Pufferfish are one of the funniest-looking mobs in Minecraft. They nothing have countless uses. Yet they can come in comfortable at particular stages of the game.

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Minecraft players who record Pufferfish room usually unsure about what to carry out with them. Players normally store lock in their chests for eternity. But one would be shocked to uncover out how countless uses Pufferfish have.

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What room the uses of pufferfish in Minecraft?

#5 - Feeding wolves

Pufferfish deserve to be provided to feeding wolves in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

In radical Edition, players have the right to use their leftover Pufferfish to feeding their wolf pups. Feeding a Pufferfish to a wolf will heal the animal. However, it will certainly not decrease growing rates for infant wolves.

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#4 - Fish in a bucket

The result of put a Pufferfish in a bucket (Image via Minecraft)

Many players space unaware that they deserve to scoop a Pufferfish into a bucket. Pufferfish will spawn in groups of 1-4 in warm, lukewarm, or deep lukewarm ocean biomes.

A player deserve to swim approximately a Pufferfish and scoop it into a bucket. When they successfully capture the fish, "Bucket of Pufferfish" will show up on the screen. Pufferfish will certainly then be included in the water resource block.

#3 - Cats

Pufferfish can help players deal with a stubborn cat in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Many players will be pleased to know that giving their cat a Pufferfish will certainly make lock hop off their chests, beds, etc.

Additionally, Pufferfish decreases the time it takes for baby cats to mature right into adults.

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#2 - Trading

Pufferfish can be sold for emeralds in Minecraft (Image via u/Elli933 on Reddit)

Master-level fisherman villagers will trade emeralds for Pufferfish.

In radical Edition, anglers will purchase one-to-four Pufferfish because that one emerald. In Java Edition, lock will just buy four Pufferfish for one emerald.

#1 - potion of Waterbreathing

A Sea Monkey (Image via Minecraft)

This is the most common use that Pufferfish in Minecraft.

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When combined with one Awkward Potion within a imminent Stand, the player will produce a potion of Waterbreathing. This medicine is valuable if the player is looking to raid an s Monument or develop an underwater base.