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"We space all alike...we all have actually hearts and also brains.We are all different...we perform not think or feeling the very same way."An crucial lesson -- because that children, through children.WE room ALL ALIKE...WE space ALL different celebrates the multitude of differences in our culture -- in ~ a time when knowledge tolerance and also diversity have actually never been much more important. Composed by youngsters for children, WE room ALL ALIKE reinforces multicultural and anti-bias learning and also appreciation. With original drawings and their own lyrical words, a course of kindergartners share the means they look and also feel, the games they play, the foods items they like, the residences they live in, and also the households they live with, concluding the "We are all alike. We are all different. We are a family."
EKiddieKollege | Dec 26, 2020 |
This non-fiction book includes hand-drawn pictures created by Kindergartners the Cheltenham elementary School as well as real-life photos of kids about the world. It discusses the similarities and differences in person beings, and that everyone is unique. Because that example, your facial features, bodies, families, what castle eat, and also where castle live may be the very same or different. This is a good book come talk around respecting everyone due to the fact that we are all human beings, however are very different from one another.
abbye183 | jan 28, 2019 |
This is a book that describes to children that we room all alike since we are human, yet different due to the fact that of ours hair, eyes, skin color, or culture. This book teaches young children to be accepting of differential cultures and people. Proper for eras 3-7.
The publication talks around the differences and also similarities we all face as human beings. That talks around appreciating and also respecting them. An ideal for ages 3-5, uncovered at the pierce university library
in this story the author talks about how some people are the same and some room different and that some of us are the same in a many of different way3 to 5 year oldspierce county library

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