The an interpretation of Heritage

Angered through what she views together a history of oppression in her family, Dee has created a new heritage because that herself and rejected her genuine heritage. She fails to see the household legacy that her provided name and takes on a brand-new name, Wangero, i beg your pardon she believes much more accurately represents she African heritage. However, the new name, like the “African” clothes and also jewelry she put on to do a statement, is meaningless. She has little true knowledge of Africa, therefore what she considers she true heritage is in reality empty and also false. Furthermore, Dee views her real heritage together dead, miscellaneous of the past, fairly than as a living, continuous creation. She desires the sculpted dasher and also family quilts, however she sees them as artifacts of a shed time, suitable for display but not because that actual, helpful use. She has collection herself outside her own history, rejecting her real heritage in donate of a created one.

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Mama and Dee have very different ideas about what “heritage” is, and for Mama, the family objects are infused through the visibility of the world who made and also used them. The family members heirlooms space the true tokens of Dee’s identity and also origins, but Dee knows little about the past. She misstates the necessary facts around how the quilts to be made and also what fabrics were provided to make them, also though she pretends to it is in deeply linked to this people tradition. Her desire to hang the quilts, in a museumlike exhibit, says that she feels reverence because that them yet that to her they are essentially foreign, personal objects. Mama understands the Maggie, no Dee, should have actually the quilts, because Maggie will respect them by utilizing them in the method they were intended to it is in used. Once Dee contends at the finish of the story the Mama and Maggie perform not recognize their heritage, walker intends the remark to it is in ironic: clearly, it is Dee herself who does not know her heritage.

The Divisive power of Education

Although Mama struggled come send Dee to a good school, education proves come be an ext divisive than helpful to Dee’s partnership with she family. Mama herself was denied one education. When she was a child, her school was closed, and also no one check to shot to reopen it. Racism, passive acceptance, and forces beyond her control collection Mama on the road that led to her life that toil. Dee to be fortunate that Mama offered her the possibility for advantages and refinements, however they have actually served just to produce a wedge between Dee and the remainder of the family. Dee provides her intellect come intimidate others, greeting her mommy with “Wa-su-zo Tean-o,” a greeting in an obscure african language Mama most likely doesn’t speak. Dee, through her knowledge and also worldliness, is a threat to the simple world Mama and Maggie inhabit, and Dee seems established to mr her knowledge over them. Also as a child, Dee review to she mother and sister “without pity,” “forcing” strange ideas on them and also unsettling their simple domestic contentment.

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Education has separated Dee from she family, yet it has additionally separated Dee native a true feeling of self. V lofty ideals and educational possibility came a loss of a feeling of heritage, background, and identity, which only family members can provide. Dee arrives at the family home together a strange, threatening ambassador the a new world, a human being that has left Maggie and Mama behind. Polite rights, better visibility, and zero tolerance for inequality are qualities of Dee’s world. This things are not, in and also of themselves, problematic. What’s problematic is that Dee has actually no respect because that anything yet her world, leading her to alienate it s her from her roots. Maggie, top top the various other hand, knows no world but the one she came from. Uneducated, she deserve to read just haltingly. By law what she is told and accepting the conditions of her sheltered life without question, Maggie has actually hampered her very own self-fulfillment. Walker sets increase this contrast to reveal an ironic contradiction: Dee’s voracious pursuit for knowledge has actually led to she alienation from she family, while the lack of education and learning has harmed and stifled Maggie. Both education and also the lack of it have proven to be dangerous for the sisters.

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