South Park wasted no time in getting approximately to the sex-related abuse scandal which has actually shaken the structure of penn State to its core. However the questions synonymous with Trey Parker and also Matt Stone’s button-pushing collection — “Too soon?” and also “Did they go too far this time?” — will certainly no doubt it is in asked again after critical night’s episode.

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The episode, title “The negative Kid,” featured (a still alive) Kenny and his siblings gift taken out of your parents custody when they gained in trouble v the law. (All together now: Simpsons did it!) yet South Park dared to cross the line once again and attempted to make the decidedly unfunny pen State scandal funny by skdigitalrecordersreview.orgering the an extremely people who attempt to make light that the horrific ndigitalrecordersreview.orgs. In this case, it was the kids’ society worker, a wildly unreasonable jokester named Mr. Adams.

When meeting through the youngsters — displaced, by the way, due to their parents’ taste because that Pabst Blue Ribbon — Mr. Adams began, “I’ve to be looking over my file and check out you kids have every been horribly physically and also emotionally abused. Oh, whoops! that isn’t your case file. It’s the Penn State university Gazette. Ha! I’m joking. That’s simply a joke. We choose to have fun here. It is your instance file. Ns was all just like, ‘It’s the Penn State Gazette,’ to be like a joke. We have actually fun.”

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Mr. Adams, lot to his own delight, continued, “Now, listen, you’re walking to be put right into a foster home, therefore I should know, would certainly you choose to go to Neverland Ranch, a Catholic church, or penn State University?” and also when Kenny’s small sister started to cry, Mr. Adams attempted to cheer her up through a couple of more that his off-color jokes, like, “How about this one? Joe Paterno doesn’t walk right into a police station. C’mon, that’s a great one!” clock the complete moment below:

But was South Park laughing in the confront of those who attempted to do jokes around the instance (for instance, invoice Maher, who acquired something of a stunned reaction as soon as he do a penn State crack during a current appearance ~ above The Late show with David Letterman) or laughing with them? The satirical South Park has actually never to be one to preventive feelings when it comes sensitive subjects, therefore does this yes, really come together a surprise? Or walk they miss an chance to say something a bit much more substantial around the controversy? Will much more boundary-crossing comedy shows, favor Family Guy, currently follow suit? Or execute you think many will steer clean of the subject for a while? Who at some point did a better job acquisition on the pen State scandal: South Park or The everyday Show? and who have the right to resist a Pabst Blue Ribbon?! re-publishing in the comments ar below.