Salice rose is an American society media influencer. Salice increased is hugely famous on Instagram through over 11 million followers. She is also much more popular for her videos fairly than the photos on miscellaneous platforms.

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Table the Biography

Early Life and also Childhood

Salice rose was born on November 20, 1994, and she is currently 26 year old. She hails indigenous California and also her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Talking around her family, she is that Peruvian descent. Likewise, she has two brothers and also a sister called Ashley. Various other than this, over there is no information concerning her parents.

She is likewise popular by her nicknames Salsa Roja and Popeyes Queen. Moreover, she is bilingual. Return she supplies English as the key medium of communication with her followers, she is well conversant in Spanish also.


Caption: Salice Rose and also her grandfather recorded during your ‘teaching English to grandfather’ session. Source: Instagram

Career and Professional Life

Professionally, Salice climbed is a social media personality. She is more popular together an Instagram personality. Also, she is far better known because that her video clip content quite than her pictures. She has earned end 11 million Instagram followers. She dances and also sings to do her allude and also does a little of acting once she defines some communication with others. She mixes up she talks, dancing, and also singing with background music to do her videos extremely entertaining.

Prior to her web fame, she posted her an initial pictures to she
salicerose Instagram account in respectable of 2013. Likewise, she post a comedic dance video clip with the inscription “How it feels to take her braids out” in September 2018. Moreover, Salice is a pan of R&B singer Trey Songz.

Furthermore, she is an web sensation famous for she comedic videos and lifestyle posts across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and also more. She increased to popularity by share her personal life with fans v social media.

Many of she videos have become an extremely popular because many youngsters can relate come what she was talking around and felt she had actually the same problems that castle had. The solutions and friendly advice she uses made lock feel the she is one human being who understands their problems. During the center of 2015, She witnessed a huge increase in she popularity when My Story became obtainable on Snapchat.


Caption: Salice Rose showing up on the cover of way of life magazine in 2020. Source: Instagram

More Details

She has been energetic on society media for countless years. Though her tik account has actually millions that followers, she is recognized for sharing she life ~ above the internet through YouTube, Instagram, and now the video-sharing platform TikTok. She began her Instagram account in 2013 and has due to the fact that grown the account into one of her main social media accounts with numerous followers.

On YouTube, she shares vlogs of she life through her millions of followers. She has also been open around her struggles with her mental health and also depression. In 2019, she post a vulnerable video clip talking about just exactly how much she struggled in the past year.

She also revealed in a video that she make the efforts to end her own life in 2019. She to be also mentally unstable and also weak. However, she didn’t open up up about what motivated her or caused her to obtain to that point. Nevertheless, she wanted to share her story in situation others were emotion the same.

On her Instagram account, she articles a selection of photos and videos, consisting of mirror shots, modeling shots, videos from she day, and also more. She also promotes apparel, such together T-shirts, hoodies, and also other apparel for part companies. At one point in time, she advocated waist training commodities on she Instagram handle. These pictures were later on deleted since of controversies regarding waist training.

Relationship Status

In December 2019, Salice climbed came out as a bisexual. At present, she is romantically involved with Brilynn Ford. Brilynn is likewise a Youtuber. She introduced her girlfriend in a 2019 video clip with the caption, “The wait is over. I’m shaking i’m so nervous. You guys…..MEET my GIRLFRIEND!”

Prior come this, she had constantly been private about her love life and her relationships. She likewise had never presented anyone she date to she social media fans to this point.

However, at that exact same time, she ex-lover, Chas F, started his very own YouTube channel and also made claims around their relationship. The told the web that she was emotionally and verbally abusive. Chas additionally said the Salice didn’t let her have any kind of other jobs since she didn’t want her to it is in too much from her.

She comment to this allegation within an hour and also a half video refuting the claims. In the video, she said: “A post to my ex: ns hope lie on my name anywhere social media made friend happy. I hope you got all the fame you wanted. Since of YOU, ns in waves of depression. Friend spoke, my turn.”

Body Measurements

Caption: Salice climbed posing because that a photo. Source: Instagram

Social Media and Net Worth

Talking about her social media presence, Salice climbed joined Twitter in march 2016 and so far has end 285.7K followers on she
salice_roseee account. Similarly, she has shared 3917 posts and also earned over 11.5 million followers on her
salicerose Instagram account.

She additionally has an account on Facebook. She has more than 2.47 million civilization following her trip on this platform because April 27, 2017. She then developed her Youtube channel on march 21, 2014. For this reason far, this channel has actually earned end 68.9 million views and much more than 2.16 million subscribers on she “Salice Rose” channel.

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She additionally has another Youtube channel called “Salice climbed Videos”. This channel has actually 155K subscribers and also over 3 million views because July 18, 2016. We can also contact her at  for company inquiries.6 moving on, She has actually a net worth estimate of around $5 million dollars.