We often hear world say the someone has actually “such a strong accent”, or complain that his or she accent is “difficult come understand”, or, vice- versa, compliment highlighting just how it is “lovely”. Having actually an accent way uttering the native in a particular way, i m sorry is usually affected by the geographic location or social features of the speak (Crystal, 2008). It shouldn’t be puzzled with a dialect because accent doesn’t imply separating features in grammar and vocabulary. In part cases, the exact same language speaker from different parts of the civilization may misunderstand each other because of those joint peculiarities. Therefore, people show up to ascribe a particular means of speak to this or that country or city. Such stereotype is reflect in the video clip which to be selected for interpretation that mirrors the do the efforts of English speakers v a Scottish interval to imitate American and also British accents.

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The objective of this analysis is to check out the ideas that the courtesy of American and British accents imitations imply in the Youtube video clip “Burnistoun- Voice recognition Elevator in Scotland”. Therefore, I offered a qualitative approach. To attain my goal, ns examined just how the speakers pronounced the word “eleven” once trying come say it in American and British style. That would describe the way they perceive American and British accents. Together with that, I chose to pay attention to the paragraph they supplied in their conversation in bespeak to understand their beliefs. Ns couldn’t leave out the comments since there were some which included up proof to the pattern that I found from the video. So, i analyzed castle too.

Aforementioned video clip is a map out from a comedy sketch-show referred to as “Burnistoun”. The incidence takes ar in the elevator with mounted voice-recognition system. 2 Scottish males are stuck in it since the system doesn’t recognize their accent. In order to get to the floor they were heading for, one by one they shot to imitate American and also British accents. However, their attempts fail (VideoFunStation, 2011).

I noticed several approaches that castle used. When trying to imitate American and also British accents for words “eleven”, the men adjusted the way they pronounced the vowel sounds. In the beginning, they used their own, Scottish, accent and I heard it as <әlevn>. However, when their way of speaking no identified, they made decision to shot American accent and also pronounced the word as . After seeing that it wasn’t working they used British accent and said <әlәvәn>. In addition to that, every time when an altering their accent, they had to repeat the word numerous times. When repeating the word, they tended to rest it down right into syllables, presumably, in stimulate to it is in intelligible. Moreover, usage of the body movements was spotted. The second speaker relocated his shoulders forward when he was imitating British interval which, i think, to be intended to support his brother sounding. Among the commenters i found it it too, he/she pointed out that that is an imitation the not only pronunciation but likewise of the Londoners’ habit when speaking:

“I’m from London, and also it crack me up when he walk the english accent…puts a bit of cockney shoulder right into it lol. Standard sketch “(VideoFunStation, 2011).

In this way, the collection sounds’ change, thorough pronunciation, and body language assistance were it was observed in the process of attempting to sound prefer an American or Englishman.

The way of “speaking” through American or British accent reveals the consciousness of those characters regarding how castle think American or English people sound like. Those ideas are usually constructed by the society (Giles, 1970). However, in this case, there appears controversy in between two Scottish men about how American and also British English have to sound. The effort of the very first one make the one more to protest him saying it didn’t sound choose American in ~ all. In his turn, the second gentleman tried to imitate British accent but became criticized the same way. This can indicate the the representatives of the same ar don’t necessarily share similar beliefs about this or the language variation.

Another thing that caught my fist is the American accent was used in the very first instance. I believe starting from brother accent would certainly be more logical for Scottish people due to the fact that England and Scotland space the components of the very same kingdom. So, in the end, I come up through two feasible explanations. American accent might be considered to be more popular, therefore, more likely to be well-known by the voice-activated elevator. My 2nd interpretation that this is the the voice itself spoke American English which to be noticeable not only by that is pronunciation however by words “elevator”, i beg your pardon the voice used. According to the Oxford Dictionaries’ website (n.d.), “elevator” is the united state variant for the UK’s “lift”. Thus, their choice of American English could be the attempt to comply v their “interlocutor”.

The video clip also gift the view on Glaswegian accent together well:

– Voice-recognition technology? In a lift? In Scotland? You ever tried voice-recognition technology?

– No.

– they don’t do Scottish accents (VideoFunStation, 2011).

This fragment is taken native the start when lock haven’t make the efforts anything yet. The very first speaker predicted that their voices wouldn’t be recognized. In my opinion, that was based not on his experience, in situation of which, i believe, they wouldn’t even try Scottish accent, yet on the awareness of the power structure of British and also American accents, also in their very own hometown.

Another message, which I gained from this video, is the Scottish interval is challenging to understand. One of the commenters wrote:

“I don’t get it. Once he says “eleven”, that sounds an ext like the means I say it than any type of other interval he tried. (I’m indigenous Minnesota, US.) half the points they claimed I had a tough time understanding, but “eleven” sounded precisely like exactly how I speak it. Or is the somehow the joke, the it can’t understand “eleven” because it’s a Scottish accent, also though that in fact sounds pretty much the exact same in virtually every accent? I’m probably lacking something simple here” (VideoFunStation, 2011).

This commenter assumes that the an equipment refuses to accept the command “because it’s a Scottish accent”, which ns would interpret as miscellaneous different, unintelligible to be specific, contrasted with American and British accents. Actually, Scottish commenters check it top top the comment section:

“This is literally what would go on if this were real xD” (VideoFunStation, 2011).

“Seen it and its for this reason true” (VideoFunStation, 2011).

“OMG, i can’t prevent watching and also crying with laughter at this clip. It’s therefore true! Bloody voice recognition an innovation never understands a Scottish accent. I have so numerous friends that would react in the same means these guys would if they to be stuck in this lift, PMSL” (VideoFunStation, 2011).

“I’m life in Edinburgh and… yes, that may happen :D” (VideoFunStation, 2011).

“Haha this is so funny I’m from Scotland myself and it’s dead true tbh” (VideoFunStation, 2011).

Overall, the video shows the battles of Scottish world when their accents space not interpreted by others. Unfortunately, technologies with such voice-recognition system are placed to usage for real. Yet the much more disappointing thing is that human being tend no to take it into factor to consider language variations. In mine opinion, such methods limit the rights and opportunities the the civilization who don’t speak the traditional language. Therefore, introduce to this sketch I would certainly recommend addressing the needs of every the speech ar representatives in the culture when creating the technologies which “facilitate people’s lives”. In situation of impossibility to install all the varieties of the certain language, it would certainly be default to leave the alternative of making use of the previous technique of using that technology, the is, buttons in the situation with this elevator.

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The analysis of the Youtube video clip “Burnistoun- Voice recognition Elevator in Scotland” revealed that the stereotypes about the accents are not always formed by culture as a whole, in some situations representatives the the very same speech ar perceive the other variations of your language differently; possible explanations for giving an benefit to the specific accent can be adaptation come the accent of the dialogue companion or hierarchy of the language variations. The scriptwriters and also actors excellently verified the difficulties which the speaker of much less “popular” language variations challenge in reality. Ignoring the existence of that diversity may cause the reoccurrence of such unpleasant situation, however, this time, it can be not rehearsed and also experienced by plain people.


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