In few of his harshest criticism to date, Biden invested an in-person campaign event in the Philadelphia suburbs slamming the president's coronavirus efforts.

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Biden: Trump has 'lost interest' in coronavirus and also is 'ignoring the facts'

June 17, 202002:28
Joe Biden top top Wednesday unloaded on president Donald Trump, bashing his an answer to the coronavirus pandemic as an instance of his failed leadership that amounts to “flat-out surrendering” the fight against the disease.

“Mr. President, wake up. Get to work,” Biden said at an in-person project event in Darby, Pennsylvania, just external Philadelphia. “There’s so much much more to it is in done.”

The presumptive autonomous nominee’s details sleep-themed destruction at Trump was a counterpunch similar to the president"s desired insulting nickname because that Biden: “Sleepy Joe."

Biden’s remarks to a small group of socially remote reporters and also local lawmakers in ~ an at home hall had been billed as a speech that would focus on exactly how to safely reopen the U.S. Economy amid the pandemic.


And while a placard affixed in front of his lectern read, “Reopen Right: Safer and Stronger,” the previous vice president, who is leading Trump in many national polls, instead used the whole of his speech to shred the trump card administration’s pandemic response.

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“He exercises no leadership, that takes no responsibility … and now he’s just flat-out surrendering the fight,” stated Biden, who also trashed Trump’s insurance claim that the United says is seeing much more COVID-19 instances only since it is doing an ext testing as “absurd” and “tragic.”

Public health professionals say those spikes in situations are as result of states reopening and also people relaxing your social-distancing protocols.

The Trump project hit back, speak in a statement come NBC News that Biden "has done nothing yet sit on the sidelines fearmongering and rooting versus America’s success."

“After greatly hiding in his basement for practically 80 days, Joe Biden has arised to rehash his failed assaults on chairman Trump’s bipartisan whole-of-America strategy to combatting the coronavirus," stated Tim Murtaugh, the interactions director because that the trumped campaign.

Biden, for his part, stated at another allude at his occasion Wednesday that, “Donald Trump’s fail to struggle the coronavirus through the same focus and also fire he supplies to troll his opponents on Twitter is costing lives.”

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“Just choose he couldn"t wish COVID away in March, just like he couldn"t tweet it far in April, he can’t neglect it away in June,” the presumptive nominee railed.

“It may be good enough because that Donald Trump, but it will never ever before be agree if ns am her president,” he said.

Biden"s criticism that Trump’s pandemic solution was some of his harshest to date on the topic, although the former vice president has steadily upped his attention to the issue in recent weeks, stop an increasing variety of public occasions to rip the president.

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The Darby event marked Biden"s 2nd stop that the day in Pennsylvania. Earlier, the sat under for about 30 minutes v local business owners in nearby Yeadon to talk about how the pandemic has influenced their businesses.