Don"t friend love gravity Falls? Well discover out which personality you space here. There space twenty concerns you have to answer if you desire to discover out which character you are.

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The characters are Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Zues, Wendy, Robbie,, Pacifica, Candy, Grenada, or Gideon. I beg your pardon Gravity falls character is your favorite? execute you think you are prefer them.

Created by: Kooleo2000

What is your age? Under 18 year Old 18 come 24 year Old 25 come 30 years Old 31 to 40 years Old 41 come 50 years Old 51 come 60 year Old over 60 year OldWhat is her gender? male FemaleWhat is her favorite snack? Ice-cream smile dip simply a common bag the chips eye cones Cherry pieWhat do civilization think as soon as when they watch you? much better listen come me! lock think that the an enig Shack every my coolness my cuteness They always ask if I have actually a cold WhateverDo you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? correct No I supplied toWhat carry out other world think about you? Fat, greedy, old Silly, goofy, fun Serious, smart Weird, different, outcast Ms. Popularity, bossy, spoiled Insane, stuck-up, anger administration issuesHow would certainly you feeling if one avocado was thrown in ~ you? What? ns guess I would say "who threw this?" YAY! AVOCADO!!!!! Dude, i love avocados i can provide this to my girlfriend/boyfriend on our one month anniversary Hmmmmm... I can do a pair things with this. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *starts to cough*Which is your favorite word? Dude Beep Wendy close up door up, Robbie Money NorthwestSay something that you claimed in the previous year. "I"m serious. Yum, yum, yum. Serious." "Let"s just light this sucker up." "I"m i m really sorry to rest it to you, but Pioneer job is for serious people only, and you look and also act ridiculous." "I might or might not sneak up here throughout work all the moment everyday." "Just take it down a notch captain buzz kill." "Yes, correctly! In your challenge Elizibeth. It"s just like my life, in a way."Who execute you think is most like you? Dipper or Mabel Grunkle Stan or Zeus Wendy or Robbie Pacifica or Gideon Grenada or CandyYou watch a man getting chased through a lion. What execute you do. to speak "Dude, that man is obtaining chased by a lion, somebody, aid him!" go to the lion and also beat the lion increase by making use of strength. Use among Gravity Fall"s magic strength to damage the lion, than my enemies. Take part meat and throw it in ~ the lion. Climate the lion would eat the meat and the person would escape. Operation inside because that safety. Gain a knife and tell the person that the will only kill the lion for $100.Somebody is going up to speak in former of the town on a big screen. You see that they have actually something black on one of their teeth.

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to speak "Dude, girlfriend sorta have something on your tooth." let him go on the huge screen. And also when they room talking say, "Hey look, that boy has black stuff on his tooth." to the audience. Tell all my friends around the black color stuff and then phone call the person "you have actually stuff on her teeth." speak "Hey, kid, you acquired stuff on your tooth."What is the worst point you"ve ever before done. i Trespassed.