This is a overview to agriculture Giant old Cores, a product in The Legend the Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn the fastest method to gain Giant ancient Cores, that buy and also sell prices, and what you have the right to do with this item.

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Giant ancient Core basic Info


Giant ancient Core Item type
A giant power crystal made using lost ancient technology. Cores this huge are an extremely rare find. A researcher would most likely know exactly how to use this.

Giant ancient Core buy Prices

purchase Price

What To do With Giant ancient Cores

Sell for Rupees

Giant old Core can be sold for 200 Rupees. However, we recommend looking into other provides instead.

Item offer Price
Giant old Core 200

Use It because that Cooking

Giant ancient Core have the right to be offered to whip increase the complying with recipes and elixirs.

There room no entries for this item.

Use It because that Armor Upgrades

Giant old Core can be supplied to update the adhering to armor through great Fairies.

Ancient CuirassAncient GreavesAncient Helm

Purchase Items from the Akalla ancient Tech Lab

Giant ancient Cores are also used to purchase the complying with items indigenous the Akalla ancient Tech Lab.

Ancient Bladesaw(×1)Ancient Bow(×1)Ancient Shield(×1)

Where to acquire Giant old Cores

Giant old Cores can be uncovered in chests in the overworld or periodically in Shrines.

You can additionally get them as rare drops indigenous the adhering to enemies:

Giant old Core Locations and Sources

resources to reduce By
Monster Drop
Guardian TurretGuardian SkywatcherGuardian Stalker

Methods of farming Giant old Cores

The fastest method to discover Giant ancient Cores is to seek out Guardian Stalkers and get them together drops. This are few of the strongest adversaries in the game so you need to prepare a most food and wear solid armor if you"re seeking castle out.

Although girlfriend can find Guardian practically all end Hyrule, there are two areas where girlfriend can discover a many them: Hyrule Field and around Hyrule Castle. Friend can likewise find two roaming Torin Wetland west that Tarrey Town.

Here room some methods and also tips to farm yard Giant ancient Cores indigenous Guardian Stalkers:

Deflect Guardian Stalker Attacks

It is possible to defeat Guardian Stalkers early in the video game by parrying their lasers earlier at them, despite this takes some practice.

This an approach requires a shield. You have the right to use any type of shield, also the Pot Lid, however it"s finest to usage tougher ones do of metal so the the laser doesn"t instantly damage it simply in situation you miss out on the parry.

When you uncover a Stalker, they will certainly aim in ~ you through their lazer.

Once you uncover a Stalker, they will begin aiming at you through their laser. Organize your shield come block and also take note of the ticking sound lock make. Guardians fire their laser when they stop making your ticking sound

As soon as you watch the Guardian Stalker fire that laser, press the X button to direction the attack with your shield. The timing for the deflection is crucial as the home window of possibility to deflect the strike is an extremely tight. It takes two to 3 laser deflects to lug down a Guardian Stalker.

Fight Guardians up Close


You can likewise engage the Guardian Stalkers up close. This an approach requires girlfriend to have stronger weapons and at least one or an ext upgraded armor. You likewise need a good stock the food and also healing elixirs.

It"s feasible to struggle Guardian Stalkers early on in the game, but you are minimal to weaker tools that might break in much less than 3 hits.

Combat Tips

Guardian Stalkers will walk as much as you at a very close distance, circling you together it charges its laser. It will also ago up quickly if girlfriend run as well close to them. They have the right to only strike you with their laser beam and also they"ll often earlier off a quick distance prior to they fire it at you.

If you"re having actually a challenging time hitting the Guardian, you deserve to use Stasis to freeze them in place. When they"re stunned, easily run to one of its legs and also hit it repeatedly with her weapon.

Breaking your legs boundaries their movement, do them less complicated to chase after. This may additionally cause lock to roll over, exposing a weakspot the you have the right to attack. It"s also possible to destroy all of their legs, rendering them fully immobile.

Fighting indigenous a Distance


You can additionally engage Guardian Stalkers at variety by targeting your eye. A effective hit constantly stuns the Guardian because that a couple of seconds, permitting you to fire an additional arrow quickly.

This requires a little bit of practice as the eye is a rather tiny target. Because that this method, it"s finest to use a bow that have the right to fire lot of arrows in one shooting to rise your chances of hitting the eye.

Fighting Guardians at range isn"t the best an approach for farming Giant old Cores in the early game. Once you have actually a stronger bow or more powerful arrows, it i do not care a safer method to engage and also farm Guardian Stalkers indigenous a safe distance.

Giant ancient Core farming Tips

Use the grasp Sword

The grasp Sword go extra damage against Guardian-type opponents and, unlike various other weapons, only demands to recharge instead of breaking. If powered as much as its complete potential with the understand Trials DLC, the grasp Sword is the finest weapon to usage for agriculture Guardians!

Shields and Durability

The Guardian Stalker"s laser strike can conveniently whittle down the to trust of lesser shields. Ancient Shields and also the Hylian Shield can withstand your lasers because that longer but will still ultimately break.

Fortunately, shields don"t take it durability damages when friend deflect their laser beam.

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Giant old Core autumn Rates

The drop rate on Giant ancient Cores are quite low. Saving just prior to you"re around to loss a Guardian enables you come relead the video game over and also over again till it autumn a Giant ancient Core.

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