is the main website because that The Thirtieth Judicial ar Court the Louisiana, which serves Vernon Parish, Louisiana. This site is a source for information around The Thirtieth Judicial district Court and also the services it provides.

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The Court

Louisiana district Courts


Louisiana has actually 42 righteousness districts, each through its own district court. Each of the districts serves at least one parish and has at the very least one ar judge. Each district elects a chief judge.

The Louisiana state legislature has the authority to change the varieties of cases heard in the district courts, and also the number of districts, by a two-thirds bulk vote. As of 2007, the legislature might establish brand-new judgeships for ar courts as well.

Louisiana district court judges are elected in partisan elections for six-year terms. On reference of the state"s judiciary commission, the Louisiana can be fried Court may technique or eliminate district judges indigenous office.

Jurisdiction of the 30th JDC

The 30th Judicial ar Court is a general jurisdiction court because that the State the Louisiana. As a general jurisdiction court, the 30th JDC"s power and authority extends come all instances of a civil nature including yet not restricted to disputes between private parties end contract or building rights, cases for an individual injury, marriage and also family matters, estate, probate and sequence rights, and other related matters. The 30th Judicial ar Court likewise has criminal jurisdiction over misdemeanors, felonies or hurt of parish ordinances cursed in the territorial jurisdiction of Vernon Parish and presides over all stages the the criminal proceedings native the setting of bail or other problems of release, the conducting that court for the determination of bail and also probable cause, arraignments, motions and also discovery, and the conduct of judge or jury trials ~ above the determination of guilt or innocence, and also other connected matters. The 30th Judicial district Court additional has youth jurisdiction and presides over situations involving a youth offender, youngsters in require of supervision, delinquency proceedings and adoptions, and also other connected matters.

The Old Courthouse

On January 26, 1871, senator J.B. Lewis the the Twenty-Second Senatorial District, then written of De Soto, Natchitoches and Sabine parishes, introduced a invoice entitled “An action to create the Parish the Vernon and Providing because that the company Thereof.” on February 24, 1871, the bill was read for the third time and embraced by the senate. Three days later, the residence of representative concurred, and also Vernon Parish was born.

Construction that the first Vernon Parish Courthouse was started during the feather of 1871. The structure, a two-story, wooden building, was developed on the courthouse square dealing with eastward on 2nd Street. In 180, the Kansas City southern Railway pushed through Leesville and took a part of 2nd Street for its right-of-way. This apparently prompted the police jury to build a new courthouse. Adhering to the removed of the wooden courthouse, the two-story brick courthouse was constructed on the western portion of the courthouse square facing third Street.

Unfortunately because that Vernon Parish taxpayers, the brand-new brick courthouse began to accurate crumble shortly after that is dedication because of faulty foundations. After numerous attempts to repair the brand-new building a courthouse committee was again appointed in mid-June 1907, by the police jury to check the wrong building; your findings revealed the the courthouse to be dangerous and unsafe for occupancy. As a consequence, on respectable 5, 1907, the police jury passed an ordinance authorizing the building of brand-new courthouse.


The 1910 Vernon Parish Courthouse is a four-faced brick building with stone trim and totally painted white. The plan is basically that the a Greek cross (all arms equal); however, the inside corners the the cross are bridged, therefore making the arrangement into a Greek cross diagonally superimposed ~ above a tiny square. The part of the building running native front to behind is covered with a constant gable roof through a standard portico at each end. A lofty dome rests on a quasi-square north at the center of the roof. 4 clock faces grow out of every side at the base of the metal-sheathed dome. The gable roofs extending the two side arms of the structure are somewhat reduced than the main roof and also terminate right into it. This accounts for the fact that the two standard porticoes here are no as tall together the various other two, and also their porches are extremely shallow. Except for the height and also depth, the four encounters of the structure are nearly exactly alike. Each presents four limestone unfluted Corinthian columns which support an entablature and a pediment. The only decorations of significance are stucco floral fads radiating from the center of every pediment and the small triangular pediments v dentils end each of the four entrance doors. Originally cross halls ran v the centers of all arms; today, however, the behind hall has actually been clogged off come accommodate offices. The floors the the halls are paved with a mincled bluish-tan tile and the walls have wooden wainscoting. The structure as a whole is beautiful proportioned, and also it stands v dignity in its it s as beautiful as picture setting.

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The “New” Courthouse


Originally developed in 1907 as the first National Bank, the building was built in the style popular for huge commercial buildings at the beginning of the 20th century. The lower floor housed the an initial National Bank and also several sleeve stores. The top floor was inhabited by an opera house, known as the nationwide Theatre. The bank closed throughout the depression yet the Opera House ongoing to existing traveling Vaudeville shows, symphony orchestras and opera providers for plenty of years. ~ the Sliman family members donated the building to the parish, in 2001 the interior was renovated for use as the Vernon Parish Courthouse. Back the main entrance is now on the western side of the building, the east facade has been totally preserved.

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