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For everyone"s safety, Biscayne Park follows standard guidelines forall construction, remodeling, additions, etc.,through a building permitting system. For permits and/or zoning questions, please callthe building Permit Coordinator at 305-899-8000, or e-mail in ~ building

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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: A full set of to plan shall it is in submitted for review and also approval before the structure permit gift issued.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for every PERMITS have the right to be acquired at the town Hall throughout regular organization hours; or empty forms might be downloaded and also printed from the connect below.Applications have to be submittedfor approval before any work deserve to begin.

PERMITS: A general ascendancy to follow is that any kind of job of an electrical, plumbing, or mechanically nature, whether inside or exterior of her home, one addition, roofing, pools, fencing and most construction and repairs need a permit. There space however, a few exceptions. Please examine with the building Permit Coordinator before beginning any work. You re welcome be certain the contractor you rental is licensed and also insured. Click right here to watch the schedule that fees linked with building permits.

PAINTING: all exterior painting requires zoning approval. 3 swatches that the colour to be used should be submitted in addition to the application for approval. There are numerous (basic) colour at village Hall that room ‘pre-approved’ and also may be instantly used.

GARAGE SALES: A permit is required. The number of garage sales per year is limited.

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Click here to view/download all permit forms.

Inspectors Schedule: (Please note that all inspectors are Part-Time Inspectors)

To request an inspection, please e-mail inspection

Building Inspector/Official

Monday Wednesday and also Friday just from 12:00pmto 5:00pm

Electrical Inspector

Tuesday and Thursday only from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Plumbing Inspector

Tuesday and Thursday just from 9:00am come 12:00pm

Mechanical Inspector

Tuesday andThursday just from9:00am come 12:00pm

Please feel cost-free to speak to with any kind of question you may have about permits, building, inspections, etc... Give thanks to You!