Week 9 of Fortnite Season 9 has actually landed, and also it’s a quite fair arsenal of tasks. The one that you might have trouble through is the Visit a Solar selection in the Snow, Desert, and also the jungle Challenge. To aid you out, we’ve put together a Fortnite Solar selection Locations Guide. We’ll look in ~ the tropical Solar range Location, the snow Solar array Location and the Desert variety Location.

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Fortnite Solar selection Locations

To help you Visit a Solar selection in the Snow, Desert, and also the jungle in Fortnite, we’ve included the map below, significant with each location.


Fortnite eye Solar variety Location

The snow Solar selection can be discovered to the west of Frosty Flights. Down in the main area, there space a bunch of Solar Panels. Examine out the image below for much more info.

Fortnite Desert Solar variety Location

Next up is the Desert Solar Array. It’s top top a hill overlooking heaven Palms. Inspect out the image listed below for particular info.

Fortnite tropical Solar selection Location

Finally we have the jungle Solar Array. You’ll discover it Northwest of clear Steps, and also can with it by riding the ziplines in the area.

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