it.

By the way, the ideal companion because that a i know good flask is – for those who gain a smoke – a cigar case. A great sip without a cigar will be a half pleasure, other to be avoided, specifically in a nice and relaxing location such together the hill you have just dominated after a daunting path, looking in ~ a an excellent and clear landscape. Simply be certain to bring stogies (plural, if you room with friends) that space compatible in strength and also flavor with the heart in the flask.


How lengthy may you store the spirit in a flask? You have to not leave it for longer than a week, as an top limit; ideally, you should bring your day’s quota and drink it on the exact same day. Part say the anything over three days will certainly make the beverage get a metallic taste indigenous the flask. If you execute not plan to drink the flask contents promptly, transport it come a glass container. Also, put the flask through alcohol in a cool and dark place; this might slow the breakthrough of the metallic taste.

Flask Etiquette

The reality of flask etiquette is the there space very couple of scenarios in which that is ideal to carry and drink native a flask. Just consider how flasks are depicted on TV: they are virtually always offered by a character that is reliably inappropriate, regularly drunk, or disrespectful of society norms. There simply aren’t many social instances in i beg your pardon bringing your own supply that liquor is urged or acceptable. Furthermore, the “need” to lug a flask means that the script is one in which friend shouldn’t be drinking.

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Our advice is to select carefully as soon as you carry and also drink indigenous a flask.

Here are a couple of flask Dos and DON’Ts:

DO be mindful that despite Prohibition is long gone, plenty of states have open container legislations that prohibit bottles, cans, and also flasks with a damaged seal or that have been previously opened from being carried in public (aside indigenous a auto trunk). Examine your neighborhood laws.DON’T attempt take a fill flask on an airplane, as they won’t let in external alcohol nor will it pass the TSADON’T bring a flask purely v the will to get drunk; that’s no gentlemanly anywhereDO psychic to offer your friend a sip from your flask as soon as it’s openDO be all set to suffer some judgment from the people around youDON’T carry much more liquor 보다 you deserve to consume there is no embarrassing yourselfDO setup a safe ride homeDON’T make delivering a flask come to be your an individual hallmark; carry it sparingly


One of the all-time favorite gent’s accessories, the popularity of the i know good flask mirrors no sign of abating. Girlfriend will find a good number of choices on part websites, such as in this good article by The Independent, here, or in ~ What around you? i m sorry hip flask format suits friend best?