I have a few of them set up roughly my camp however it doesn't seem come stop any kind of of the cannibals, they simply run right into my camp and start smacking me


Despite the various other comments, they actually do have actually an in-game function beyond decoration. If you light them on fire, cannibals will ago away, some even run turn off in terror. If there is a large group attacking you and also you need some breath room you have the right to light one up and stand near it for protection.

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bullshit. I've obtained lit effigies all roughly the external of my base, the cannibals walk appropriate up to them and also erect their own effigy right next to mine, watched them law it. Assholes. Lit or not, they perform absolutely nothing.

I discover them to be very hit and miss, lighting them on fire periodically makes them not come any closer and sometimes they execute absolutely nothing

Consume resources. The is all.

The ideal defense, various other than building over water is to develop bonfires in a circle approximately your base and also lit them on fire. Ensue girlfriend leave sufficient room come barely do it through and also cannibals will never ever make it.

not. A. Single. God. Damned. Thing.

I acquired bored so supplied modapi + cheatmenu's instabuild to simply litter the area in dozens that effigies, lit those suckers ~ above fire, every the cannibals carry out is stare at them and also then erect their own effigy right alongside mine.

I don't think so. I've heard some civilization say castle work, but even ~ lighting one on fire (I constructed a huge one) it just seemed to do the cannibals more angry. After it was done burn the effigy just disappeared.

I think lock look mildly cool/disturbing, but like other people said they're generally useless. I execute wish if enough are set-up it scared turn off at least weaker cannibals.

In upgrade 0.62 castle fixed worries with the effigees so the they must be LIT prior to they carry out anything. However even then they may scare cannibals away yet they MAY also attarct cannibals as result of the fire chin (which attracts cannibals anyway) and also that you've simply put bits of their mates on there which angers few of them them and can causes them come attack.

I think this is a better way because that them to job-related as in the real world (if us suspend reality for simply a moment :)) a lit effigee of her mates is walk to have actually that impact on a group.

I don't believe effigees have any kind of effect on mutants.

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Nope, they're totally useless. Don't bother through em. Use a bunch that Noose traps, those job-related the best. Have the right to kill cannibals while hanging upside down conveniently from afar through bow, or up close with any kind of of the melee weapons, and sometimes various other cannibals will certainly gather round to complimentary them, and you can gain a bunch pains at as soon as with a molotov or fire arrow, dynamite, explosive, etc.