As any kind of auto enthusiast will be aware, tright here are many kind of various cars that carry miscellaneous badges.

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These badges are provided to denote different trim and performance variants.

While the “average Joe” could not care for the difference, for those passionate around cars we tfinish to have actually a desire to understand what each and eextremely badge means!

In previous editions of Car Facts we’ve looked at the definition of both GTI and GT once it pertains to cars.

But what does RS stand for on a car? In this short edition of Car Facts we take a look at the term “RS” and also its definition in the automotive industry.

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What Does RS Mean?

RS primarily means “Rally Sport”.

On some cars, it is believed to stand also for “Racing Sport”, yet “Rally Sport” is the most widely welcomed consumption.

Instances of RS vehicles that have credible rally heritage/pedigree incorporate the Ford Escort RS2000, Subaru Legacy RS/RS-B, Mitsubishi Evo IV RS and also Audi RS2.

All three of these examples either had their origins as successful rally cars (in the case of the Ford, Mitsubishi, and also Subaru) or came from a manufacturer with wonderful rally credentials (Audi reinvented rallying in the 1980s through the advancement of their Quattro mechanism, so have eexceptionally appropriate to usage the “Rally Sport” name!)

Subaru Legacy RS showing its true rally form!

RS have the right to additionally stand also for “Racing Sport” (or words to that effect).

In the situation of Porsche, RS stands for “Rennsport” which converts to “racing/motor racing”.

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Much as with GT and GTI badges, RS has actually likewise come to be provided by manufacturers as a “generic” term to represent greater performance and/or remarkable trim automobile variants. Various vehicles in their particular lineups over the years have actually carried the “RS” badge despite not being intfinished for rally or road race consumption.