The Warframe Natah Quest sheds a small light top top Lotus, the mysterious guide, and on the Tenno themselves. It’s likewise a prerequisite to the second Dream quest, i m sorry will include to what the Natah quest reveals. The only difficulty is unlocking the quest. The challenge of unlocking this quest lies in recognize Oculyst drones. Anyhow, we’ll emphasis on how to get about this an obstacle as well as other advantageous information about it and also the quests.

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What space Oculyst Drones?

Oculyst drones show up at arbitrarily on goals that use a Grineer Sealab tileset, because that players in rank 3 mastery and above only. The drones are identified through a distinctive hum or howl when nearby. In fact, they’ll scan objects, such together containers and also dead bodies in the area. After ~ completing part scans, they’ll leave.

Unlock the Natah Quest

A player have to scan an Oculyst with one of two people the Codex or synthesis Scanner before they leaving the site. Scanning one because that the an initial time will unlock the quest for every the players in ~ the team unless other players have actually unlocked them beforehand.


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Where carry out I discover Oculysts?

Oculysts are on two planets (Uranus and also Lua). Keep in mind the they behave differently on each planet. top top Lua, any type of player communication (i.e., player attacks or scans lock or allows them scan the player) will make lock summon Sentient fighters and also leave. The ones on Uranus are slightly much more peaceful. Scanning them will certainly make them scan the player earlier and leave. Also, attack ones ~ above Uranus if invisible won’t cause them to leave.

Other than the unique howl of this drones, periodically dead body will show up near whereby they spawn. Players can’t communicate with (ragdoll or reduced into gore) through these bodies that offer as points of attention for the drone. That a great marker that an Oculyst is nearby. An additional indicator the a close drone is a flicker of the screen in blue. The flicker is comparable to Stalker and Death squad announcements, though no post will be presented afterward on Uranus. Otherwise, Lotus will certainly warn football player to continue to be away; they might also spawn in groups and stay in ~ 5-10 meters of each other.

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How around some funny facts about Oculysts?

Well, they don’t protect against Stalker spawns, even if castle share a similar indicator in display flickers. adversary Grineer and also Corpus law them as a hostile enemy, attacking one as soon as spotted. However, they’ll still transaction no damage and also will attack any type of player that strays near. The drones still spawn after perfect the Natah quest, which helps newer players that play through veterans unlock the pursuit faster.

As players do more GrineerSealab missions, the Oculysts become “more interested” in the player, boosting the chance of finding one. playing the Uranus objectives multiple times rises the possibilities of the drone appearing. Their description implies the they could spawn in any kind of planet through the correct tileset, yet that hardly ever happens in other planets. Other than Uranus, Orokin nodes top top Lua spawns one, guaranteed.

Finally, as lengthy as the drone has actually not been alerted to the players’ presence, it’s feasible to finish the mission and also come back to discover their place unchanged. In fact, this is possibly a pest and can get addressed in the future, yet for now, it’s something come remember.

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You can now discover Oculyst drones easier to unlock the Warframe Natah quest. Just remember the following:

At least rank 3 and above mastery come spawnPresence is indicated by a blue flicker, their distinct howl, or some immobile dead bodiesEncountering one rises as players do more Grineer Sealab missionsMost generally found in Uranus and Orokin nodes in LuaMet after perfect the Natah questScanned through either a Codex or synthesis Scanner

Now the you know where and also how come unlock the Natah quest, it’s time to get going and complete the voyage. After that, players can help others discover Oculysts or proceed to “The 2nd Dream” quest, which requires the completion of the “Stolen Dream” quest.

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Hopefully, this short article helps girlfriend in your journey come take earlier the galaxy, even in a little capacity. Enjoy the game. Great luck, Tenno.