(What has actually Been Seen) cannot Be Unseen is an net axiom which states that one literally cannot remove the mental picture that becomes component of the storage after looking at a disturbing photograph or a video. The phrase is frequently used together incredulous reaction come a shock web page or a surprising revelation of anomalies in an unsuspecting image, similar to the usage of the phrase "when you check out it, you"ll shat brix."


The vividness of psychological images<17> in human mind has been studied by thinkers for centuries. While it is likely similar notions<6> about our intuitive memory had actually been do before, the faster known intake of the expression "cannot it is in unseen" ~ above the web can be found in an motivating quote by Canadian cartoonist David Sim<14>, i m sorry read:

"Once a profound reality has been seen, it cannot be "unseen"."

Sim"s quote to be cited in a number of blog posts<15> and also essays throughout the early on 2000s. However, its first iteration in the context of describing a traumatic experience deserve to be attributed come a an individual blog post about Goatse title "Some Images, once Seen, cannot Be Unseen,"<16> composed by Joey devIlla ~ above December 15th, 2004.

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Beginning in 2004, the phrase soon became connected with one"s reaction to seeing shock sites the were trending at the time. ~ above November 3rd, 2005, the phrase appeared in a tribe Magazine forums<4> object in relenten the well known Tubgirl. Top top September 24th, 2006, the phrase appeared in an eBaum"s people forum<5> subject in which the OP asked various other users to share some disturbing pictures that can not be erased from your memories. The consumption of the phrase became increasingly common in 2007<13>, fueled by the production of a demotivational poster special a picture of a wide-eyed cat and the expression in caption.


On September 17th, 2007, the was stated in an inCrysis gaming forum<1> object to define one"s an initial impression that 4chan. Later on that same month, the phrase re-appeared on Neatorama as a comment<2> in reference to the Tubgirl and also in October 2007, the adage was brought up top top the net humor blog Blame that on the Voices.<3> The single topic blog Can"t be Unseen<7> to be registered in September 2009, which focused on curating pairs of juxtapositional images to lug out a architecture flaw or a concealed imagery.

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In 2010, numerous blogs began using the expression as a tag for visually to mark or odd photos including the everyday What<8>, Geekologie<9> and also Blame it On The Voices,<10> not to mention the tag #cannot be unseen on Tumblr.<11> In 2011, Buzzfeed<12> also highlighted a collection of pictures with the description "cannot be unseen."