Blue screen error have the right to be various, it's fairly troublesome for us when we making use of a computer, especially when us are involved in busy works. Over there are various forms that BSOD(Blue screen of Death) and also we have actually talked around the systems to nvlddmkm.sys blue display error before. In the complying with passage, we room going come share some techniques of resolving igdkmd64.sys blue display screen error efficiently.

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In the screenshot, we have the right to see that there is a notification shows "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE", in i m sorry TDR describes Timeout, Detection and Recovery. It way that your graphics driver might stop responding and your computer is going come restart in number of minutes. To deal with this problem, we require to examine the problem of her system files at first, hence helping us to take equivalent measures.

I will take windows 10 for example, i beg your pardon is the very same with home windows 7 and also 8. There are several measures for us to try.

Step one: "Win+X", select Command Prompt(Admin);


Step two: entry "sfc/ scannow" and hit "Enter";

In this case, your computer system will inspect its problem automatically, and you have to pay fist to the results.


Sometimes, if over there is no major problems, the blue display screen error can be resolved after finishing the check. But if not, we should make additional efforts.

Re-install the graphic Driver

Step one: "Win+R" and input "devmgmt.msc" to open maker Manager;

Step two: open minded the "Display Adapter" and also right click the graphics card device, pick "Uninstall";

Step three: then you need to go come the official site to download and also install a brand-new driver, you re welcome pay attention to the ideal version.

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Use Driver Booster

All techniques I have actually mentioned over work well as long as the steps have actually been complied with correctly. But sometimes it's just so annoying that the difficulty still exists, and also we might need to usage driver device for better solution. Driver Booster is good at solving miscellaneous driver troubles efficiently. With big database, Driver Booster is able come scan and also fix most driver deficiencies with only one click.


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