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It was more than likely 2PM top top a Saturday as soon as my son asked me to do him a sandwich. I saw the pantry just to realize that us were the end of bread. Ns really don’t choose going to Walmart however decided to run down and grab some bread. 

I walked with the door at the entrance and right in the middle of the lobby there to be a rack of tree in fatality cubes. Over there were thousands of Venus Flytraps just sitting there wait to it is in bought and also rescued. 

I couldn’t resist, lock were just $5 each so i went a head and bought 3 the them. I went to Walmart to get some bread and also came residence with Venus Flytraps. This carnivorous plants are so much fun however I likewise realized i was walking to need some much more stuff. So… off to Lowes ns go. 

This is the death cube the venus flytraps come in. Clear this one is a cylinder yet the fatality cube is what castle are referred to as.

More Carnivorous plants At Lowes

I knew ns was going to need a few things to rescue and also save this venus flytraps I uncovered at Walmart. I needed some distilled water, peat moss, perlite and also pots for my new carnivorous plants. Normally I order this ingredient on Amazon, however I wanted to hurry up and get this repotted. 

I walked right into Lowes and was surprised just exactly how picked over every the pots and also planters were. I was maybe to clear up for a small kit they had that came v 3 small plastic pots that would organize my venus flytraps. You have the right to see the planter and flytraps below. 

This was right prior to I repotted the venus flytraps. The white plastic planters space in the back.

You can find comparable pots and planters on Amazon if friend would rather shop online, you can inspect them the end below!



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After grabbing a collection of 3 planters to enhance my purchase of 3 venus flytraps I decided to perform a small looking in the garden center. I noticed a bigger display down the isle a bit. I will not ~ you recognize it, an ext carnivorous plants. This time i was able to find a nice small Sarracenia Purpurea. Examine out the handsome tiny devil listed below posing next to his little death cube. 


I’ve had actually some success and also experience growing sarracenia pitcher plants before so i was therefore excited to have one of them and a Venus Flytrap! I had to go ago to the section to find for a pot for this tiny guy in ~ Lowest. Ns noticed on the bottom rack listed below the planters to be another small death cube. All the fatality cubes in ~ the tiny carnivorous plant display were Sarracenia. I picked it up to study it and also look what i found! 


I was able to acquire my hand on the last Nepenthes Ventrata pitcher tree at Lowes. This poor small guy was discarded beside all the pots. That looked that meme you watch where the civilization left the junk food in the healthy food section with the quote “Decisions to be Made”. 

I’m a small nervous about growing this plant together they are more of an yes, really tropical plant that like humidity. The reason I traction the create is the Nepenthes Ventrata are a hybrid in between a lowland and also highland plant. Lock are an extremely tolerant the temperatures and substrate types. Most civilization have success with these in a window with indirect light most of the day. Store it misted a pair times a job to offer it some humidity. Also, the kitchen is one of the an ext naturally humidified rooms in the house. This nepenthes ventrata will sit best in our home window sill in the kitchen!